Finally pulled from Pianos. This bar is a staple of the NYC pickup scene and despite going there 30 or 40 times I’ve never managed to get much done. Last night changed that. It was 2:30 or so. I saw a girl standing by herself and I instantly opened. Did the logistics run down and found out she lives in bumfuck Brooklyn. She’s out with a friend but the friend is gone baby gone. She tells me,

I’m just looking for the next thing to do.”

Jesus is that about as cut and dry an invitation as there is. I invite her to go to another bar with me and she agrees. We walk there and I buy us both a drink. Sit down, talk, move in closer and then we’re making out. Both our drinks are gone,  I say,

Do you like wine?”

Yeah of course.”

Cool, I’ve got a bottle of red wine at my place. Let’s go see if it’s any good.”

She gives me a bit of the typical shit about that being my excuse to get her to come to my place and me just wanting to get her alone. The usual, I’m capable of handling this. I acknowledge nothing and she quickly changes her tune.

OK, yes. I’m cool with getting some wine.” She says with a smile.

So we get an Uber, go to my place, drink some wine, fuck, wake up in the morning, fuck again and she’s on her period. God dammit, my sheets which I just washed after this incident, are now bloody again. Fucking girls.


*I’ve been slacking this August, I’m only hitting it 4 nights a week. That’s added up to 14 nights out so far this month. Not great, but what’s really cool are the results. I’ve pulled twice and should have pulled a third time if the sister wasn’t being a jealous woman. That’s an average pull rate of 1 out of every 7. This is fantastic! I ran the math about 6 months ago and I was pulling 1 out of every 20 nights.

*Before I pulled my girl I had the opportunity to pull another girl. She was into me and loving it. Unfortunately she just wasn’t cute enough and there was almost no feminine polarity. I left her thinking that I would rather go home alone than fuck with that. And then I didn’t go home alone, I’m glad I didn’t settle.

*I give myself congratulations for sticking it out last night. I didn’t leave early and was rewarded.

*The title of this post, Sir Luscious Left Foot, is a shout out to this fantastic album by Big Boi.

*Other interesting set was a cute South African girl. I really liked her and I wanted to go for the kiss but I fucking didn’t. Pissed. And it’s OK to be pissed because I’m judging myself on my own action, not on the result. Here’s the thing, I think that in these sets I need to make the rule that I go for the kiss within 5 minutes. If I wait longer than that it gets much harder. And I realize there are some girls who simply won’t kiss me that early and I’ll probably ruin some sets. That’s fine, this is about me getting over a sticking point and defeating a fear. It’s going to lead to massive long term progress, even if I fuck some shit up in the short term.

*I wasn’t planning on mentioning this but fuck it. I liked my girl, found her cute, was interested in seeing her again. I seeded ideas of meeting again and it seemed like she was down. Then I fucked it up this morning. We woke up around 7:30 and I was horny. I was spooning her and my hard dick was on her back. I started rubbing her leg and shoulder. The thing is, she was giving me nothing. No signs at all and I was unsure of myself. What I really wanted to do was put her face down and pile drive her into my bed. Instead, I started to back off because I wasn’t sure (feeling like a lil king bitch of Bitchalot).

As soon as I backed off she gave me some signs and I reescalated and we ended up fucking. But it wasn’t very good. The spark was missing and I ended up losing my boner. It was a total quagmire. She left shortly afterwards. I think the issue is that I had a chance to ravage her and really give her a unique experience but instead of doing what I wanted (pile driving), I took the weak route. That was dumb. The first route would have been passionate and powerful and I think I would have seen her again. Now, probably not. I came off as a herb and I could see a noticeable change in her attitude towards me.