My wingman strong armed me into going out tonight. I had my heart set on studying German and reading, but I couldn’t argue with his logic so we hit it up. Bounced all over LES, couple of different bars, loads of street sets. At the end I even approached a girl on the subway platform. We talked for a minute then she politely told me to buzz off. Earlier, another girl rudely told me to fuck off, shaking her middle finger at me to make sure I got the message.

Most times when this happens I’m cool with it, but once in a while I have a night where I take it personally. I think about me and my buddies, putting ourselves on the line and inviting rejection while girls just stand around and call all the shots. Or at least that’s how it can feel. But that’s really just a reflection of my mood right now. Other nights, when ownage occurs, we count ourselves blessed to be guys with a chance to improve.

In terms of interactions tonight, one set I missed the window for the makeout, that was unfortunate. She liked me for a while. Another set, met them on the street, bounced them to a bar. Once we got inside things fizzled. The ideal would have been to buy us all a drink. That would have guaranteed steady conversation for another 20 minutes. But $25 with tip is $30 more than I’m ready to spend.

There were other girls, I don’t remember them. It’s been four nights out in a row and I’m whipped. I’ve experienced heavy doses of most emotions. I feel like a guy who goes out regularly condenses five years worth of experience and emotion into one year, which can be intense. I have to say though, I love it. I wouldn’t trade all this for anything.


*What is it that girls want?