Went out solo last night. I almost always run into someone at the Wednesday spot but none of my wingmen were there last night. I sat down next to a cute blonde girl but she was married. I walked around until I heard a girl speaking German. I started talking to her, she invited me back to her table where she had some friends. That’s how I spent the rest of the night. We spoke a bunch of German, vibed, had a good time. I stayed with the group for two hours then left the club. A couple of lessons.


*There were two German girls. One was with a guy, one was single. I had two windows in which to kiss my German girl and I passed on both of them. Since the vibe was mostly friendly the whole night I was thinking that I could just roll with that and kiss her later. But it didn’t work like that. After I missed the second window to kiss her she withdrew all attention from me and I was done. Interesting. I don’t know how the fuck guys maintain platonic relationships with women, that rarely seems to work out for me.

*I had the limiting belief that I couldn’t pull my German girl because she’s a foreigner and staying with some guy on his couch. Generally, yes. Foreign girls will be less likely to split off from the group. However, this one was crazy and wanted to get laid. I could have absolutely gone for the pull. Big lesson here is to push for it and then calibrate after. Never assume that I know what’s up. Fuck limiting beliefs, they hold me back.

*These two German girls were freaky. I think that if one of them wasn’t marginally with a guy it could have easily turned into a threesome. I had a really solid vibe with the two of them and I could have led that to the bedroom.

*I literally fucking say this every other field report but I have to be going for the kiss. I have to power through whatever bullshit is happening in my head and just make it happen.

*A pickup guy I follow made a really good point: in order to become comfortable talking to the high quality women you have to spend as much time as possible talking to them. It seems so obvious but I hadn’t really put that piece together yet. So it’s like this, when I was first starting I had to continually challenge myself to stay in set and not bounce. At this point I have that down. Now I need to challenge myself to stay in set *with the cutest girls*. Before too long it’s going to reach the point where I can pull 2 or 3 average girls a week and that will be cool as hell. However, I’m really thinking bigger picture. I want amazing women in my life.