My goal, when I walk into that bar or club, is to pull. That’s it. I don’t care about makeouts, validation, or getting in a thousand approaches. I just want to get laid. To me it sounds crude to say this, but it’s the right mindset to have. Every night I need to be thinking in terms of what’s going to happen outside of the bar, not just inside of it. Having this clear goal will also help to direct my action and help me to think bigger picture. It’s funny though, two months ago I read “You’re only goal should be to pull” and I dismissed it. Said this was a shit goal, other things were important too. Other things were important then, but now I’m in a different place. Pulling, that’s it. Let’s have a look at my night.


Biggest lesson of the night came from a Brazilian girl. I grabbed her, pulled her in, it was on right away. She was all over me and I found her to be very attractive. High buying temperature. I didn’t fucking close it though. I struggled to find the right moment to kiss her and eventually the set failed because I never made it happen. As for leading, I half did good, half failed. After five minutes I started to lead her but I hadn’t looked where we were headed. We only made it three feet before we ran into a massive fucking block of people and got stuck. The fuck-up is that instead of then turning her around and pulling in the opposite direction, I just had us kind of stand there. It was weird. The set died. Micro-lesson learned. If I lead in one direction, encounter an impossible obstacle (six drunk bastards drowning their meaningless lives in watered-down $1 beers) turn her around and go the other way, don’t just stop. Also, as soon as I saw she was down to kiss, should have led her away from her friends to a more secluded area to make it happen.


See the girl from last week whose number I got. We texted a bit but she never texted back when I tried to set up a date. When I see her again she says “I’m so sorry I didn’t text you back. I will next time.” I say “Yeah it’s cool”, talk for a minute, leave. She’s done though, even if she texts me now (unlikely at any rate). I’m setting myself up to have standards. I don’t give a fuck that I find her attractive and would love to sleep with her. I don’t give a fuck if she didn’t text me back because what I was saying was boring or off. No, doesn’t matter. She didn’t text me, she doesn’t meet my standards for cool, she’s nexted. This is the attitude that I’m developing. Ironically it means that a girl may be rather unattractive but still get my attention if I find her very cool to talk to.


Last night I did a fantastic job of opening everything. Set to set to set. See a girl, open. Over and over, I’m very happy with myself. I was pulling girls in, having fun, holding two girls at once, throwing girls at my wingmen, it was great fun. One of the most annoying thing about certain wingmen is that they frequently only want to open 8s or above. I get that, but by opening everything you can get into a great social mood so that when you see the 8 you don’t even think, you just open.


At the moment I feel like I’m trying so hard to make shit happen. I’m doing all these approaches, throwing my voice out there with gusto, being physical, running verbal game, all of this. I just feel like it’s me trying 300% more than I should be. I see the next level as me doing less and getting better results. This will start to happen as I internalize certain principles and understand them on a deeper level.


When I was 10 years old I went squirrel hunting with my dad. He steadied a 12 gauge shotgun on my right shoulder and pulled the trigger. He got the squirrel and my hearing. Since then my right ear has been about 40% worse than my left ear. That used to bother me, now I want to take my dad squirrel hunting again so he can knock out my left ear. Every night after the club it’s ringing and borderline painful. I know I should be wearing my earplugs more but when I do I can’t hear shit the girl is saying. I’m willing to lose a good chunk of my hearing to learn game, but I would rather just get it over with right now. Fuck this cancerous death and constant ringing. Where’s the shotgun?


Female attraction still remains somewhat of a mystery to me. I logically understand concepts like “social proof”, “being the party”, “alpha dominance” or whatever. But I feel like I only logically understand them, I don’t live them. I don’t fully comprehend them on a deep, internal level. This struck me last night when I saw a very beautiful women looking at a guy she was talking to like she was ready to get on her knees and suck his dick. A look of pure lust. He was just standing there, talking to her. What caused that much attraction?


This bar on a Tuesday is a fucking shark pit. There was me, and six other PUAs that I personally know. On top of that there’s three others that I’ve seen before and are almost certainly PUAs. Then there’s probably a couple more that I don’t recognize but who are doing the same thing. Lot of competition. Also, I’ve noticed it’s getting a lot easier to spot a PUA in a bar. He’s the one who is almost definitely sober, he’s dressed nice and he looks like he’s at ease but has a purpose. As opposed to regular dudes who look stifled, drunk, or overwhelmed like they don’t know how to handle the atmosphere of a bar.