Last night was annoying. I met up with this girl that I knew from my friend’s Halloween party. We made out at the party but last night she wouldn’t even kiss me. We danced, talked and it was sort of fun. Mostly though I was pissed. Every time I took action to make shit happen she would back off and take this fucking moral high ground. Like I’m not that type of girl, sex is dirty, aren’t you ashamed of yourself for indulging in that kind of thinking?

So fucking frustrating. None the less, I took it as a challenge. How much can I make happen, how well I can maintain my awesomeness even in the face of so much bullshit? I asked her to bounce to another bar with me. She refused. Change plans, let’s go get pizza. She agrees. By the time we’re done eating her overprotective friends have called her four times. What a fucking turnoff, I love independent people who do what they want. I seed the pull by asking to see her goldfish. I get her walking to the subway with me. I get her down into the station. She refuses to go any further. I say,

Come on. We just need to practice swiping our cards. Let’s go.”

But that’s the furthest she goes. Still refuses to kiss me. I say,

Are you sure, this is your last chance.”

She looks at me funny. I say OK, walk away, the night is over. She texts me later, ignored. Done. The whole experience was fucking annoying. I feel like I wasted a Saturday night.


*Didn’t totally waste the night. I practiced leading and got a girl to follow me who was giving me nothing but shit. That shows that girls words and actions are often very different. Well, we all know that. It reaffirms it.

*I’m keen on figuring out how the fuck I can avoid ever being in this situation again. It’s a bit tricky right, because sometimes a girl can be cold and giving you shit in the beginning but over time you warm her up and end up pulling. Or, maybe she never warms up and the whole experience is bullshit. I hope that this “date” taught me some of the signs of it’s never going to happen.

*This whole week I was really good about leading and getting girls out of the bar. Tuesday I got a girl out on the sidewalk and pushed hard for the close, Friday I bounced a girl to a new bar and probably would have pulled if the friend had left, last night I got an annoying and reluctant girl to the subway station.