Him “So, where did you fuck up in that set?”

Me “Well I could have gotten closer to her and sat down earlier, but overall I thought I did pretty good.”

Him “I’ll tell you where you fucked up; from start to finish. That was shit and the girl only give you her number because she thought you “earned it”. You were like a jukebox. All she had to do was put in a quarter and you spewed out investment. She was the PUA in that interaction. If you want to get good, you have to turn that interaction 100% around so that she’s the one talking and doing the investing.”

That was the critique on the second subway set that I’ve done in my life. He was right. I was so invested in her it was gross. Nothing I did made that girl want to sleep with me. Ironically, yesterday I was sharing with another wing that “good game isn’t really what I always imagined it to be, where the guy is saying all these witty things and verbally vomiting on the girl. Good game is getting the girl to do the talking while you sit back and screen.” I said that to him and then did the exact opposite.

The next subway set went better. Cute Italian girl, she was fun. However, I fucked it up. It’s two minutes deep in the conversation and she’s investing in me. We talk about where I live in Williamsburg. She asks if there are any cool restaurants around. I mention one that’s beach themed and has sand on the floor. Her eyes light up and she gets excited. Bam, right there! What I should have said is “Yeah it’s awesome! Give me your number and we can go there this weekend.” That would be (I think) a fairly solid number close. But I never closed her and afterwards I thought he was going to cut my head off because of it. “She was super compliant! Like so compliant. So fucking compliant and you just let her go. You deprived me. You deprived yourself.” He’s right. There’s no excuse, I have to number close every single time.

Later, after burritos and a lot of walking, we get to the first club of the night at 1:30am. It’s dollar beer night and everyone is hammered. I joke around with a few girls who I’m not attracted to. He opens a set or two. There’s a four set of girls and I blow myself out in 30 seconds by being absolutely fucking retarded. I was so stuck in my head that I never stood a chance.

Twenty minutes later I received a painful lesson. In my report from last night I mentioned that I was making out with a girl and another guy there kept stealing her away from me. I didn’t take him seriously. I thought he was a joke. Well we actually met that guy again at this bar, and he said that he took her home and the sex was great. That one stung and it still stings as I’m writing this. The lesson though, what’s the lesson? I underestimated him. I thought he had a funny face and didn’t get laid. That doesn’t fucking matter. I thought that he knew the girl from before. He didn’t. I thought he wasn’t a threat. He was. I made so many mistakes and that ended up in me going home alone and him getting to enjoy good sex. Ouch.

I flick him off as we leave and then we all get into a taxi and head to Meatpacking. Open two girls on the street, they say they’re on a date. I never believe women when they say this, but these ones kissed and seemed to genuinely like each other. Were they lying? Who the fuck knows, I’m just happy we opened.

Get into the club and it’s hip-hop night. It’s 2:30 and the place is nuts. I open several girls, nothing that interests me. In the entire venue I only see one girl that I’m attracted to but she’s taking pictures with some guys. Ten minutes later I see her sitting by herself. I go up and say a few things. She’s receptive and nice, as very attractive women often are. However, I can’t hear what she’s saying because I have my earplugs in. Instead of taking them out though, I decide to leave the set. Jesus I’m glad he didn’t see that. He would have thrown me nineteen stories down from the roof of the club. I was talking to the only girl in the entire club who gave me a boner, she was being nice and receptive, and I literally walked away from her after two minutes. I might as well just cut off my balls if I’m not going to be needing them.

Later I open a Jewish girl with my Israeli wing. She’s more into him than me. I tell him to pull her downstairs and they end up making out. He even fingers her in the club. He told me that he tried to pull her to the bathroom, but I don’t think he really tried to. I think he gave it a half-assed effort but chickened out. Lesson learned. Next time.

I see a girl alone at the end of the bar. She’s fun and we start dancing like retards, yelling and being completely illogical. Girls are awesome because they bring out the fun side of your brain. The part where you say random fucking shit, you answer everything illogically and you don’t give a fuck about anything. It’s a wicked fun state of mind to be in. I know that guys aren’t good with game when I see them in the club looking like they have a ramrod shoved up their ass. Sometimes it looks like it would be physically painful for them to smile. I want to shake them and tell them to loosen the fuck up and enjoy themselves. Nobody goes to the club to debate philosophy and global warming.

As I’m goofing with this girl her unattractive friend shows up. I talk to both girls and we all end up hanging out for forty-five minutes. By the end the unattractive friend is more or less begging me to pull her. She’s describing her bed. She’s talking about the sheets. She’s telling me to skip work the next day. Etc. So she gets slotted into the category of the one or two girls I could easily pull every week but am simply not attracted to. Now, to just get my game to the level where I’m pulling the one or two girls a week that I am attracted to!

It’s coming though. Going out with him is opening up a new world to me. He opens on the subway, in the street, in the club, in the Pita place, and in every other situation. Girls are girls, it doesn’t matter where the fuck they are. His feedback fucking stings but it’s on point. In the last two days I’ve gotten enough direct feedback on the shortcomings in my game to give me weeks or even months worth of things to focus on. I’m also seeing the glorious possibility that is perpetual opening. Want to get better faster? Open everywhere.