If you’re not in the know, social circle game is trending right now. It’s a cool concept and guys are gravitating to it because it seems to promise great results in a short amount of time. I don’t know if it really works that way, but what I can say is that table game does work. We went to a club last night and I used it on two different tables and drank unlimited vodka. Let’s see how it happened.

So the night starts with a street set outside a bar. I open these two girls who are smoking and trying to find someone with a blunt for them to roll. I hate weed and diss them hard on this. I get immediate attraction from a large girl that I wouldn’t sleep with no matter how drunk I am. Better than no attraction. I bounce and tell them I’ll see them inside.

Meet up with the guys. Crazy ethnic things happening. It’s my Portuguese wingman with a Polish dude who speaks Russian. We speak in Russian, it’s glorious. The girls from outside come in and we talk to them. The ugly one gives me half a drink and I tease her some more. They leave and we promise to see them at the next club. I open a girl sitting by herself and waiting for friends. She’s cute and we have a real vibe going on for almost 15 minutes. I felt a real connection here. Where did that come from? Really listening to her and rewarding her for giving me good answers. For example I would say something like “tell me what you like to do.” She would, then whenever she said something I thought was cool, I would say “That’s awesome! I think it’s so cool that you __________ and I admire that because _________”. Investment based game. It worked like a charm. I could have thrown in a tease or two more but fuck, next time. So anyways her friends come and I bounce. The biggest mistake of the night is that I didn’t number close her. Don’t even know why I didn’t, no logical reason.

Go to the club. I’m determined to practice table neighbor game. I get a drink ($18 dollars! Fucking motherfucker. I love NYC but seriously, that much money for a drink from a C level club is just fucking retarded). But I pay up then go to a table and with a big smile say “waddup table neighbor!” The guy is a bit of a dick and doesn’t respond. But the waitress does pour a bunch of vodka into my glass so that’s half a success. I leave.

Talk to the wingmen, then talk to a Vietnamese guy and we both agree that Saigon is called motherfuckinggg SAIGON! Not retarded bullshit Hoi Chi Minh City. Then I somehow sort of work my way into his table and that’s the night. I dance with the girls, I bring the party, I make out with this girl from Hong Kong, and I drink unlimited vodka until I literally have zero fucking idea how I got home.

Moral of the story is that table game works! Obviously last night I got too drunk to run any kind of game, but that’s OK because it was a learning experience. I wouldn’t have even imagined this is possible but now I’ve seen it works and I’m positive I can replicate the results. Be funny, be outgoing, be the life of the party and I can drink all the fucking alcohol I want.

Funny thing is that this Asian girl I made out with is even still texting me now. I must have made a good impression.

Also, it’s important to note that having a table does not automatically give you “game” or “status”. At the end of the night I was one of the last ones at this table and no girl gives a shit. Guys with a table are a dime a dozen. This must be a big disappointment for guys who actually pay hundreds of dollars for theses tables lol..

Also, if I was less focused on the vodka and more focused on game, I possible could have pulled this Asian girl. She was leaving by herself and obviously attracted to me. But no, I was too busy destroying my liver and throwing my hands in the air and yelling at every song. Good times but no sexy hour. Hopefully I got it out of my system though and next time I’ll chill with the alcohol and focus more on the girl.