Interesting Monday night in LES. I actually feel like I did a lot of things very well, no glaring errors. That being said I didn’t pull so obviously some things to learn. Let’s look at it.

Met up with my wingman at an infamous NYC bar but there were no sets. We were leaving just as two girls were about to walk in. This is where game shines, it teaches you to react quickly because situations are always changing. The one girl is already about to hand her ID to the bouncer, the other girl is behind her. I reach out and open the girl closer to me, I don’t even remember what I said. I had no plan. I just knew I had to get them talking and get the pulled away from the bouncers. It works. I hold a fun frame, we introduce ourselves, and after 45 seconds I say:

It sucks in there, we just left. Let’s go to a club right down the street, my friend has a table.”

I met this guy with the table last November and I have no idea if he’s still hosting but it’s worth a shot. We walk over, get upstairs and I see my promoter friend so we’re good. The vibe is awkward for a second and I can feel it but I don’t let it become a thing, I hold the frame of I’m awesome and we’re all having fun. I get my girl a drink and after a bit of talking we start making out. She’s into me, her friend is into my wingman, she doesn’t have to work tomorrow, she lives in Brooklyn (notice, find out what a girl’s logistics are! If you don’t know where a girl lives and if she has work in the morning within 5 minutes of meeting her you’ve fucked up) and everything is looking good. I seed the pull by talking about the pizza place in Williamsburg. Then chat, chat chat, makeout, makeout, and I say:

Let’s get out of here. Let’s go grab some pizza.”

No. She won’t do it. Chat, chat, chat, makeout, makeout, I try again. No, she won’t do it. Move her away from the table and over to the bar. Amp up the energy, make the vibe super fun, employ my most sultry voice. Chat, chat, chat, makeout, makeout, go for the pull. Again, no. She won’t do it. Then my wingman comes over with his girl, says we should all go to a different bar. So we do. When we get there it’s empty, so I say to my girl:

This place sucks. Come on, let’s go grab some pizza.”

No. So we leave, go out on the sidewalk. I try to stop my girl and flag a taxi down, she refuses. She’s getting more logical. By now it’s pretty obvious this isn’t happening. I’ve gone for the pull half a dozen times and there’s now way. We end up talking a bit more and I find out she’s never done a one night stand in her life. I ask her if she wants to change that, say this is a great opportunity. She says no way. I admit defeat, leave the set, go back to the bar.

Open a girl with pink hair. She’s giving me zero signals that she wants me there but I plow so fucking hard because I’m in a great mood and why not. She’s giving me nothing. I run out of things to say so I improvise.

Oh my god. This gum I’m chewing is so fucking good. It’s the green Orbit, it’s my favorite flavor in the world. I’m such an awesome person, I’m so cool. Just me standing here is amazing. Look at my hair. Oh my god I’m so happy that this bar has mirrors so that I can look at my hair.”

It’s fucking ridiculous but it’s funny as shit. This girl is saying all sorts of obviously illogical and obviously stupid things to me like:

“Who the fuck are you!?”  and “I don’t give a shit” and “Well aren’t you fucking special” and “Get the fuck out of here”

I don’t care. I ignore her, keep smiling, keep thinking I’m awesome, keep plowing and plowing until I get physically forced to leave by her girlfriend (they made out in front of me. Whenever two girls say they’re together I always tell them to prove it by kissing) who pushes me away to the point where people were looking. It was awesome. I wanted to find another set immediately but the bar was dead. It had started raining, everything was lame, I went home feeling fantastic.


*As far as I know you can’t really screen to see if a girl does one night stands. It’s not like you can just come out and ask it (or can you?). In terms of how the set was going this girl was acting just like other girls I’ve pulled so I didn’t know. What I’m saying is I don’t exactly feel like I wasted an hour with this girl because we had fun, but I wish I had left sooner. On the other hand, I also believe in persistence and not leaving too early in case you can make it happen in the end. So I’m really not sure what the right move was here. Did I do the right thing sticking in so long and losing other potential sets? Should I have left after half an hour after I had already tried to pull four times and gotten nowhere? It’s an interesting question to reflect on. I certainly don’t think I fucked up because I took lots of action, but I think I could have spent a bit less time figuring out the girl simply was not going to get pulled.

*New York nightlife is disappointing as fuck. I know that there’s a hot party every night at one of the top clubs, but really is that it? Is there seriously only one good party in all of NYC on a Monday? At 1am I could only find a single set to open and she turned out to be a lesbian who was incapable of recognizing how awesome I am. I want to move to Las Vegas where I can open to my heart’s content.

*I did a good job seeding the pull but I could have been a bit smoother. I suppose it will come in time though. I only “discovered” the idea of seeding the pull a little while ago (I talk about it about in this report from a few weeks ago) and I’m still figuring out how and when to use it most effectively.

*Girl I met on Saturday agreed to a date this Friday. Will she flake on me? Who the fuck knows. My text game is nothing spectacular. It would be cool if it happens though because our date is set up for earlier in the evening so when it goes well and I close I’ll still have time to go out later and go for two closes in one night 😀