Super fucking interesting 1st day in Ukraine. As I write these words the Israeli guy I’m living with is in our living room, making out with a Ukrainian girl he met in the grocery store 45 minutes ago. It’s taking a while to make her feel comfortable, but he’ll probably be hooking up in the next 15 minutes.

My report starts Wednesday morning when I talked to a cute Ukrainian girl in line at JFK. We were on the same flight to Istanbul. She started the conversation by “accidentally” bumping into my foot and saying sorry. I kept the conversation going by saying hi. We met up again in the Istanbul airport and I walked her to her gate. I got her Facebook but since she doesn’t live in Kiev I’ll probably never see her.

In Kiev, getting dinner with my friend, I saw a very cute girl sitting by herself. Wanted to talk to her but didn’t. She walked away, but then I saw her waiting in line for the bathroom. Went up and introduced myself, it went great. I felt extremely nervous for about 90 seconds than I fell into the groove and everything was good. Found out she isn’t in Kiev very much, got her Facebook. Don’t like this. Should have asked her out to coffee or a beer right then and there.

Did some more approaches, nothing went very well. Talked to a girl at McDonald’s at 7:30 this morning but she said she wasn’t interested.

Thoughts on Ukraine

Approaching here is incredibly easy because I feel entitled to the women, even tough they’re beautiful. This entitlement comes from knowing that as a guy from America I’m high value and have a lot to offer. Also, I’m effectively rich here. I can go to basically any restaurant or bar, order anything, pay for the girl, and not even look at the check. It doesn’t matter. That’s a very powerful place to be in for a guy. A common refrain in pickup is that money doesn’t matter.

That’s true, in the sense that you don’t need to drive a BMW or live in Soho to get laid. However, money can matter in that it can give you a feeling of ease and power. It’s beautiful knowing that in Kiev, no matter what happens, I can pay for it. Which is totally opposite of NYC where I have to live my whole life with money in mind. Can I afford a taxi? Can I eat there? How much have I spent today? It’s not conducive to feeling like a boss.


The entitlement here is so interesting because it shows how easy it is to fix certain problems. For example, I’ve found it very difficult in NYC to approach in subways, on the street, etc. It requires such a force of will that I almost never do it. But here in Ukraine, my game hasn’t changed. I’m still the same fucking person, but because I feel so entitled, I’m walking up to a very cute girl at 7:30 in the morning.

How then, can I translate this feeling of entitlement to NYC? If I could feel the same way towards girls in NYC as I do here, I would crush it.

Same Day Pull

I started this report last night, finishing it now in the morning. The girl my roommate pulled from the supermarket spent the night. That’s the first of many more to come.