Pickup is fun! Last night was glorious. I had some drinks then met up with my wingman. First club sucked so we went to my favorite place in NYC. Upstairs met up with my natural friend and we started opening everything. Found some Canadians. He started making out with his, I pulled mine off the couch and started making out with her. He left and I danced some with my girl. She said she had to use the bathroom so I took her there. Pulled her into a stall but she was not down for anything. I left, never saw her again.

Met up with my buddy, same thing happened to him. Pulled his Canadian girl to a stall but nothing happened. Left the club, bounced all around. Ended up with this super cute girl sitting on some steps outside a club. Talked to her for 20 minutes maybe. I was hoping my buddy would leave us alone, I thought there was some chance I could have pulled her to my place. We were a block from my building. I invited her over for some drinks but she declined.

After a while I was done talking. It was almost 3. Eventful night. I’m looking forward to the coming months when I think I’m going to start pulling an awful lot. My inner game is fairly fucking solid, I’m going to pull more as I figure out some outergame stuff. How to deal with objections, how to isolate better, how to lead more effectively, etc.