Last night was interesting. I really don’t like the Tuesday spot, so if I can have fun there I can have fun anywhere. I walked in, saw my wingman and immediately pulled him into a set. The rampage went on from there. Opening everything and have fun, that’s my basic goal. Which I did quite well with. I had high energy, I was having fun, it was all good.

After an hour I had opened most of the girls at the bar and I started reopening them. That’s my other main goal and I want the reference experience of doing this. I have to be careful though because I accidentally say some of the same things the second time around. When you open twelve girls in an hour things start to blur together.

The downside to my shotgun style of approaching everything and bringing maximum energy is that after 90 minutes I was exhausted. This is still a conscious competence level of skill and it requires me to exert some willpower and continuous focus. As opposed to just being a way of existing. I have faith that things will change in the future though. There were a few notable sets from last night.


1. Talked to a girl for just a few minutes but she had to go back to her friends. But before she left she asked me for my Instagram! She was closing me which was great because It’s something that I’m striving to work towards. I’m the opportunity that the girl doesn’t want to pass up on.

2. I think at some point some girls told me to get the fuck out but I don’t even remember haha. My brain forgets that stuff so fast but remembers all the good shit. I effectively look at the world through the frame of “Girls love me” and then I only focus on those experiences that make that frame stronger.

3. Me and my main wingman have similar styles of game. He’s better than me (maybe I’ll be as good as him in 6 months?) but we both love to say whatever bullshit comes to mind. He pulled a girl out of the bar last night after opening her by saying:

Hey, look I can flex my boobs” and then he put her hands on his chest.

4. Saw a girl walking towards me, put my arm around her and started leading her in the opposite direction right off the open. It worked because I didn’t care if it would work, I just wanted to try it.

5. Kissed a girl in less than thirty seconds but then she ran away. I think her friends were leaving the bar and she didn’t want to get left behind.


*There is a next-level vibe where you give less fucks about the interaction and you’re not so god damn fucking anxious about micro-monitoring every second of the girls experience, I.e. pinging off her. It’s a nuanced point because you absolutely have to read the girl to calibrate (too physical, not physical enough, feels uncomfortable, wants you to kiss her, about to leave, etc.) and yet you can do that without always pinging so much off of her and changing your state based on her micro-reactions. Unfortunately in the moment this seems to be one of those things that you can’t consciously control, it just sorts itself out as you get better.

*I want to make it a mission that as soon as I have a girl who has hooked and I can lead, I take her with me to open another girl. This really isn’t that hard or a big deal at all. I’ve just never really done it before so it seems like a big deal.

*I did a couple of reapproaches last night and I feel good about that. Kudos all around. Now, keep doing it!

*The shape of my game is beginning to take form and it looks like this: be the motherfucker having the most fun out of anyone at the bar. At this point it’s not even so much traditional pickup as it is just not giving any fucks about the outcome and doing your own thing so hard that girls want to join in. It’s fucking glorious, but to get consistently good you basically have to get rid of all your irrational fears. I.e. fear of reapproaching, fear of mixed sets, fear of massive sets, fear of hot girls, fear of rejection, fear of looking stupid, etc. Takes time, but I’m convinced that the rewards will be massive..