Girl from yesterday, texted her a few hours later and she never hit me back. That put me in a slump for the rest of the evening. I propose that this happened because I had built up our future together in my head. She was very cute and I thought the interaction went extremely well. I expected good things. Unfortunately reality bitch-slapped me in the face. It’s like poker. When you lose with a shitty hand it doesn’t hurt that much. When you get AA and you lose to some dipshit who rivers an inside straight, that blows. What could I do different?

  1. It’s been said that you should get the number then stay with the girl for at least another 5 minutes. This creates a bubble and makes it seem like you’re already on a date. Also, it shows that you care about her, not just the ego boost of getting the number. Yesterday I bounced 30 seconds after getting the number #fail
  2. Go for the instadate. It seemed like she had time, I could have asked her out to coffee right there.
  3. Failing the instadate, I should have at least seen what direction she was walking in. I think we were walking in the same direction? Yet I took off in order to “meet up with my friends”. Which is actually what I did, but it wasn’t very smooth. It made it seem like I wanted to get away from her.

I could have done any one of those three things and it probably would have made the interaction more solid. This is conscious competence right now, but it will be interesting to see this reach the point of unconscious competence, where I do all this automatically. Now, to today.

We were having lunch by the window in the cafe when I saw a tall skinny dark haired girl waiting at the crosswalk. She was walking slow, which gave me time to run out of the cafe. I waited till she walked past me then I came from behind her and opened. She was nice and smiled at me, but quickly made it clear that she had plans.

Later at the park I opened a stunning girl walking past on the sidewalk. Again, very nice. It almost, almost hooked, she looked like she was almost ready to stop, but she didn’t. Kept walking away from me. I could have walked with her but what I really wanted was for her to stop. Probably didn’t make that clear.

Later in the grocery store I opened another stunning woman. She only spoke a bit of English so we spoke in Russian. My confidence was up and I kept engaging her. After 30 seconds I asked if she wanted to get a drink with me but she said no. Very nice about the whole thing though.

That was it for today. General thought is that a few days in Kiev is the best cure for putting hot girls on a throne. You can see more stunning women in twenty minutes than you would see in several hours in most American cities. That helps to put things in perspective. There’s always more women. The one you’re talking to is special, but not necessarily scarce.

In general I don’t think I’m making it clear why I’m talking to the girl. I’m still nervous doing daygame, I don’t have it dialed in like nightgame. I think that after another week I’ll be doing much better. Confidence comes from taking action and making mistakes.

Finally, I’m giving myself massive props for opening a stunning women in the fucking grocery store! That’s so fucking cool. Although she didn’t want to go on a date with me, she was very nice and smiled an awful lot. It was a very positive experience, and I have every intention of doing it many more times #Ukraine