I learned so many valuable lessons last night. The kind of stuff that they don’t teach you in pickup school. It started with meeting up with a new wingman. We hit up my favorite club early, got right in as usual. Upstairs I opened a few sets until I found two cute girls that were interested in what I was selling. The one I was talking to was half Japanese, half something, 100% beautiful. We hit it off well, I was being my normal amazing self even though I found her very cute. However, five or ten minutes deep something went down that I’m not so cool with. Before I knew what was happening my wingman switched girls, started talking to mine and left me with the friend who, while cute, was not fun. My pickup manifesto states that the guy who opens the set gets to choose the girl. If the guy who comes in second doesn’t like the girl he’s with he can suck it up or leave, but not take my girl.

That being said, I accept responsibility for all things in my life. So this incident shows that I need to learn how to address this situation. If my wingman, or any other guy, opens my girl and draws her away, I need to find a way to get her attention back on me without being a dick. My brain is already thinking of ways to achieve this, it shouldn’t be that hard in general.

The Family Set

After that I ended up opening a tall blonde woman. Skinny, bubbly, taller than me. She was 40, looked like she was 30 and I found her gorgeous. We hit it off really well and I spent an hour or two with her. We danced some, made out, flirted and talked about life. It was a unique situation because this woman was with her daughter who, like her mom, was beautiful! This led to an expansion of my awareness of female dynamics. Here’s why.

I was obviously with the mom, she was the lady for me. The daughter was jealous, she wanted attention too. Now she’s a really good looking girl, plenty of guys would take a bath in guppy guts and swim through a shark tank to date someone as cute as her. And yet during the hour and a half I spent with the mom and daughter, hardly any guys talked to her. She had a few drunk splooge sockets grab her ass and one Israeli guy talked to her for a bit, but that was it. And it was fascinating to see this because as guys, I think we have the propensity to think that,

Girls (hot girls) have it so easy, they can get laid as much as they want.

Sometimes, yes. But certainly not all the time. This beautiful 21 year old girl was desperate for some attention from a guy, she would have settled for just a plain dude who was cool and not drunk.

(big lesson here, thinking that you have to be the master fucking pimp of the universe to end up with the cute girl. Not true! If you could walk up to this girl, have a normal conversation, lead a little bit and go for the kiss she would have been yours)

Talking to the mom she elaborated on her daughter’s problems with men and how she can’t seem to find high quality guys. Seeing all this and talking about it in depth was a real perspective shift for me.

Pushing Past the Wall

The mom also taught me another valuable lesson. She said that her daughter puts up a bitchy front when guys approach her, even though in general she’s actually a nice person. This is a key point. The bitchy act is just a front, it’s a wall to screen out guys who don’t make the cut. To get with a woman like this you have to push past that wall, have faith in yourself, keep plowing and understand that at some point the wall will crack and you’ll get to experience the real girl.

Another key point! I mentioned those two girls we opened in the beginning, where my wingman took my cute girl. We ended up leaving that set after about fifteen minutes even though it was going good. I think we left because of a lack of innate belief that it’s going somewhere. It can be harder with more attractive women because they give you so little! So the feeling I often get is that I’m wasting my time because nothing will happen. But this is not a mindset that is going to get me laid with more attractive women. I have to change my thinking to this: hot women will give you less signs, you just have to persist, be the cool guy and assume that as long as she’s still talking to you, she’s attracted.

This is so key and important to enforce. It’s also important for me to personally stand by because many of my wingman want to leave sets too early. They don’t see any signs of attraction and they want to bounce. I get that but we have to stay in there and see it through to the end! This is of paramount importance.

Finally, I’ll say this. Being in a set with the mother and daughter was surprisingly not weird. They were totally comfortable being out and drinking together, the mom was a wonderful person, very pretty and we were having a blast together. At some point the daughter started to warm up to me, she was touching me, standing close, giving me signs. Now past experience has shown me that if you go into set, start with one girl then switch to the other, you’ll lose both. So I was very careful to decline invitations from the daughter and talk to the mom. However…… If these were friends, not family members, this would have been an ideal threesome situation. Both girls were highly emotional, I was in the fucking zone, all the pieces of the puzzle were there. Except for the incest problem haha.

So that was my awesome night out. I got the mother’s phone number, I planned an entire date with her and confirmed it multiple times. She hasn’t texted back yet. I think that she’s blowing me off because I’m so much younger than her, even though we had an awesome bond. It hurts that she hasn’t replied but that’s game man. I’ll just keep pushing the envelope, growing myself and make shit happen. I’m 100% confident that I can reach an extremely high level of game at this point. The worst part is over, I’ve spent the last fucking year getting rid of AA and I’m so thankful for that. It would take about $150,000 and an E350 with all the options to get me to start from the beginning again.