Sup gents. I originally wrote an obscene 800 word post about my goals, where I’m coming from, where I’m going, and my current thoughts about sidewalk chewing gum. But I decided to throw that out and keep it simple. I only started taking serious action about four months ago. First I did a 80 day NYC challenge, then a 30 day Berlin challenge. Both awesome successes! I estimate I did about 500 approaches, I pulled 5 girls including 1 bathroom pull and a two and a half some.

So while I don’t really qualify as a chode, I’m definitely not intermediate. I still get approach anxiety, I still have shitty beliefs that fuck me up, and my results are widely inconsistent. 15 approaches and loving life on Wednesday, on Thursday I feel like a cripple about to step into the ring with glory-day Muhammad Ali. I have a lot of work to do, but that’s the point of this challenge. I’m going to go out every single night, seven nights a week. I have a sick job making $30 an hour that allows me to set my own game hours, sleeping from 6am to 2pm.

These are my goals

*Build an awesome social circle of guys and girls.
*Fully change my beliefs so that approaching is easy, natural, and instinctive. I’m so fucking tired of overthinking it and feeling all this anxiety!
*Reach the point where I’m fully comfortable pulling 7s from a bar. I want to be pulling four times a month, or every seven days by December 31st.
*Once and for all, forever and ever slay my ultimate fear of running out of things to say (which has its roots deeper than just the problem of words).
*Find someone to mentor me in game and help me to develop faster.

At this moment in time my biggest focus is leading girls. I think I can make massive gains there with relatively little work. Also, approaching everything. This is big. Finally, making statements and asking fewer questions. The work continues and I love it. Going out is fun as hell and I’m looking forward to the coming months!¬†Tonight I’m going to Output in Williamsburg. I also just texted two girls I met over the summer and both of them have said they’d like to meet up for drinks. So even though I’ve only been back in NYC 48 hours I’ve already got plans for the weekend. Here’s to it.