This is going to be short because it’s not really a field report in the traditional sense. Me and two buddies went to the local Thai beach bar last night.Sitting there were two older English blokes. I walked in bold and immediately rubbed them the wrong way. They hated my guts in 6.3 seconds flat. They weren’t shy about telling me that either. 

Then, to top it off, my “buddy” who is visiting staying with us for a few days, loudly said to my face, You have no fucking communication skills. Then he froze me out and treated me like a pariah.

Here’s the point of all this. I was really, really fucking close to being unaffected by this onslaught of bullshit. I was 90% of the way there, but still, 10% of me was beaten down a bit. I had to take a minute to sit away from everyone and think this through.

And what I thought was this. This experience encapsulated the very essence of game. I see how a guy with real game would be unfazed, unaffected at his core, by this bullshit. His mood would be 100% self-determined and nothing that anyone throws at him would affect him. This is the holy grail and it’s what I’m aiming for. I want to be the guy who could stand in a room with people taunting him and still feel the same as if he was sitting on a couch watching a Jason Bourne movie.

I’ve made great strides in reaching the point where less shit fazes me, I still have a ways to go, but the progress so far is very encouraging.