I’ve mentioned other nights where I’m not sure if I learned anything. Tonight was not like that, I absorbed a lot. Even though I didn’t pull I feel more confident in my abilities. I’ll lay out the night then dive into the lessons learned.

Going to the Club on Saturday

Wait in line for a few minutes, get in about 11:40. I’m solo for the moment but I know that moping around won’t do much. Go outside and open a three set of girls. The conversation shoves me towards talking to one of them in particular and we end up spending the next hour together. Many guys would look at this girl and say wtf man, why are you spending so much time with a girl like that? Fair enough, she’s not really cute. But if you give a not cute girl some attention she’ll love you! She will treat you like a prince and for me it’s a nice feeling. A counterbalance to all the women who don’t treat me like a prince.

We go inside to the dance floor, I’m having more fun than anyone else in half the club. If you looked around you would see all the girls staring at me. These girls just want to have fun! However, it seems like girls have a hard time letting go without a guy or being fairly drunk. That kind of sucks for them, but it’s good news for the pickup orientated individual. If you can be that guy girls will love you. As one well known PUA said “Game is giving girls an awesome time and them sleeping with you as a reward.”

Back in the club I leave this girl, find my friends. See a cute blonde, reach in and grab her. “Hey, meet my friend!” I say. Holding her I reach out and pull my friend over. “Hey man, meet my sister!” It’s great. I did this with the full intention of passing this girl off on him but it didn’t stick. I ended up with her and we came so close to kissing. Just couldn’t quite make it happen though. I’ll get to that later though.

She leaves, open another girl, tell her she looks like Rhianna. We chat and I become Chris Brown. Just as this is winding down, girl I’ve been talking to the whole night comes and grabs me. We talk more, we go outside with friends, then when we get inside I say “I’m really hungry. Joe’s pizza is just a few minutes away, let’s go get some!” She wavers and then says “No, I can’t. I really want to stay with my friends right now. Since they’re from the UK, I only get to see them once a year.” This, this right here. It’s crucial. Right here I’m about 90% sure I could have plowed through and gotten her to leave. “2 seconds, come right back, never know we’re gone, etc..” I could have pulled that out, but honest to god I felt bad taking her. I know her friends are from out of town, I don’t want to break them up. I’m an inherently nice, empathetic guy. That’s OK, especially for relationships it works out well, but sometimes I have to shut that shit off. Two minutes later I hear the friend from London whisper “It’s fine if you want to go, we’re fine here.” I’m thinking shit. I just passed up on pulling because I was worried about bullshit. Fuck me. An interesting lesson.

After that she gives me her number and leaves. I open two girls, both sets are roadkill. Then my wingman says: “Hold on one second, I have to go over here.” He walks away and that was the last I heard from him all night. I open an attractive blonde girl standing by herself. We talk, she responds to me physically, I try to kiss her but she shoves me away and gives me a naughty finger before walking off. I open another very attractive girl, say “You must get this all the time but you’re Norwegian right?” Turns out no, she was Russian. We spoke some Russian than her jealous friend stole her from me. That was my night. I 100% could have stayed later but I chose not to. I don’t know if that makes me a bad person, I don’t know if I really care. I learned a shit ton. Let’s have a look.


*I need to find a better way to get the kiss. My outer game needs to get on the level of my inner game. I believe I missed out on two makeouts with two attractive blonde girls last night because I couldn’t smoothly go for the kiss. This needs work.

*I have to stop saying “I don’t know.” I say this too much, especially when the girl is hot. It’s totally unattractive and fucking lame. I must strike this from my vocabulary. I am awesome and I always know.

*I can do a good approach even if I’m tired, out of it, feeling like hell. Walk up direct, smile, make a statement with great tonality and projection. Wait. This is especially useful because you can do it while in a shit mood and use it to jump-start yourself into a better one.

*I’m giving less and less fucks how big the group is. I don’t care if it’s five girls, I’m going in and opening my girl. I don’t care about the rest of them. Mixed groups, lots of people, what’s the difference if I’m just focused on my girl?

*If a girl disengages by looking down at her phone or looking away, quickly reengage. I’m starting to see the pattern here that girls find it attractive when you get their attention back. One of the last sets of the night, it’s going OK till she looks at her phone. I open her back up with a question, now it’s going really good. She’s much more into me. If a girl stops paying attention I can interpret it to mean she doesn’t like me which achieves nothing. Or I can look at it as a chance to show her that I like her and I care about moving the interaction forward.

*That girl I spent an hour with and failed to pull, if I had run that set better I would have spent half an hour with her and pulled. In that situation what I had to do was isolate then go for it. We even were isolated at one point and instead of taking advantage I said “Let’s go find your friends.” Christ, someone put me out of my misery. Throw me off the Brooklyn bridge or dump me in front of the L Train, I deserve it. This pulling faster is also important because after a certain amount of time the interaction can begin to slow down. In the beginning it’s more exciting and adventurous. That’s when I need to go for the pull.

*I can see quicker growth on the horizon because everyday I get a better idea of what exactly I’m fucking up and how I can fix it. I don’t feel like I’m paddling furiously just to keep myself alive. The end goal is always to pull. How the fuck can I make that happen? That’s my focus, that’s my mission.