Last night I had only 30 minutes at Pianos. Walked in and met up with three community guys. They’re choding it out drinking at the bar, as if that’s going to help them get better. When I say what the fuck are you doing? You can go drink at the bar anytime.. One guy asks me What do I need to do? Really man, is this rocket science. Open!

I open a brunette girl and immediately her cuter friend steps in to talk to me. From my point of view the vibe is awkward. Awkward in the sense that I 100% get the feeling it’s a set where the girl is counting down the seconds till she says It was nice to meet you, we’re leaving. But she keeps drawing it out. I don’t handle it well. I think she may have actually been attracted but my brain doesn’t really get that and after three or four minutes she leaves and I’m left wondering whether I could have done more.

Go upstairs and we open two tall blonde girls. Mine turns out to have a boyfriend who she very clearly kisses in front of me. No calling bullshit on her. She was a cool person though and I talked to her boyfriend for thirty seconds. This is the type of situation where in the future I might want to trade numbers with the boyfriend. I’m building a social circle of cool people and they both fit the criteria.

Talk to a future wingman for three minutes, cool dude. He opens a set, I follow in directly and talk to the blond girl. We vibe for nearly twenty minutes. Running out of things to say, no sir. As I mentioned earlier, I’m back to going direct, making statements, and it goes 400% better than the sets I have been going for the last couple of weeks. Fuck indirect game, fuck that shit so hard. It may work great on 9s and 10s, but gaming them is not even in my world right now.

After 20 minutes in set I get a text from the promoter I met on Monday and I leave the blonde girl at Pianos after getting her number. I meet my at The Blonde which is an upscale lounge in Soho. His friend has a table, we drink tequila and talk about promoting and I get exactly 0% better at game. But hopefully I continue to build this relationship which could potentially lead to me meeting a bunch of other promoters and even hosting my own table within 6 months. Or it could lead to nothing.

While I’m very happy with my night, I still want to mention where I screwed up.

*The very first blonde girl, even though I didn’t understand the vibe, I should have tried to pull her a few feet away from the friend who was occupied with another guy. The worst that could have happened was she said no.

*Should consider taking numbers when I meet cool people like that Australian and her boyfriend. Context would be something like I know some people in nightlife, we all go out on the weekend, let me hit you two with an invite, bring friends!

*After 10 to 15 minutes with the third blonde girl (every set was a blonde girl last night) I should have moved her downstairs for the makeout. Or moved her anywhere. I wasn’t thinking that clearly.

*I need to get better at framing the meetup while I’m in set. What needs to happen is that I have an awesome meetup idea (perhaps going to my promoter’s table on the weekend), then we talk about how cool that is for five to ten minutes in set, then when I go to get the number it’s natural for me to invite her to that and she’s less likely to flake because of how much we talked about it and because it’s genuinely cool. Have to figure out what I want my day two idea to be..