Went out to a bar in the East Village with my friend. Had a few beers, talked to some girls and ended up with Monica. Really cute, super tall! We ended up making out and it was good. Tried valiantly for the pull but it wasn’t happening. In retrospect I would change my behavior. We were outside waiting for the Uber and it was fairly clear she wasn’t going to let me go home with her. I kept aggressively pushing for it, but I should have backed off and started planning a date. I would definitely go out with this girl again.

The whole time I was with her I was trying to not chase, I was trying to just “be” for lack of a better word. And it’s funny because you can’t get to this state by trying, it’s the opposite of trying. But I don’t know a better way to go about it. Continually remind myself that I’m the prize, that sex is guaranteed, that I shouldn’t chase. My results may actually go down as I figure this the fuck out, maybe. But long term it’s going to be massive.

The parallels between poker and pickup are massive. In both cases you can do everything right and lose, or do everything wrong and win. Both teach you that you must focus on the action, you cannot worry about the result.