Tonight my wingman opened some cute girls and I was making out with mine within a few minutes. We were dancing a lot, having fun. She asked me to take her out on a date tomorrow. I agreed but I knew I would flake. It was tonight or bust. She’s from out of town, staying with the cousin, bad logistics. That means it’s bathroom or never. We get right next to the stall and I try to pull her in, no way. She’s not into this and we never talk after that. She wanted to be wined and dined, I wanted sex in the bathroom, we had different motives.

About to leave when I see three girls sitting down. I don’t think, I just go in. So fucking easy and effortless, so natural. It’s hard to remember but when I started this I was sweating bullets doing an approach like that. Now it’s an afterthought. Me and my wingman end up talking to this set for half an hour. We want to go to the meatball place but they want to stay for a while longer and drink. They don’t quite justify sticking around so we leave. Go do some shots with my buddy who works in a liquor store. I open a Hispanic chick on the street, my buddy opens three girls in Five Guys. So easy.


*Dance lessons would be cool. Knowing how to dance is obviously completely unnecessary but it’d still be nice to know. I love to travel so maybe one day I’ll go to Spain or Portugal and take lessons every day for a month or two. Just those basics would be enough to elevate me up a bunch of levels.

*I’m getting better at reading makeout signs. When to go for the makeout, when to hold back. It’s subconscious knowledge though, I couldn’t articulate it with a gun to my head. I just get the sense that this is the moment and I go for it. Obviously I still have fucking years of refining but I feel more confident about it now. Once again, I can only think fondly of how good I’ll be in six months.

*My level of presence in through the fucking roof. It’s far more consistent and long lasting then anything I’ve ever had in my life. Pickup has played a big part but I also attribute a big part of it to Tolle’s The Power of Now, specifically the audio book. I’ve read the regular book two or three times and it’s good, but the audio book is next level. I’ve found a big difference between hearing and reading.