Today I went on a date with Julie who I met last Tuesday. I hardly ever go on dates so I was nervous. When out at the bar I see a girl and then talk to her, no time for anxiety. But with a date I have all day to think about it and psych myself out. Julie is cute too, not the cutest girl I’ve ever slept with, but probably the cutest I’ve ever gone on a date with. We spent about two hours together and I have some thoughts on it.

  • My texting to get her on the date was good. I watched a texting program and took a few valuable lessons from it. Like this: when you set up the date beforehand, keep it vague. So for this, we said “Saturday evening”. Then, when Saturday rolls around, you text to set up a time “7 PM” which also serves to establish that the date is still on. Whereas if you agree upon an exact time and place early in the week, than you have to chode yourself out by confirming the meetup the day of.
  • Meeting up I went for the handshake first which I really didn’t want, I wanted a hug in order to get physical immediately. I awkwardly did the hug, it wasn’t great. Better next time.
  • Our date was walking across the Brooklyn bridge together, and as we did it I could feel her warming up to me. She was a bit cold and logical in the beginning but it got better over time. What really made her attracted was when I told stories. At the end of the night I told her a story about driving my motorcycle and she melted, it was powerful to see.
  • I never tried to kiss her till the last moments. I’m torn on this. My intuition was telling me that it was better to wait to go for the kiss, but I don’t have a lot of experience here and my intuition may be faulty. The entire date was very smooth, but I realize that’s not an indication of “good” either. I’m going to be thinking about this a lot, but I think that if I could repeat it, I would go for the kiss earlier. I never really “saw” a good opportunity, but what needs to happen is that I make one.
  • At the end I invited her back to my place to watch a movie. She declined. When I did finally go for the kiss at the end of the date she wouldn’t do it. She had some excuse or another. She was giving me multiple signs that she was into me and attracted though, so not 100% sure what’s going on. I definitely plan to see her again and when we do finally sleep together, I plan to ask her exactly what she was feeling and why she wouldn’t kiss. I’m very curious to discover her thinking.
  • This being my first date since the dinosaurs were alive, and this being the cutest girl I’ve ever gone on a date with, I’m thrilled with how it went. I feel like I learned a lot. More than just that, I had a lot of fun! It was an enjoyable way to spend a Saturday evening, I should do this more often.
  • I’m going to get very good at game. I have 0 doubts, I’ve had 0 doubts for months but experiences like this reinforce it. Learning game may be an emotional skill, but I can still see parallels to learning a language. Anyone can do it, you just have to put in the time.