I don’t think I learned a god damn thing last night. I was drunk, I opened some sets with my wingman, we were out for an hour or two. I had more fun talking to him than I did with any girls. The best thing I did all night was to reapproach a beautiful girl about six times. She never quite blew me out, she sort of shrugged me off. She was with some bearded buttfuck who kept trying to blow me out as well. The last time I approached her she stuck around for a bit and it seemed like she was giving me a chance. Not that I could do much with it. My wingman made out with a girl and she was into him but he couldn’t pull because of horrible logistics.


I have a love hate with drinking. Over the course of the last 13 or 14 months I’ve gone out sober 95% of the time and I’m very thankful for that. One of the many problems with drinking is that it numbs my emotions. I don’t get the emotional lows that come from taking some unwanted rejections, but I also don’t get the divine flow feeling that comes from doing things outside of my comfort zone. About 80% of the time when I drink I wake up in the morning and regret it, today is no exception.

Work Girl

Sneaking into WeWorks is a full time hobby for me and yesterday I was at the one in Hell’s Kitchen. Sat down with a cute girl from Trinidad and we talked for twenty minutes. At the end I asked for her number so we could meet up again. She willingly gave it to me, I was expecting to meet up with her next weekend. Texted her and she never responded. Two things, I think my text to her was shit and too much investment. Also, during the interaction I could feel a small disconnect between us. I pushed past this and basically forced the interaction to go good. However, if I felt the disconnect the girl did and that could also be the reason she didn’t respond. Maybe she was just being nice and didn’t want to deny me the number in front of other people who were listening.