First night out in ten days or so, I was back home for Turkey Day. Hit up the Tuesday spot it was good. On the surface it would appear that I did poorly and the night was write off. Far from it. What actually happened is that I was getting some harsh rejections, guys were pushing me away, guys were getting in my face, girls were telling me they didn’t want me there, etc. I felt sad and I wanted to leave, but I didn’t. I pushed through that shit and forced myself to not only do more approaches but to do the most difficult ones conceivable. For doing so I consider the night a massive success.

Last set of the night ended up being an awfully cute girl. I repeatedly tried kissing her but she would never reciprocate. I think my eye contact was off and my approach in leaning in for the kiss was weak sauce. Next time I would hold eye contact better and go in with more confidence.

I saw one girl at the bar who was cuter than all the others by a long shot. I told my wingman that I absolutely had to approach her and I did. It was a great approach and she responded very well. Instantly faced me and started playing with her necklace. But there was a chink in my game, I faltered, I got 2% into my head and she instantly could tell. It was over. Her friend took her away. Interestingly, when I first approached I was so confident that her friend asked me if I knew her. I’ve noticed this happen a few other times when I do a great approach on an especially hot girl. I suspect that 95% of the time when a hot girl gets approached it’s super fucking weak and obvious, so when a guy does a confident approach it’s odd and the friend assumes we know each other already.

At this moment I feel angry. I want to get back out there, figure out what’s wrong and fix it. I’m also acutely aware of how much more challenging cold approach is. Compared to something like meeting a girl in a hostel or a college class. Those environments are much more forgiving. Cold approach is brutal.