I’m disappointed with myself. That’s weird. Most of the time I’m thrilled with what I get done in a night. Maybe I’m disappointed because I’m expecting more from myself now. Maybe it’s because I didn’t do that one last set, I walked out the door instead. Maybe it’s because I didn’t really try to push the boundaries of my current knowledge and learn something new. Let’s start there.


Shit. I was ready to crucify myself for not leading enough. Then I remembered that I actually did try to lead more than half the sets I was involved with tonight. So I can’t really say that I fucked that up.

Confusing Set

Picture this. It’s me and my wing at the Tuesday bar. We’ve opened almost everything. I see one last set, open them. Very weak open. We had been standing close to them, walking around, it was not direct and straight in. Anyways, I talk to my girl for a minute and we have plenty to discuss. Bali, Berlin, London, Freelancing. Travel related shit. However, she’s not asking me questions. She’s only giving me short answers to my questions. After six or seven minutes of this I don’t know what to do. This is fairly unknown territory. Her body language, eyes and voice says she’s into me, her short answers say she’s not interested. Should I persist? Should I neg? Should I just call her out on it? Fuck, I just want to flat out ask if she likes me or not. I’m driving blind. Eventually me and my wingman bounce but this set will stay with me. I just think there was something there that I could have switched so she was into me. The one time I saw her light up was when I called her weird. So next time I may try being more of a douche to her. Friendly asshole I’ll call it. I don’t know, just a thought. Weird set, really threw me off.


We did half a dozen other sets but nothing stands out. I sort of feel like I was a bit of an oaf with no direction. Opening girls, having good conversations, but ultimately not trying to close. Ignoring the golden rule. Maybe that’s why I’m disappointed in myself. It seems like I choose to keep my good emotions (not take any risks) versus try for the win and get it or fail. I can go into a bar, open anything, hold a conversation, get a makeout if there’s some chemistry. So what? That means nothing if I can’t close. I need to keep the proverbial gun pointed at my head “Go for the close you fool!” I’ll either get laid or learn a lesson, either is good.

Your Name is Chess?

New York is a city of immigrants but I’ve still never met anyone named Chess. Misheard though, her name was Jess. First girl of the night. My promoter buddy from way back invited me to a pool hall. Some upscale-ish joint near Union Square. It’s mostly dudes. Some promoter who I recognize from another club. One cute girl, I open her. I keep it low key, keep her talking. This goes on for minutes, ten minutes, twenty minutes. She’ll leave for a few minutes but I always track her down and reengage. At some point she walks towards the bar, isolates herself. I come with, start getting a bit physical. Hands on her shoulders, hugs. She’s leaning into me. The chemistry is building. We’re maybe a minute or two from kissing when her douche guy friend comes in and buys her a drink. Moment ruined. If I was better at game I could have condensed that physical escalation into way, way less time and easily gotten the makeout. However, I’m 100% happy with what I did. I was doing the absolute best I’m capable of and she liked me. She really liked me. I don’t know exactly what I’m doing different but a certain group of girls are starting to like me more. Take for example Katie from Friday. We’re still texting, she really wants to hang out!

Money and Game

You don’t need money to hook up with tens, but it can help a lot. My boss is a millionaire and he rents a Soho penthouse. He invites models over. Malia Obama showed up to his Superbowl party. You don’t need game when you own the apartment. I guess all I’m saying is that I see how he uses money to hook up with stunning, stunning women and I get it. You can do that. Granted, any half decent dude will steal his girl at a bar, but that doesn’t matter. Because the nines and tens he hangs out with don’t go to bars. They go to Soho lofts and exclusive nightclubs. So yeah. If you don’t want to do cold approach pickup, find a way to earn a few million bucks a year and leverage that into hooking up with models. If my boss can do it, you can too.

Underdeveloped Areas in my Game

I don’t know what I don’t know. However, I’m almost certain I should be doing more push pull. I probably pull more than I should, push less than I should. I also hardly ever get sexual with my verbals. I almost never suggest sexual stuff. I should work on this. I’m very comfortable opening and holding a conversation. This is good. Now I need to leverage this into getting laid with some consistency.