My sister is visiting for the weekend so I took her to a few of my favorite spots. Talked to her about pickup. Explained what I’ve been doing since last June. Opened two sets and both times the girls I opened invited my sister (they didn’t know she was my sister) to join in and they started asking her questions. That was interesting. I’ve never opened a girl while I’m already with another girl. I have zero first hand experience of what to expect, and yet I expected that it wouldn’t go as well as it did. That led to me to this..

How much of what we believe is purely speculation? In life we’ve perhaps only experienced 1 or 2% of shit personally so we have a first hand belief. That other 98% we’ve never experienced and yet we have beliefs. That means these beliefs are based on what??? Are they all bullshit???

Some beliefs like I’ll die if  I jump off an apartment building are valid. But others, like the girl will do XYZ if I do ABC are probably pure bullshit. Or like I talked about yesterday, I had the belief that people at the club don’t wish to be my friend. That belief was based on either one weird encounter years ago that I don’t remember, or it’s based on nothing. And so now that I’m getting loads of first hand experience I’m seeing it’s bullshit.

My idea is that I should remain open to the fact that lots of what I believe (whether it’s about picking up girls or life in general) is probably based on nothing. I may have major fucking beliefs that are running my daily life which formed because of some 30 second encounter that happened when I was 11, or they simply formed because the brain needs beliefs so it made something up. I can see great potential then in going through my head, taking stock of as many fucking beliefs as I can possibly imagine, and then changing them.

Oh, I believe QRS, that’s not serving me. That’s not taking me where I want to go. Fuck that belief, I’m going to start believing JKL and then I’ll look for evidence to support it.

In some cases it might take months or even a year to fully change a belief. But who the fuck cares? I plan on living for another sixty years or so. Might as well live with a series of beliefs that empower me to kick ass, not hold me back.