Went out last night around midnight. My only goal was to find at least one set and open. Keep the 30 day challenge going. I ended up at a lounge close to my place. I saw two girls sitting down at the bar drinking Budweiser, so I walked up and said:

Hey, you’re drinking Budweiser. I like it. Reminds me of high school. I used to get drunk in a cornfield with my best friend.”

Seriously though, that’s not self amusement. I had a weird childhood. Anyways, one girl is into it and the other one is totally, 100% not. She’s being downright hostile to me. Frequently suggesting that I leave and that I’m a terrible human being in every conceivable way. But it’s funny, she’s throwing all this shit at me and I’m deflecting it like a mirror. I talk about wearing black and my watch band and Thailand and America and I flat out ignore this girl. She never puts me in my head. The friend is kind of into it but finally she says:

Look, my friend doesn’t like you. I’m going to have to ask you to leave now.”

So I do, and as I’m walking away the friend yells out:

I hope you die!!!”

Let’s take a moment to step back and ask: why would one human being have such hostility towards another? I wasn’t doing my ridiculous polarizing shit, I wasn’t being a douche, I was just putting myself on the line and talking about clothing and some things that have happened to me. Just for doing that and talking for three minutes did I really deserve to be judged to die? I’m not taking it personally, I felt great for sticking in and not giving a fuck, but I just wonder what’s up in a person’s life that they feel like that?

Left that bar, walked to a house music club. Saw a very cute girl sitting down, walked up and introduced myself. Her name was Ann and she was from Egypt. It was going well and the best thing I did was get her to stand up to see how tall she was. But shortly after that she said:

Well I’ll see you around!” and she turned away, dismissing me. On a crazier night I would probably push and persist, but I wasn’t feeling crazy so I left. Here’s how I would handle that situation next time.

  1. I didn’t sit down because there wasn’t enough room and to make room both her and her friend would have had to move down. I wasn’t feeling confident enough to ask them to do that. Next time I’m doing it, regardless of how confident I feel. Standing and talking to her, while she’s sitting, wasn’t good.
  2. I got her to stand up to “see how tall she was” and that was great, but I didn’t capitalize. I should have spun her, kept her standing, and tried to move her a few feet away. I think there was some social pressure because of the friend there.
  3. My eye contact was good, but not great. Sometimes I don’t have that cool confidence to keep laser eye contact. I have to work on that.