Last night was a fucking blast. I learned a lot. This report is excessively long. Skip to the end if you just want to read the lessons. Otherwise, let’s get this novel started. I originally planned to go to Turtle Bay. Last Wednesday I was out in Meatpacking and it was dead. I went to five different bars and found three sets to open. One would think that in a city of 8 million people there would be at least a dozen groups of girls out in the club district on any given night, but I guess not. So Turtle Bay was my plan until my friend hit me up. Told me about some friend having a birthday party at a place called Happy Endings. Sounded way better than taking the train out to Midtown, I agreed.

Get there, the place is small. A friend described New York clubs as over-sized living rooms. I agree, except that I’ve been in living rooms which were definitely bigger than this place. Hang out for a while then finally open two girls standing at the bar. I immediately crush it. I’m not even in state, I’m just being non-reactive. Standing there, being dominant, and the girls are qualifying me, reacting to me, joining my world. It’s incredible. I talked about this yesterday, how “I see the next level as me doing less and getting better results.” Well that’s what I was doing and it blew my mind a bit. Sadly this awesome state only lasted for about 4 minutes before it all crashed around me. That was that but I didn’t care. It was exciting to see that next level stuff. Shit, when I started it was exciting to just have a decent 4 minute conversation. Now that’s child’s play. So I have faith that there will be the day when I naturally exude this non-reaction frame all the time.

Happy Endings was mostly dead though. My friend is connected all over and says we should bounce to another club, see his friend who is spinning. “Sure, let’s do it” I say. We drive over to Meatpacking in his Nissan.

Waiting to enter this club my friend points downstairs, says “There’s a massive unisex bathroom down there that you can pull too. There’s a phone charging station, you could say that you have to charge your phone or some shit.” I ask him a few more questions and take this bathroom seriously. As I stated, “My goal, when I walk into that bar or club, is to pull.

The Club

We get upstairs and the club is awesome! I’m so much more relaxed than the first time I came here. Lot’s of girl, lot’s of people having fun. First person I talk to is some guy from California. He opens with

Hey man, the worst they can do is say no. It’s not a big deal to talk to girls.”

I respond “Yeah I guess, but I’m really scared to do it. I don’t know man, what if they’re mean to me? I mean I really want to do it, but I’m scared.”

He shoots back “Listen, I’m scared too but let’s do this together. Let’s find some chicks to talk to. We got this!”

I only bring this up because it turns out we were both bullshitting each other. He thought I was a pussy and I thought he was a pussy. We were both playing bullshit games. That guy approached over and over again and may have pulled. Fun stuff, you never know what will happen when you go out.

I see a girl dancing and I approach. My tactic for opening dancing girls has totally changed since I started. Back in the day (last summer) I would open dancing girls by trying to grab their hand and dance with them, dancing close to get their attention, or some bullshit. I don’t fuck with that wimpy shit anymore. If a girl is dancing I’ll walk up and do a bold approach, get her attention. When done right she’ll instinctively focus on me and stop dancing for a second. From there I can grab her hand and spin her, or put my arm around her, or just start talking and tell her to stop dancing. This works about 400% better than trying to grab her hand while it’s flailing around like a dying fish. Guaranteed, field tested.

So this girl, I walk up and say “Hey, my name is Leon.” I hold out my hand and she just stands there looking at me. In this situation I keep my hand there and I stare at her, not saying anything, waiting for her to shake it. Eventually she does, I spin her, bring her in close, go for the makeout after twenty seconds. She backs her head away, I back my head away, then I go back in and kiss her. We makeout after 30 seconds tops. Then she just dances off and I let her go. Total words said, maybe 45.

Continue opening, talk to some bottle service girls. They’re cool but they have to pay more attention to the rich schmucks getting drunk than my amazing self. Sad. Move on to another girl and I can immediately tell it’s on. She’s dancing and I spin her a bit. Go in for the makeout, no. She pulls back, I keep talking. Go in for the makeout, no. She pulls back, I keep talking. Go in for the makeout, bam. She’s eating my tongue like she skipped dinner. She’s putting her hands up under my shirt. In a few minutes she’s even reaching under my jeans and is halfway to my dick. At this juncture there is only one thing to do. “Let’s go downstairs, I have to charge my phone. Two seconds, we’ll come right back” I say as I think about the unisex bathroom. I have to keep her engaged but I get her downstairs, get her to the bathroom, but there’s a fucking guy in it. The way my buddy described it I was picturing some secluded bathroom that we can fuck in. Instead, I find out he was talking about another club’s bathroom. Shit balls I’m thinking. Try to pull her into a stall on the guys side, she wont’ go. Try for the girls side, the attendant blocks me. Fuck balls, I’m thinking. If I had a $20 I could try to bribe this guy but I’ve got $11 to my name which has to last me till Sunday. At this moment I am using 100% of my cognitive capabilities. It’s like when your computer is compiling a video, streaming a movie, and you have 30 tabs open. My brain is frying and I can’t come up with a way to make this happen. I go to the guy’s side, pretend to pee, then I take her back upstairs. Try to find another bathroom on the bottom floor of the Dream Hotel but I can’t see anything. Make a half-hearted effort to pull her to the Standard Hotel to fuck in their secluded bathroom but she won’t go. End up going back upstairs, that’s that. (Several awesome lessons learned here, I’ll break them down below).

Back at the club I talk to a model for 20 minutes. She was very nice, as attractive women tend to be. Didn’t ask for a number or date or anything. Just enjoyed the conversation and let her go when her promoter told her it was time to leave. I talk to my buddy for a minute, then see a women standing by herself. I open, we talk for fifteen minutes. At one point I leave my arm around her neck for about 5 minutes. That was great, it felt awesome! At the beginning she wasn’t very receptive but the longer I spent with her the more into me she got. She says she has to leave (it’s about 2:20 by now) and I say “let’s go.” Get her to the elevator, we go down together. Get to the bottom, elevator opens, her two friends are standing right the fuck there. They pull her back into the elevator, back up to the club. I leave that quagmire and catch a ride with my buddy back to the L train.

Fin, three awesome hours of game. Let’s break it down further.


1. Both makeouts happened last night because I talked my way into it. There are some situations where you don’t want to talk much, you want the girl to invest. And then there are other situations where success requires you to spew non-stop bullshit. The words don’t matter so long as they’re coming out of your mouth. Sort of overloads the girl’s logical senses so you can go in for the kiss. Great success with doing this last night.

2. I hereby resolve to never step into a club or bar unless I have an exact plan for how I’m going to pull. That means knowing if I can pull to the bathroom, if there’s an attendant, or where I can pull to if the bathroom is a no-go. In some cases that may mean pulling to another club to fuck in their bathroom, or in other cases it may mean pulling to a nearby food place than back to my place. The plan will always change but won’t change is that I fucking have a plan. I fucked up getting laid last night because I didn’t have a complete plan. Fail.

3. I suppose I’ve assumed that one day I would be pulling all the time just because I’m so attractive and fucking awesome. Not really. I’ll be pulling a lot one day because I take fucking action. I seed the pull, I make the pull happen, I deal with objections, and so on. That leads me to my next point.

4. Logistics fucking trumps game. Great logistics will get you laid even if you’re shit. Horrible logistics will prevent you from getting laid even if you’re awesome. If a girl is horny and wants to get fucked, she’s going to go down the path of least resistance to do it. She’s more likely to fuck the very average guy who lives above the bar than the amazing guy who lives 45 minutes away by train. This is an important point and reaffirms my belief that I’m doing the right thing by paying high rent to live somewhere with great logistics. The question always is: how can I put myself in the right place at the right time? Master that and I’ll be getting laid more than I can imagine.

5. The girls at the club last night were more receptive than I’m used to. Two reasons I think. One is that the overall quality is higher, so girls realize that there’s probably always someone hotter and they can’t afford to push away every guy. Second, since the ratio is better every girl is getting hit on less. That probably makes them fee like they have less options (rightfully so). So that was a very nice atmosphere to open in. It gives me reason to pursue getting regular access to these higher end places. In fact I would be happy of just having regular access to one good club, one night a week. Ideally either Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday. One night a week at a good club, surely I can make that happen if I set my mind to it.

6. That last pull of the night, where the girl got stolen by her friends when the elevator hit the bottom floor, I didn’t do a good enough job of creating a bubble where it’s me and her. I could have created a better atmosphere. Also, she was the one who said “I need to go” and then I followed her. This is wrong. This happened after 15 minutes. How it should have gone is after 10 minutes I said to her “Let’s get out of here.” If I had done that I would have led her, and we may not have seen her friends, and I may have fucked the shit out of her in her Soho apartment. Just something to keep in mind.

7. I did a great job of trying to make that bathroom pull happen. I stretched my game and learned some good lessons. Like always making sure to fully understand the logistics and not get caught off guard by a fucking bathroom attendant. However, I did notice one major fuckup. After we left the bathroom we went back up to the bottom floor of the club where I was searching for another bathroom. Couldn’t find it. So I said “Let’s go to this club. It’s not far.” She wavered, she half agreed, she followed me for a bit towards the door then said “Well I should really say goodbye to my friends.” Right here. Fuck up. I let the girl decide. I didn’t have a clear goal. I kind of wanted to go to Le Bain but not really. I was crushing it and would have been OK with going back to the club to find a different girl to pull. So when she said she had to find her friends, I agreed and we went back up. No. The problem was that I wasn’t fully committed to my action. I needed to either 100% commit to taking her to this different club or 100% commit to going back to the first club to find a different girl to pull (regardless of what I decide, it’s my decision, it’s not being influenced by her). By committing 100% to Le Bain I would have broken out all sorts of verbal bullshit and gotten her out that door without ever saying goodbye to the friends. With a 100% commitment to finding a different girl I wouldn’t have made a half-assed effort to pull to Le Bain than just given up when she made a bit of resistance, as is her function. So the lesson is, commit to a plan of action 100%. Don’t waver in the assholechodeland middle ground. I’m a man, I decide, I act with full intentions on that.

8. Game used to be tedious and wasn’t all that enjoyable. Now, so much more enjoyable! Even if I don’t pull, even if I don’t have any makeouts, doesn’t matter. It’s just more fun. I stuck it out through the worst of it and now I’m being rewarded.