Outside of Output meet up with wingman, very surprised to see him there. Mentioned yesterday that I wasn’t sure I would ever see him again, after essentially kicking him out of chick’s place so we cold fuck. Well there he was. We check out the Panther Room, it’s dead. Go to a bar down the street, it’s great. Open a bunch of sets. Talk a lot. Lose some percentage of my dwindling hearing. Try for a pull but it doesn’t happen. Check out bar down the street, dead. Check out Whiskey Brooklyn, deceased. Go home early without losing any self esteem.


*The girl I tried to pull was into me. She was physically handling me and was engaged. However, I feel like I tried to pull her at the wrong moment. I didn’t do it on an emotional high, more like an emotional medium. I also was probably too direct. We were standing out the club, she just put her cigarette out, and I said “Let’s go. You live this way right? Let’s walk towards there.” That was probably laying too much on the table. What I could have done instead was said “Hey, there’s that bar just up the street there. Let’s check it out.” Just get her moving and do it on an emotional high. Then even as we get to the bar, which is 20 feet away, I could say something like “Doesn’t look that good, let’s keep moving.” Keep her walking and talking and before you know it we’re at her place. So I’m really happy that I went for the pull in that situation but I could have refined it.

*Second best set of the night and I let her friends drag her off. Girl was into me but the friends took her to the dance floor. I shouldn’t have let that happen. Should have followed her to the dance floor or talked to the friends so that they would let the girl keep talking to me. It was a big mistake just letting her be stolen. Good sets like that don’t come along every three minutes.

*Me and my wingman need to plan out how we’re going to work together more effectively. I never bother planning shit because I’m always changing wingmen, but this guy may be more permanent so it makes sense to be smart about this.