I’m going to listen to every Jocko Willink podcast, I’ve already got 15 or 20 down. What does this have to do with pickup? Discipline and overcoming fear. The discipline to get your ass out to the club and push your comfort zone. The strength to overcome fear and grow. Also, some damn fine stories! I recommend checking it out.

In other news, I thought that tonight I’d hit up a club, see if I could spark any conversations. Didn’t happen at my favorite club in New York, total ghost town. Bounced somewhere else, I opened a few girls sitting down. The conversation went well, vibed for ten minutes. Eventually left, found nothing else, called it a night. Some thoughts on this one decent set.

  1. Props on how I handled it. How I had the charisma to balance the conversation, spark attraction and be that cool dude. I can look at this interaction and see a drastic increase in my level of game.
  2. I should have sat down. After a few minutes I knew that it was the move but I didn’t do it. I don’t even know if I was scared about rejection, I was more worried about intruding on the conversation these girls were having. They both seemed so nice and I didn’t want to bother them. My motives are good but I need to realize that cool guys like me don’t come along every day and my girl definitely would have liked to toss some words around. Also, they can always ask me to leave.
  3. I opened the two girls solo while my wingman was playing ping-pong. When he joined the set I was so focused on making fun of him for caring more about balls than girls that I failed to introduce him to the set. This is another instance of me amusing myself and having a blast, but forgetting the ultimate objective of furthering the interaction.


From now until New Years I’m living with horrible logistics so that I can save money for my winter excursion to Bali. I’m also going to the gym everyday and working on my business. So I’ll only be going out about three nights a week. I’m taking a long term view. I’m getting my health in order, saving for an awesome trip and hopefully building something that will allow me to travel and make money online. It’s been amazing going out a bunch of nights a week for the last year and a half but it’s reaching the point where I really want to get all the other areas of my life up to speed. Getting laid is cool but it doesn’t make up for being unhealthy or working a bullshit job.