However, what I’ve come to realize is state isn’t just everything that happens in the club, it can be affected by your daily decisions as well. For example, I wake up feeling great. I meditate, write my field report, read for 45 minutes, write in my journal, and then I go out for lunch. At the store I’m planning on just getting a sandwich, but then on impulse I buy a coke too. Before I even drink it, I feel a negative ping in state. It’s my body saying fuck that Coke. We don’t want it. You know it’s bad but you bought it anyways. Especially bad because it was an unplanned purchase, you were influenced by marketing. This is subtle but very real. And it could be anything. It could be skipping the gym when you feel really tired, it could be choosing to watch TV over reading a book. It could be failing to take care of something important.

The way I see it, your higher self (body / unconscious / non-bitch brain / whatever you want to call it) always knows what’s right and what decisions will lead you to greater success. It knows Coke is toxic, skipping the gym is bad, and so on. So when you do these things it pings you (lowers your state) a bit. It’s almost like when you’re at the club, you’re just about to do an approach but then you chicken out and end up feeling worse.

Recent Revelation  

The thing about these state dips is that they’re subtle and most people are not in tuned to them. 9 months ago, before I started going out a lot and learning how to be more intune with my body and soul, I wasn’t able to pick up on any of this. I was a genuinely happy human being who was doing well in life, but I still didn’t have the nuanced ability to understand how micro-decisions could affect me. Now, after 9 months of consistent game, I have a better feel for it. That’s led me to change certain behaviors, such as:

-Stopped drinking after making an embarrassment of myself in South Beach over New Years. (In the last 3 years I’ve tried to quit drinking a dozen times and I always failed. Now I’m about three months sober and I have zero urge to drink. I don’t feel like I’m missing out. Instead, I feel like I’ve given up something that was harming me. Of course, a big part of it is that I can also now do cold approach pickup and be charismatic and awesome without any booze.

-Stopped drinking Soda (or pop, as we call it where I’m from). I buy Kombucha instead and once or twice a month I’ll get an expensive Mango or Lemon soda made with cane sugar instead of high-fructose bullshit.

-I’m much more productive, completing my to-do list 80 of days, even when it’s very disagreeable.

-I’ve stopped watching Archer and South Park reruns.

-I study German every day like clockwork because I feel crummy if miss a day.

None of these things led to drastic changes in my daily state. However, 3% here, 5% here, and it all adds up. I’ve never been happier in my life. What is great because when I step into the club I’m already ready to crush it. I’ll admit that none of the above revelations are groundbreaking, but I just think it’s interesting to look at something like drinking a Coke in terms of how it can affect your emotional state, not just your body.