In 2016 I decided it was time to learn game. So in June I moved to NYC and immediately started going out. Since then I’ve pulled multiple times and significantly increased my overall confidence.

This website is a testament to the multi-month challenge that I’m now on. I have no idea how long it will take me to learn game to a level that I deem suitable. It might take years, I don’t know. Until then I’ll continue going out, I’ll continue posting field reports, and hopefully I’ll bring some insights to game that you’ll find useful.

Where do You Game?

Right now I’m living in New York. However, I have plans to spend the winter in South East Asia and then hit up Berlin and Kiev for a while. I love to travel and no matter where you go, girls are girls.

Do You Follow a Particular Pickup Community?

I’ve learned 90% of what I know from RSD. However, the ironic fact is that the more I go out, the less videos I watch, the more I detach myself from the pickup community. I don’t consider myself a “pickup artist” in the traditional sense. I view myself as a social guy who is great with girls but is always working to get better.

Can We Meet Up?

It’s possible. I’m always interested in meeting new people, especially if we have something in common (a passion for writing, speaking Russian or German, connected in the NYC nightlife industry). Hit me with an email at or use this contact form, I reply to every message.

How Many Girls Have You Been With?

Enough to know that it’s incredible to spend time with an amazing woman, but it’s not the ultimate source of happiness. I’m on this journey not to become the biggest manwhore in history, but to be able to get laid and never have to worry about feeling sexually frustrated again.

Any Advice to Someone Just Starting?

Go out every single day and stop watching pickup videos. 95% of guys watch way more videos than they need to and go out way less than they should. If you want to get good at this, do what most people are too fucking scared to do, and start going out every single night.

What’s Your “Painful” Backstory with Women?

Went to a super small highschool where everyone knew everyone (87 people in my graduating class). I got a reputation as creepy with girls and I was never able to shake it. Didn’t lose my virginity till I was 20. Had four years of girlfriends and the occasional fuckbuddy till I started going out at 24. The rest is history, you can read it all here.

How Long Have You Known About Game?

Since I was 18. However, it’s misleading to think that I’ve been “in game” for six years. I never took serious action until I was 24. Game is played at the clubs, you cannot get good without going out. You shouldn’t say that you’re “learning game” if you’re not regularly going out.

People Always Say You Should Have “Hobbies”, What are Yours?

I love web design, this blog is just one of many that I’ve designed myself. Writing is like breathing, I’ve been doing it everyday for 7 years. I also enjoy learning languages, I speak Russian and I’m learning German now. I also read an obscene amount, usually 40 to 60 books a year.

Is There any Way to Sort all of these Damn Field Reports?

Sure. I tag each report to make them easier to sort: New York, Berlin, Kiev, London, Miami, Pulled, Didn’t Pull & Date.

When You Say “Pulled” What Does that Mean?

It means I got laid. It doesn’t mean that I pulled to my bedroom and didn’t close or I pulled to a different club. Also, I hate it when people say “hooking up” to mean “making out”. If I say I hooked up with a girl it means I slept with her.