About a week ago I mentioned a set that I did at the end of the night. Cute girl leaning against a building at 2am. Open, talk for a while, the vibe is great. She says that I’m cool and has big eyes. I try to set up a date with her on Friday but she declines, says she’s busy. I don’t really know how to proceed from here and I end up leaving the set with nothing. I’m proper shit at setting up dates. I’ve pulled more times than I’ve gone on a day two.

With that in mind, I decided to ask someone who I knew could help. Calum Tingham reached out to me on Twitter a month or two back and we ended up talking on Skype for an hour. Cool guy, at the moment he’s in Moscow hooking up with beautiful women. Since he’s been doing daygame for about 7 years I knew he was the person to ask. This was my email to him (a link to his response is below):

“Hey man, 

So my question is this. Talking to a girl for five or ten minutes, it’s going really good. Logistics are bad for a pull though so you’re going to set up a date. You ask her if she’s free on Friday, she says “no I have plans”. 

What do you do here? 

My thinking is that if you immediately ask for another day, say Saturday night, now you’re starting to look needy and it looks forced. I know you do a lot of day game and go on lots of dates, so how do you go about finding a free time that works for both of you?”

Check out the great advice that Calum gave me, especially as it relates to choosing a day to set up the date. Also, follow him on Twitter to stay in the loop about new content.