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September 29th, 2016

My final night in Berlin was interesting. I said goodbye to Michael and then went out to the street to go to Magdelana. I had only been walking thirty seconds when two cute German girls came up and asked me something in German. I said I spoke English, they switched to English, and things took off. They were drinking, full of energy, and totally overwhelming. They insisted I go out with them, I said sure, and we took off. By now I’ve totally bought into their frame, but things immediately get weird. They walk up to a guy who maybe homeless and they invite him to go to the club with us. When he says he has no money, they ask if I’ll pay for him. By now I’m thinking things are off. These girls are too high energy, too crazy, too fucking wacky. But there’s a big bright side. We’re only 100 meters from Watergate, a club that I’ve really wanted to go to but could never get into.

We ditch Mr. Possibly Homeless, get past the bitchy looking door girl, and I pay 5 Euros for one of the chicks to get in. She’s like “Ok so I owe you 5 Euros, I got you.” Ten seconds later. “We spent all of our money to get in, will you buy us shots?” And that was that. End of the crazy chicks, but I was in the club. I Danced to techno for hours, did some approaches and kept my form sharp. Watched my last sunrise in Berlin then I grabbed my bags and caught the train to Budapest.

Best part of the night was this stunning girl who was glued to the club promoter all night. Blonde, skinny, radiating feminine energy and good vibes. She was amazing to see, and inspiring to think that one day I’ll be able to spend time with women like that. Brad said if you go out consistently you have a year of the sevens, a year of the eights, then you start to develop what it takes to attract nines and tens. That seems reasonable. Another eight months of sevens, I can handle it.


-I was noticeably better at expressing myself last night and being masculine.
-Crazy chicks are nuts to deal with.
-If I went out every night sober and alone, I would get better. But I would make less progress than if I go out with a wingman.
-Can you get sick from lack of sleep?

September 28th, 2016

Not much to report from last night. My wingman was sick and he couldn’t come out. So I decided to go to Suicide Circus and was pleasantly surprised when I actually got in. I’ve bitched numerous times already about how it’s hard to get into Berlin clubs when you’re alone.

The DJ was awesome, I danced till the first hints of sunrise and then went home. In that time I tried dancing with a girl, total fail. I also opened two girls and I’m sort of proud of this. I was sitting down writing in my phone and I see this two set standing three meters in front of me. My bitch brain says no way buddy, stay there. My real brain says: open them. So I put the phone away jump up and do it. Turns out they’re American, one is married, and the other is with a guy. But since we’re all American we have a bunch to talk about and it’s a good time. Eventually we go to the dance floor, they get lost and I never see them again. Sort of sad about that because I would have liked to invite them out tonight.

Tonight is my very last night in Berlin. I’m going to party till sunrise then take an 11 hr train ride to Budapest.


-I cherish those moments where my bitch brain is killed and I do what’s right.
-I’m really happy that I genuinely enjoy night clubs and love being there. I’ve met plenty of guys who don’t and nightgame isn’t as much fun for them.
-I’m extreme, in that I do things to extremes. I either drink a lot, or I stay sober for weeks and don’t touch alcohol. I either never go out, or I go out every night. Understanding my personality and how I work helps me to exploit the good and play down the bad.

September 27th, 2016

Yesterday was a night of awkward emotions. Actually, fuck the Zen shit. Fuck the “there is no good or bad, only thinking makes it so”. Fuck all of that. Last night I felt like two-week-old tuna salad that’s been sitting in the sun. I felt like that rattlesnake that I accidentally ran over with my bike six years ago. I felt like Charlie Sheen when he’s not high on crack and sticking his purple mushroom into a porn star’s ass. I performed like hell in a set, I blew it with a girl who I was into, and I made mistakes that I should have known to not make.

The result was a girl refusing to kiss me, then refusing to talk to me, then not even making eye contact with me. This is especially painful for me because it brings me back to the days when I was shit with girls and they called me creepy and pretty much couldn’t stand me. I’ve come a long, long, way from there, but still it happens that I completely blow a set sometimes and it’s not easy. Perhaps worse because I’m entering the zone of conscious incompetence and I have some ideas about what I did wrong.

First, I didn’t move the set. I kept thinking “Do I want to try to move them, do I not want to? What’s going on?” In other words, I wasn’t acting with authority and clear intentions. I was being a piece of shit. A fucking worthless fuck. I still think I’m a sexy amazing person, but none the less, tonight I think I was worth less than that bit of dried jizz stuck behind the toilet seat in the guy’s bathroom of the freshmen dorm.

Second, I went for the kiss during a period of low emotions. I went for the kiss when I felt like holy shit things are going to hell I have to make something happen. Not a time when everything is going great, and she’s laughing. What was I thinking?

Third, I asked too many questions. What the fuck happened to making statements?

Really, the underlying problem is that I never committed to the set in my mind. I was always at 50% on it. Should I go for it, should I not? Do they like me, do they not? My night would have been much better if I had decided to commit, to move them, to give it my all and see what happened. Or, to get the number and peace out. Anything but that stuck in the middle like motherfucking Malcom bullshit!

I opened the girls at the club and I want to say “we” pulled this set to my wingman’s place, but really he pulled them. And by the time we got there it was sort of off, and after ten minutes it was totally off. And then it was me feeling like it’s high school all over again and girls value a used tampon more than my existence. Harsh but honest. Thankfully I’ve learned that shit emotions often lead to increases in skill. Also, even though I fucked up so many things, I had very good posture, I had good tonality, I had good voice projection. So that’s the upside. Altogether a fantastic learning experience. And Obi got laid with a cute Romanian girl, in the next room, and we all got to hear him having sex. So that was the night. Looking forward to taking my fuckups tonight, turning them into learning experiences, and getting better at game.


-Commit or DIE! Either commit 100% to the set or fucking leave. Being a waffle is for fucking chodes and breakfast.
-The grab both hands and pull in for a makeout is amazing! Even though it didn’t work tonight, I am certain it has massive potential.
-Bad emotions lead to growth. I’m very comfortable being uncomfortable, if that makes any sense.
-There is something to be said about the language barrier and cultural differences. Maybe not much, but at least a little bit.
-I want to so badly live with someone who practices game. If I do, our house will have girls in it 24/7 before too long.
-I see the potential of not necessarily going to the coolest clubs all the time, but just the local bars close to your house. This is why I want to live in Williamsburg.

September 26th, 2016

Stayed in last night. I finished work at midnight, I wasn’t ready to go out till 1 and then I just really didn’t feel like it. My time was not wasted though. I finished reading The Kybalion, which is a book that’s been recommended for people who go out. It was solid and is directly applicable to game, and life. But I actually got more from another book called RelentlessIn it Grover says that the guys who are world class don’t have excuses, they just do it. It’s raining and cold? Go out. Blizzard? Go out. Your sick? Go out. Feel like shit? Go out. No wingman and you hate gaming solo? Go out.

That’s a message I can relate to as it’s more or less what I do with game (the irony being I stayed in last night). I’m committed to becoming world class at this and I’m going to do whatever it takes to make it happen. So onwards and upwards. Only three nights of game left in Berlin. Then I’ll go to Budapest for one night, a tiny town in Hungary to see my friend for two nights, Budapest again for two nights, then back to the greatest city in the world, the glorious and always exciting NYC.


-Keeping momentum is essential. You’ll never see me miss more than one day of going out. And if I don’t go out, I’m going to be doing something social with friends or a girl.
-When I go back to New York one of the things I’m going to do is build a massive social circle. I don’t really know how, but I’m going to figure it out as I go along.
-Travel is great because it puts you into uncomfortable situations that you get to overcome and become more confident in yourself.

September 25th, 2016

Last night I had lots of chemistry with a very cute girl and we made out. That’s makeouts three nights in a row which has never ever happened before. This interaction also held lots of lessons that I can directly apply to future girls. It went like this. It’s me, Michael and Obi chilling at Michael’s place. Obi has solid game and he filled me in with all his conquests on Tinder, it was funny. Meeting up with a girl and you need to get her back to your place? “I forgot my wallet, we have to go back to my place”. Brilliant. I don’t imagine it will always work, but when it does it’s clean and simple.

It’s Berlin so we chill and don’t even head out till 2am. The plan is to go to a club called Area, but we get sidetracked. Walking down the sidewalk I make eye contact with a girl who is standing with her two friends. I hold the eye contact and walk straight up to her. I have no fucking idea what she looks like, all I know is that we’ve made eye contact, held it, and she must be opened. I have no idea what I said to her but it must have been alright because we start talking. Obi and Michael start talking to the other two girls.

It turns out she’s Israeli and she’s cute. As we’re talking I can consciously feel when I’m being attractive or not. Example. I’ll start to lean forward, invest more in her, ask a question or two. My posture is a bit worse, my tonality is a bit worse, I’m speaking a bit faster, and I can see her close down at bit. So I straighten up, lean back away from her, speak slower, and make a statement. She turns to jelly and starts investing in me. This was really interesting because I don’t know that I’ve ever been quite so consciously aware of my behavior and how that affects attraction. Next level stuff.

Eventually we get some beers and sit outside the convenience store and talk. I find out my girl speaks Russian. Attraction up, for both of us. I’m being physical and I don’t know whether it happened there or the next place, but eventually a song comes on that I know, I grab both her hands as if we’re going to dance, then I pull myself into her and kiss her. Then I do it again. And this continues as we makeout for the next hour. But she’s very reluctant. She keeps saying stuff like “we just met” and “Americans are so free with their behavior”. Whatever. She does tell me that she thinks I’m very cute. We part at 5am after 3 hours together. The sky is rolling from black to swarthy blue, and that’s it, a single set night. That being said, I learned some valuable lessons.

The first is outer game. With this girl last night I had enough attraction (inner game good) to go for the makeout within a few minutes. But I didn’t know how to physically make it happen. What I should have done after 5 minutes is what it took me an hour to do. Grab her hands as if we’re going to dance, either pull her in or pull myself in and go for the kiss. This way of going for the makeout is very smooth and even if she rejects the kiss, it’s easy to write it off.

Also, I again noticed that making statements is powerful. It causes me to invest less and it’s a more natural expression of what I really want to say. Of course I ask questions too and listen to what she has to say. But my game needs balancing and with makeouts three nights in a row, the power of statements is obvious. In that same vein, I need to continue to be consciously aware of when I start investing in the girl. When my posture gets a little less great, I lean in, and so forth. If I notice this start happening that’s ok, but I have to stop, take a second, get back to my center, even just ignore the girl for a moment. Then continue. Powerful stuff.


-I was able to speak to this girl for hours last night because of my huge number of life experiences. Living in Russia, speaking Russia, visiting Thailand, having spoken with Israeli girls before, and so forth.
-My outer game needs to catch up with my inner game.
-Totally hooked on statements. I’ve even going to memorize three statements that I can whip out anytime I have a brainfart and the interaction is going down and I just need to say something quick.
-Confidence is peaking, I like the way he’s speaking, don’t like the baggy jeans but I’m gonna like what’s underneath them. He’s my American boy. My theme song, except that I only wear skinny jeans.

September 24th, 2016

Some notes I made in my phone last night at the club. “I don’t know that very high level community guys really deserve the seemingly godlike status that we give them. They’re just guys who have spent thousands of hours honing a craft. Much like a pro athlete or salsa dancer. Is the admiration stronger for a master of pickup, than the admiration a young, aspiring salsa dancer feels for his favorite dancer?” My point here being that what high level community guys do is awesome, but it’s not mystical. It’s just the result of thousands and thousands of hours talking to girls. It’s possible for anyone to reach that level if they’re dedicated enough.

Also, I wrote this and I’m sticking to it. “Focus on making statements for the rest of the time that I’m in Germany. I will not ask questions. Even if there is an awkward silence and I blow the fucking set. Don’t care. I will learn to make statements or I will learn to crawl up and die.” Perhaps harsh, but it’s necessary. I’ve been asking way too many questions which is causing me to over-invest which is causing sets to slump and die. Statements are not investments, she can take them or leave them. And when I make statements girls start to ask me questions, causing them to invest in me.

Case in point. Fourth or fifth set last night I walk up to a girl and start making statements. We talk for fifteen minutes, in which time I only asked three questions and heavily chastised myself for doing so. Eventually I pull her to the dance floor and we start making out. I think this is the first time that I’ve ever had enough chemistry to make out with girls two nights in a row. A big reason why it happened: I made lots and lots of statements. That’s why I’m going to keep practicing with this until it’s second nature. Pimps make statements, people who watch a lot of porn ask a lot of questions. Fuck that.


-With lots and lots of practice anyone can get good at this.
-Clubs in Berlin are fucking amazing, but we already know this.
-I haven’t slept with a German girl yet, but at least I’ve made out with one.
-Getting laid is a numbers game. The more sets you do, the more likely it is to happen.

September 23rd, 2016

I was a bit too physical with a Swiss girl last night. It was a really strong open but after 30 seconds she turned to my wingman and said “He’s so touchy feely!” So he told me to turn it down a notch, I did and it was a good set, we talked for ten or fifteen minutes. I got her email too and if I ever go to Zurich maybe I’ll meet up with her. I must have opened 6 or 8 girls on the dance floor yesterday. I was 100% in the zone. When that happens it’s so bloody easy to open.

The best open of the night happened randomly. Me and Michael were leaving the dance floor and walking outside. We were just walking past a girl and I grabbed her hand and said “let’s go outside, come on, come on!” And I pulled her outside. Then I put my arm around her, we walked around the outside area while I did a retarded narrative about how cool Berlin clubs are, then we made out. Total time with her, less than 2 minutes. It was really nifty and fun! It was a fantastic example of what good leading is and how you can use it to generate lots of attraction in a short amount of time.

In fact last night almost every set went awesome. Which is in a way uber frustrating. No small part of the reason why they all rocked was that I had maybe three or four beers in me. When that happens my game just skyrockets. But my question is this: why does beer allow one to have better game? What sticking points does it mask and why can I be more outgoing and free from the outcome? How the fuck can I game the same without beer as with beer? One thing I’ve noticed is that on beer I’m less invested. I’m centered more on myself and my own good emotions, versus getting validation from the girl. I can focus on this as I go out sober. Anything else?

Josh Waitzkin, one of my role models, said something that really struck me. If a person can avoid making the same mistake twice, they would be world class at what they’re doing in a very short amount of time. So that begs the question: what mistakes am I making over and over again in game? Here are a few ideas.

-I revert to asking questions even though I know it’s bad. I do this again, and again, and again. I know I should be making more statements, telling stories, talking about fucking gibberish, and yet I’ve asked 30 girls how old they are in the last 2 weeks. I don’t give a fuck! I’m really fucking good at guessing girl’s age anyways, I don’t need to ask them.
-I don’t fully commit to leading. It’s like I put 50% of myself into leading versus 100%. I should either give it my all to lead a girl, or leave the set and find another one.
-Pull the trigger on instant opens. See a girl, open immediately. Make it an automatic response where I don’t even have to think. I’ve actually gotten much, much better at this, but there’s still room for improvement.
-And I’m sure lots of other things. I have to keep consciously thinking about this.

All my issues in game aside, I’m doing a much better job of being loud, my posture is much better, my eye contact is good, sometimes great. And I’m self-amusing more. If there is one thing I want to change the most now, it’s remaining free from the outcome and asking less questions.


-Even though I consider beer game to be cheating, I still think it’s useful because it allows me to be at the next level for a while, see how it works, then figure out how the fuck to get to that level sober.
-European girls seem to be a bit less touchy-feely on average. American girls a bit more so.
-Game is a fucking blast when in the zone. And fun as hell when totally out of it too. I just like it in general.
-Actively focus on asking less questions.
-I wonder if I should make a list of my three biggest problems in game, then go out and say for 4 nights only I focus solely on fixing one problem?

September 22nd, 2016

Surprise, surprise. Last night we did hours of street game. It’s not even that we really wanted to, but the club we wanted to go to was closed, we got told to fuck off at two other clubs, and so it just kind happened that we wandered around looking for girls. After a few minutes of this I see two girls chatting and I walk up and throw out some sentences in English. They have no idea what I’m saying. They’re back of the class kids who partied instead of studying and the result is they don’t speak English. Wunderbar!

We stay with this set for nearly two hours and I’m forced to speak German with this girl, which is hilarious because my German at this point is very, very limited. But I made it work and between us we kept a conversation going for more than an hour. So as far as I’m concerned this was the best set in days because I got to practice my German and practice pickup. That’s a twofer!

As far as making it work with her, I probably should have gone for the kiss. I’m not sure why I didn’t. I think I was a afraid of ruining the set and scaring her off. I suppose the thought was it was better to keep her there and not push for anything more. Versus push for more, potentially get it, or potentially send her off into the night. Of course in hindsight I’d rather take that risk and just go for it. Better to push a set than let it fizzle.

Me and Michael both agree that these last two days have been weird. Twenty or thirty sets combined and a majority of them seem to be crumbling or going nowhere. We don’t fully understand what’s going wrong. We have ideas, but it’s hard to say for sure. Game is interesting and this period of weirdness is no exception. I ended the night last night, at 5am, by walking up to three Asian girls and yelling “Hey I just met you” in my boldest voice. On the street, sober. I feel like this is the type of thing I wouldn’t have done a few months ago. So progress! Even if it feels like I’m drowning in quicksand at the moment.


-Better to push for something more and take it too far, versus let a set fizzle.
-Street sets are fine, but I’d really like to go to a club at some point lol.
-22 straight days out. Tons and tons of sets. I might need to take a day or two just to reflect at some point.
-I’m going to be in Budapest for a few days in a week. I wonder what the clubs are like there?
-I don’t want to jinx this, but approaching is so, so easy right now.
-What do I need to do to take my game to the next level?
-I wonder, I’m kind of going all over right now. Should I be going out trying to practice a single skill? Is that a better way to improve?

September 21st, 2016

Last night we did nothing but street game, and we talked to American, French, German, Polish and Swedish girls. Nothing went that bad, but nothing went that good either. From my point of view it was all kind of lukewarm. We would get into sets and they would start off pretty good but then slowly die down. Is it because we’re not leading enough, we’re not exciting enough, we’re not ??? I don’t know why sets were fizzling yesterday but it’s frustrating. You open, they seem into you, then five minutes later it’s like grasping at straws. It’s that subtle shift between leading the conversation and feeling great, versus waiting for her response and not feeling so good. Easy enough to consciously identify it, less easy to understand the causes and how to overcome it.

It’s so easy to do street game though. Girls are in smaller groups, there’s less people around so less social pressure. I have no idea why it used to seem like a big deal in New York to open sets in the street. Last night we were out from 12 to 4 and we opened everything. Nothing happened but not for lack of trying. Tonight we’re going to a cool club and if nothing else I’ll get to enjoy some cool techno. Of course, I want to enjoy the cool techno, and a girl who is into me and down to do zany things that don’t require clothing.


-Opening on the street is easy. Perhaps not ideal to do nothing but street sets all night, but it’s still very possible.
-So many sets started to die after five minutes yesterday. Is it because we’re not leading? Lack of energy? What?
-Running out of things to say is not a problem. Generating attraction is the problem.
-Being loud is fantastic, I’m continuing to refine it.

September 20th, 2016

Coming off the train Michael opened a blond girl. Then we talked to two German girls sitting on some steps for twenty minutes. Then we went to a bar and I opened two Danish girls. We danced for a while, then they got their bikes (naturally, they’re Danish) and they took me and Michael to the store and we got some beers. I had already tried to kiss my girl twice and she wasn’t having it. They were interesting to talk to but I thought it wasn’t really going anywhere. Then some guys from Whales showed up, they started out friendly but it quickly fell apart and they started taking jabs at me and trying to start a fight. Ostensibly because of my Americaness and the fact that my retarded countrymen are trying to elect a certified maniac. But who knows. That was uncomfortable and so we bounced.

Earlier we also opened three French girls, which was one French girl too many. The two cute ones were into it, but having that third wheel of a girl made the dynamic off and we didn’t handle it well. Normally we would have moved them quickly but it didn’t happen this time. The lesson: even if there are three just move them. Focus on the one I like, pay some attention to the friend, and move them.

After the Welsh incident we go to the club and Michael crushes it. Making out with a cute girl, being interesting, being the one in state. I felt good but everything was still a bit off. Girls were not responding to me positively. Still, I will say that I kept trying and trying, I didn’t give up. I knew they were not responding well but I stuck it out way longer than normal. Then the club closed at 4 or 5 and the night was over. Even though we didn’t pull we spent a lot more time in set than out of it, and hopefully we learned some lessons.


-My new mentality has shifted to: I’m out every single night trying to pull. My old mentality was more like, out to do X approaches or have fun. The new mentality is better.
-The two guys three girls dynamic, we didn’t handle that well yesterday. Have to work on it.
-I want to leave sets that are not going anywhere and find new girls who are more receptive. No point in staying in set for 45 minutes if nothing is going to happen.
-Approach and approach again. It’s the way to get laid.
-Don’t try to move girls immediately to Club Michael. First, move to the store or pizza place or whatever. Then move to the apartment.

September 15th, 2016

So much fun last night! Met up with Michael and Leon on the Kreuzberg bridge and we went to the club. Immediately opened a three set of Belgium girls, two of whom were very cute. It was going good and after seven or eight minutes I tried to move them. Didn’t really happen. One girl wanted it but two didn’t so it’s obvious how that works out. Walking into the club I stick my hand out, get a lady to stand up from the sofa and put her hand in mine. Then I try to lead her to the dance floor and it almost, almost happens Then she rethinks it and stays where she is.

Inside I get a beer and open two girls sitting down. Michael talks to the friend and I talk to the blonde one. She was fun to talk to so even though she has a boyfriend that set lasts a while. Then it’s dancing, and more sets, and leading girls to the drum n bass dance floor, and dancing crazy, and talking to girls, and it’s all just craziness and hedonism. Perhaps the best lesson happened when I ended up talking to an 8 for twenty minutes and I was nervous for much of it. It was interesting to see that small stream of anxiety and how it made it harder to fully express myself. My thought was again and again, she’s just a chick. She’s just like hundred of other girls. At any rate after twenty minutes when I asked for her number she also had a boyfriend, like blonde girl from before.

I left the club at 3, went to the airport, flew to London at 7, and now I’m here for a few days. I’m really happy with how much fun last night was and how much time we all spent talking to girls. Way more time in set than out of it.


-A girl is more attractive and that forces my anxiety brain to act up. That’s annoying.
-I might not be great at it but I am trying to lead sets in most situations.
-Magdalena is a fantastic club to game at.
-Girls like exciting guys who are having fun. How to unlock that state consistently?
-I’m just in the wee beginning stages of becoming awesome at this.

September 14th, 2016

Even though I didn’t pull last night, this field report is going to lean towards the long side because yesterday was a bloody fucking interesting experience. It started at 7pm when me and Michael met up with some other pickup guys. It’s a big Tuesday meetup, get to know all the pickup guys in Berlin. It’s interesting to note that day game is huge here. These guys love it! I never do daygame because:

A. I work during the day
B. I think it’s easier and comes more naturally to me (versus night game)

So with a few sets I more or less confirmed that it’s not as challenging as picking up girls in a nightclub. I did three sets, they all went ok. I did fuck one set up pretty bad though. Two girls were walking in front of me and I walked up from behind and tapped the girl. Scared the shit out of her, she jumped. That’s basically the opposite of the effect you want. Lesson learned, find a way to come in from the front.

The meetup was interesting because I got to talk to guys about game who actually go out. In fact the most interesting conversation I had was with a Chinese guy named Josh who has done more than 3,000 approaches. All that and yet our level of game is probably very similar, and I’ve done about 500 approaches. What accounts for this? The only thing that came to mind is that Josh is very negative. He beats himself up and puts himself down. Could this be the sole reason that it’s taking him so long to get good at this?

After the event I left with Michael and Obi. It was really interesting to meet up Obi because I very rarely meet a guy who is intermediate and loves to do approaches. Most of the intermediate guys I meet are naturals and their game is to have a few beers, bump into one or two chicks, makeout and pull. Obi is approaching in the subway, approaching in stores, approaching on the street, it’s just a way of life. That’s where I’m headed, and it’s really cool to see a guy who is maybe 6 months ahead of me. Or a year, whatever. But that’s where I’m going to be.

At some point around 3 we end up sitting outside a convenience store drinking beers with a couple of girls. I opened them talking about watermelon popsicles and they told us they’re gay. That happened a few times in New York and me and my wingman mostly wrote it off as a shit test. For whatever reason this time I took it seriously. At any rate we’re at this table and a fight breaks out below the subway tracks 30 meters away. We hear them breaking beer bottles and using a pipe and the girls call the police. We get there and one guy is bloodied up. I say to Obi “Well that pretty much kills whatever vibe there was”. He replies “Don’t be pessimistic.” And sure enough he makes out with one of the girls later on.

The lesson I learned from this set is to always go after the girl I like. I did the thing where I settled for the less attractive girl because, well I don’t actually know why. It would have been way better if I focused on the girl I liked the whole time. Big mistake on my part, but I’m going to change that in the future. After the police are done taking statement we pull everyone to Michael’s place. This is why having an apartment in a great area is so amazing! He’s only been there about a week and already three nights girls have been pulled there. If only I had $3,000 a month to throw around I could do the same in New York.

And that was the night. A solid eight hours of socializing. A fantastic experience that I look forward to replicating. Going to the club tonight and tomorrow I’m going to fly to London. New experiences, I get high off of them.


-Go for the girl I’m more interested in. Just do it and be direct. Who knows, maybe the less attractive one has a boyfriend anyways.
-With great logistics apartment pulls are easy, easy, easy.
-I wonder what my game will be like after 3,000 approaches?

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