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Rolling Up on Stunners

Back at the apartment, we’re chilling with the Ukrainian girl my roommate hooked up with last week. She claims that she knows us from a past life because we all get along so well. Mostly I speak to her in Russian because her English is a used condom.

These are the type of girls we regularly roll up on here

Today we did 3+ hours of solid daygame. Approached so many sets and had a really good time. I’ve gotten way better at it. I used to have a problem with women thinking I was selling something or blowing me off instantly. Not really an issue anymore.

I got one number and two Facebook closes. I’m leaving in two days so it’s all kind of pointless anyways, but I tell girls that if they’re ever in NYC they should look me up. One girl basically closed me by suggesting a place we could meet up later. Straight up glorious.

I felt very comfortable today, but if there was one thing I could work on it would be relaxing even more. Not feeling like I have to work so hard to keep the interaction going. Let the pressure build, I can take it. Make her fill in the conversation gaps.

I know that will come in time though. Approaching beautiful women here is great training for the brain. Also, I did some approaches solo today and I’m thrilled with myself for that. Pats on the back & all the glory.

Short Sets on the Street

At 2 this afternoon my wingman had a girl over from Tinder and they fucked after 20 minutes. She left thirty minutes after the dick sucking stopped and then a cute Ukrainian girl came over. 45 minutes later they were hooking up. Incredible, I’ve never seen anyone sleep with two women in the same day. Obviously it happens, but this is the first time that I’ve seen it.

I feel shitty about myself and I’m glad.

It’s good that I feel shitty about myself because it’s an indicator I need to take more action. My roommate has more game than me and he’s slept with 70 something girls, but we’re still in the same ballpark, he’s not a pickup god. The reason that he’s slaying it right now is because he’s hustled harder. He’s approached more sets and put more effort into perfecting his text game. I love being around him because he’s a constant reminder to take more action and go to the next level.

Today I talked to two women, both of them gorgeous. The first one I asked where the ATM was and then me and my friend followed her there. I hardly talked to her, I regret that. The second woman I asked where the grocery store was. She was a stunning example of the female figure. Impeccable in so many ways. I left after twenty seconds, didn’t try to close.

If there is one takeaway from these two sets it’s that I don’t like doing the situational opener and then transitioning to something more direct. I much prefer to do a more direct open that makes it immediately clear what I’m about.

First Night Out in Kiev

I have a theory about what separates the guys who get good at game from all the other guys who don’t reach their desired level. The guy who gets good is the guy who does the most difficult thing, over & over & over. That translates to doing the most difficult approaches, continually busting through your comfort zone, and in a more general sense: getting to the club month in and month out. Tonight I was that guy. With both of my roommates (wingmen) staying in, it would have been insanely easy to not go out. But it’s Friday, it’s my last weekend in Kiev, fuck man…

I got to the club about midnight. Within a few minutes I talked to my first girl. Terrible response. I soon talked to another. She smiled and was nice, but she was totally unattractive to me. I bounced. Went looking for more, opened another girl and she quickly blew me off. Opened another, blew me off. Opened another, she wouldn’t even speak to me. It hurt man, I felt like a fucking loser. I danced a few more minutes then left. Total time in club: 1 hr.

I have mixed feelings. I feel really fucking good that I went out solo in a foreign city and kept approaching, despite very few positives signs. I feel like an outcast because I was out friendless, getting rejected, in a club filled with people in big groups.

I want to write paragraphs about how Ukrainian culture is closed off and cold approach pickup is hard here. Hell, it probably is but there’s no point bitching. It’s simply this: don’t wish the game was different, wish you were better. I wasn’t doing horrible approaches, but they were far from great. First night out at a Ukrainian bar in my life though so kudos all around.


*Tonality was not great, keep it low and good. Same thing for voice projection, should have been louder.

*Need to approach more. Easy to say after the fact, difficult to do in the moment.

*Probably should have stayed with unattractive girl for a while, talked some in Russian, gotten in the social mood. She could have been my homebase for the night.

Approaching All Over Kiev

We ate a fancy meal, I came out of the restaurant and started running after a girl in a green dress. When I caught up with her she almost jumped in the air when I said hi. Didn’t matter, I stayed calm and we started talking. The interaction lasted about five minutes and I feel that it was very solid. When we got to her work she stopped for a minute and then I got her number. I texted her later but she hit me with the “How long will you be here?” text. This is the text that all three of us, in the Kiev Villa, dread.

The thing with Ukrainian women is that they’re stunning, but the idea of casual sex hasn’t really caught on. Women tend to date, not sleep around. Even on a date, they tend to expect to go on multiple dates before they hook up. Again, this is on average, I don’t want to suggest that by any means it’s impossible. So the challenge of hooking up with girls here is that we’re all leaving soon and we also don’t want to go on multiple dates. We often talk about how to combat these obstacles. Part of the solution is getting your game very tight such that a girl will sleep with you anyways, even though she doesn’t normally do that. The other part is that we all think it would be a good idea to come back here next summer and stay for a long time.

I opened a girl by commenting on her ankle tattoo. She was very nice and spoke good English, but said she had a boyfriend. She left after two minutes.

I opened a girl who was delivering some homemade backpacks to a store. They were actually really marvelous backpacks, I might go back and buy one. We walked and talked for a while, she was cool and attractive. When we got to the Metro I asked her out but she said she was engaged. She showed me the ring, then we said goodbye.

I opened a girl walking down the street. I could tell just by her vibe that she wanted to get opened. Sometimes it’s so obvious that you’d have to be crazy to pass it up. I introduced myself and it started going very well. I was feeling great and she was responding well. However, when I asked her out for a drink, she told me that she has a boyfriend from Miami. I told her that Americans are shady people and not to be trusted, backing this up by saying she didn’t have to tell her boyfriend and we should get a drink anyways. She didn’t bite, wouldn’t give me her number but I got her Instagram.

As far as I can remember that was it. Although I only got one number, all of these interactions went much better. It’s taking a few days to dial in the awesomeness but I’m catching on quickly. I’m opening better, getting better reactions, and moving things in the direction that I want. All the while talking to extremely attractive women. It’s wicked fun and makes me feel like a king.

The Daygame Report from Kiev

Girl from yesterday, texted her a few hours later and she never hit me back. That put me in a slump for the rest of the evening. I propose that this happened because I had built up our future together in my head. She was very cute and I thought the interaction went extremely well. I expected good things. Unfortunately reality bitch-slapped me in the face. It’s like poker. When you lose with a shitty hand it doesn’t hurt that much. When you get AA and you lose to some dipshit who rivers an inside straight, that blows. What could I do different?

  1. It’s been said that you should get the number then stay with the girl for at least another 5 minutes. This creates a bubble and makes it seem like you’re already on a date. Also, it shows that you care about her, not just the ego boost of getting the number. Yesterday I bounced 30 seconds after getting the number #fail
  2. Go for the instadate. It seemed like she had time, I could have asked her out to coffee right there.
  3. Failing the instadate, I should have at least seen what direction she was walking in. I think we were walking in the same direction? Yet I took off in order to “meet up with my friends”. Which is actually what I did, but it wasn’t very smooth. It made it seem like I wanted to get away from her.

I could have done any one of those three things and it probably would have made the interaction more solid. This is conscious competence right now, but it will be interesting to see this reach the point of unconscious competence, where I do all this automatically. Now, to today.

We were having lunch by the window in the cafe when I saw a tall skinny dark haired girl waiting at the crosswalk. She was walking slow, which gave me time to run out of the cafe. I waited till she walked past me then I came from behind her and opened. She was nice and smiled at me, but quickly made it clear that she had plans.

Later at the park I opened a stunning girl walking past on the sidewalk. Again, very nice. It almost, almost hooked, she looked like she was almost ready to stop, but she didn’t. Kept walking away from me. I could have walked with her but what I really wanted was for her to stop. Probably didn’t make that clear.

Later in the grocery store I opened another stunning woman. She only spoke a bit of English so we spoke in Russian. My confidence was up and I kept engaging her. After 30 seconds I asked if she wanted to get a drink with me but she said no. Very nice about the whole thing though.

That was it for today. General thought is that a few days in Kiev is the best cure for putting hot girls on a throne. You can see more stunning women in twenty minutes than you would see in several hours in most American cities. That helps to put things in perspective. There’s always more women. The one you’re talking to is special, but not necessarily scarce.

In general I don’t think I’m making it clear why I’m talking to the girl. I’m still nervous doing daygame, I don’t have it dialed in like nightgame. I think that after another week I’ll be doing much better. Confidence comes from taking action and making mistakes.

Finally, I’m giving myself massive props for opening a stunning women in the fucking grocery store! That’s so fucking cool. Although she didn’t want to go on a date with me, she was very nice and smiled an awful lot. It was a very positive experience, and I have every intention of doing it many more times #Ukraine

Close Encounters of the Ukrainian Kind

Did a bit of post-lunch daygame today. It’s ludicrously easy in downtown Kiev. Stand in one place for 2 minutes and three gorgeous women will walk by. The first one I opened blew me off immediately. She had just watched my wingman open another stunner and I think that she didn’t like this. Or she was just having a bad day.

Next one, virtually no response. The one after that went better. A bit freaked out though. Probably not often that some boisterous American comes up and introduces himself. I can understand how a girl would be immediately on guard and not know how to act. I toned it back accordingly but there was no salvaging that.

We started walking back towards our villa when an incredible woman walked past. I turned to look at her and said:

Oh my god..”

My wingman says “Go man! If you don’t go talk to her right now, you’ll never see her again.

I chase her down. My other wingman advised me to take off the Oakleys so that I look less like a CIA cunt. I yank them off, run up to her and ask if she knows the best place to get coffee in Kiev. She has no idea so we talk about other things. I sprinkle in a bit of physicality but not much. My vibe was solid. This sounds like cliche, but it was obviously man to woman. Not chode scared out of his mind, to woman. I end up getting her number for drinks later on. She seemed excited about this and told me to call her. In retrospect I could have probably pushed for an instadate. That would have been a good move. Not angry though, I’m still getting a feel for daygame and what’s possible. Give me three months here though, forget about it..


*One thing I’ve noticed is that I consistently push past those moments where the girl expects you to leave. Like the last girl, she was getting Pepsi from the store and she turned and said:

Well, nice talking to you!”

I completely ignored that, as if she had never said it. Waited 20 seconds for her to get her Pepsi, then we just kept talking like nothing had happened. This shows a lot of Value? Persistence? Masculinity? I don’t know exactly what the right word is, but it’s very positive. It shows that you’re confident with what you’re doing, and you’re really interested in talking to her.

*I’m getting a better idea of what my goal is for daygame. I’m approaching to make a favorable impression, get her number, get her on a date. On the date my goal is to break that romantic barrier and then get her back to my place, which will be conveniently located minutes from anywhere I take a girl out to. This is all a different structure than night game, but a vast majority of the important bits are exactly the same.

*Smile when I open. I may not automatically do it because I’m feeling nervous.

*Doing game means becoming numb to reactions, positive or negative. No matter what happens, I know that I’m awesome. I feel good about my life and my decisions. If a girl rejects me, that’s fine. Nothing personal. If she likes me that’s great! But ultimately it doesn’t change much. I’m still going to be doing the same thing and feeling the same way whether we roll around in bed or not.

Daygame with Stunning Women in Kiev

So far in Ukraine we’ve only done daygame. Today we went out and I talked to three girls. Having only rarely done daygame I’m not fantastic at it, but game is game. A few more approaches and I’ll be doing fine. Here’s what happened today.

1. Cute girl waiting for her friend. We vibed, I closed space a bit and put my hand on her shoulder a few times. After five minutes I said we should meet up and get a beer later. She agreed, said she’s free today or tomorrow. Ironically I’m not free at all, I have to work. I didn’t think that through when I asked her out. In terms of my intent, I wonder how she perceived me? Did I come across as a friend, or a potential guy to hookup with? In night game I’m intense and it’s clear what I’m there for. I’m not so sure that I express that as well during the daytime.

2. In the cafe with my German buddy when we see two super cute girls walk by. We run out of the cafe and I run to catch up with them. Talk to the cuter one who doesn’t speak much English. We start chatting in Russian. I’m continually throwing conversation out there and she’s giving me little in return. I don’t think it’s going badly though. I think that she’s nervous and shy. Eventually they get to the cafe they’re walking to, I get her Instagram and we part ways.

3. See a girl coming out of the building, my wingman asks me if I’m going to open her. I hesitate for a second then I run after her. She’s 100% not into it and hurries off as soon as the light changes.

That was the day so far. We’ll probably do more later. There are so many cute girls in Kiev, daygame is a breeze. Walk up, introduce yourself, chat, ask her for coffee right then or set up a date. All within 5 minutes. So easy. What I need to work on is expressing my intent better. I want to come across as a guy who is going to fuck her, not a silly dude to practice her English with.

Taking Numbers and Same Day Pulls in Ukraine

Super fucking interesting 1st day in Ukraine. As I write these words the Israeli guy I’m living with is in our living room, making out with a Ukrainian girl he met in the grocery store 45 minutes ago. It’s taking a while to make her feel comfortable, but he’ll probably be hooking up in the next 15 minutes.

My report starts Wednesday morning when I talked to a cute Ukrainian girl in line at JFK. We were on the same flight to Istanbul. She started the conversation by “accidentally” bumping into my foot and saying sorry. I kept the conversation going by saying hi. We met up again in the Istanbul airport and I walked her to her gate. I got her Facebook but since she doesn’t live in Kiev I’ll probably never see her.

In Kiev, getting dinner with my friend, I saw a very cute girl sitting by herself. Wanted to talk to her but didn’t. She walked away, but then I saw her waiting in line for the bathroom. Went up and introduced myself, it went great. I felt extremely nervous for about 90 seconds than I fell into the groove and everything was good. Found out she isn’t in Kiev very much, got her Facebook. Don’t like this. Should have asked her out to coffee or a beer right then and there.

Did some more approaches, nothing went very well. Talked to a girl at McDonald’s at 7:30 this morning but she said she wasn’t interested.

Thoughts on Ukraine

Approaching here is incredibly easy because I feel entitled to the women, even tough they’re beautiful. This entitlement comes from knowing that as a guy from America I’m high value and have a lot to offer. Also, I’m effectively rich here. I can go to basically any restaurant or bar, order anything, pay for the girl, and not even look at the check. It doesn’t matter. That’s a very powerful place to be in for a guy. A common refrain in pickup is that money doesn’t matter.

That’s true, in the sense that you don’t need to drive a BMW or live in Soho to get laid. However, money can matter in that it can give you a feeling of ease and power. It’s beautiful knowing that in Kiev, no matter what happens, I can pay for it. Which is totally opposite of NYC where I have to live my whole life with money in mind. Can I afford a taxi? Can I eat there? How much have I spent today? It’s not conducive to feeling like a boss.


The entitlement here is so interesting because it shows how easy it is to fix certain problems. For example, I’ve found it very difficult in NYC to approach in subways, on the street, etc. It requires such a force of will that I almost never do it. But here in Ukraine, my game hasn’t changed. I’m still the same fucking person, but because I feel so entitled, I’m walking up to a very cute girl at 7:30 in the morning.

How then, can I translate this feeling of entitlement to NYC? If I could feel the same way towards girls in NYC as I do here, I would crush it.

Same Day Pull

I started this report last night, finishing it now in the morning. The girl my roommate pulled from the supermarket spent the night. That’s the first of many more to come.

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