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Sir Luscious Left Foot Pulls Again

Finally pulled from Pianos. This bar is a staple of the NYC pickup scene and despite going there 30 or 40 times I’ve never managed to get much done. Last night changed that. It was 2:30 or so. I saw a girl standing by herself and I instantly opened. Did the logistics run down and found out she lives in bumfuck Brooklyn. She’s out with a friend but the friend is gone baby gone. She tells me,

I’m just looking for the next thing to do.”

Jesus is that about as cut and dry an invitation as there is. I invite her to go to another bar with me and she agrees. We walk there and I buy us both a drink. Sit down, talk, move in closer and then we’re making out. Both our drinks are gone,  I say,

Do you like wine?”

Yeah of course.”

Cool, I’ve got a bottle of red wine at my place. Let’s go see if it’s any good.”

She gives me a bit of the typical shit about that being my excuse to get her to come to my place and me just wanting to get her alone. The usual, I’m capable of handling this. I acknowledge nothing and she quickly changes her tune.

OK, yes. I’m cool with getting some wine.” She says with a smile.

So we get an Uber, go to my place, drink some wine, fuck, wake up in the morning, fuck again and she’s on her period. God dammit, my sheets which I just washed after this incident, are now bloody again. Fucking girls.


*I’ve been slacking this August, I’m only hitting it 4 nights a week. That’s added up to 14 nights out so far this month. Not great, but what’s really cool are the results. I’ve pulled twice and should have pulled a third time if the sister wasn’t being a jealous woman. That’s an average pull rate of 1 out of every 7. This is fantastic! I ran the math about 6 months ago and I was pulling 1 out of every 20 nights.

*Before I pulled my girl I had the opportunity to pull another girl. She was into me and loving it. Unfortunately she just wasn’t cute enough and there was almost no feminine polarity. I left her thinking that I would rather go home alone than fuck with that. And then I didn’t go home alone, I’m glad I didn’t settle.

*I give myself congratulations for sticking it out last night. I didn’t leave early and was rewarded.

*The title of this post, Sir Luscious Left Foot, is a shout out to this fantastic album by Big Boi.

*Other interesting set was a cute South African girl. I really liked her and I wanted to go for the kiss but I fucking didn’t. Pissed. And it’s OK to be pissed because I’m judging myself on my own action, not on the result. Here’s the thing, I think that in these sets I need to make the rule that I go for the kiss within 5 minutes. If I wait longer than that it gets much harder. And I realize there are some girls who simply won’t kiss me that early and I’ll probably ruin some sets. That’s fine, this is about me getting over a sticking point and defeating a fear. It’s going to lead to massive long term progress, even if I fuck some shit up in the short term.

*I wasn’t planning on mentioning this but fuck it. I liked my girl, found her cute, was interested in seeing her again. I seeded ideas of meeting again and it seemed like she was down. Then I fucked it up this morning. We woke up around 7:30 and I was horny. I was spooning her and my hard dick was on her back. I started rubbing her leg and shoulder. The thing is, she was giving me nothing. No signs at all and I was unsure of myself. What I really wanted to do was put her face down and pile drive her into my bed. Instead, I started to back off because I wasn’t sure (feeling like a lil king bitch of Bitchalot).

As soon as I backed off she gave me some signs and I reescalated and we ended up fucking. But it wasn’t very good. The spark was missing and I ended up losing my boner. It was a total quagmire. She left shortly afterwards. I think the issue is that I had a chance to ravage her and really give her a unique experience but instead of doing what I wanted (pile driving), I took the weak route. That was dumb. The first route would have been passionate and powerful and I think I would have seen her again. Now, probably not. I came off as a herb and I could see a noticeable change in her attitude towards me.

A Day Two in LES then Back to Hers

I had a solid feeling about the girl from Friday night and it ended up working out. I met her after work and we went to a few different bars in LES. Then we took the train way up to her place in Washington Heights. I was all for jumping into bed but she thought it would be better if we showered together. So we did that and it was fun. Then we jumped into bed and used some condoms. I got almost no sleep, we hooked up again this morning and then I left. Fantastic experience, it was the best ONS sex I’ve had since I started game and she gave me a blowjob that blew my mind. Some thoughts on what happened.


*After growing up with my sister for 18 years I developed this basic theory that 100% of the time whatever a girl says she means the opposite. This is a joke in some ways, but if you actually lived your entire life by this maxim you would probably be right more often than you are wrong. Anyways, when you’re in that zone with a girl where sex is looking close, she’ll often say things like,

We’re not hooking up tonight” or “I won’t bring you home” or if she really wants to test you she’ll say something like “You think you’re cool but it’s just funny because you’re not getting laid tonight.”

Again, refer to the rule I mentioned above. She means the opposite, she’s just giving you some bullshit. The proper thing is to ignore or make a joke out of it. If she gets into your head with it then you lose and she really won’t sleep with you. If you logically try to debate her then you lose and she really won’t sleep with you. My girl gave me two or three of these nags and I shrugged them off, joked about it, and then we went home and hooked up.

*First time in my life I’ve slept with two different women on two back-to-back weekends. Both were Jewish, both I met in LES, both live in Washington Heights only 10 blocks from each other. What are the odds..

*If you’re going out and you don’t have condoms on you you’re doing something wrong. You’re basically telling yourself: I’m not going to get laid, there’s no chance. Why don’t you just stay in and jerk off if that’s how you feel about it? Game works but it does require some self-belief.

A Threesome That Turned into a Twosome

I met up with my wingman around 11:30 and the first set we opened was the last set we opened. He hooked with his girl and I was a good wing by chilling with the short Asian friend. After 10 minutes things got ridiculous with her and she couldn’t take it so she stepped away. Then I noticed a tall blonde talking to my wingman’s girl. So I go in and I know within 5 minutes that as long as a logistical problem doesn’t come up or I don’t do anything stupid, it’s in the bag.

For the next two hours we bounce around to all sorts of bars in LES. I had started making out with my girl at some point and it was good. Around 2, after the third bar rejected us because my wingman’s girl had an expired ID, we decided to call it a night. I got an Uber for me, my girl and another girl who was staying with my girl.

We get to my girl’s house which is in bumfuck Manhattan and everyone gets comfortable. I’m wondering how this is going to work because I’ve noticed that the friend likes me as well which might make things difficult. But it sorts itself out in the kitchen when we all have a drink. I kiss my girl and the friend starts running her hand on my stomach. I put my arm around her and slowly bring her in, all the while talking to my girl. This whole escalation process is very slow and goes on for what feels like ten minutes. Apart from this crazy night in London I’ve basically never done this and I’m freestyling. I don’t want to lose my girl by going after the friend, but as things progress I can tell she feels comfortable. So I kiss the friend, then my girl, and I try to bring them in for a threeway makeout but they don’t kiss each other.

It’s so hot in here” I say.

“I know” says my girl. “Should we go to the living room or bedroom?”

That’s an easy answer and we all end up in the bedroom. It progresses from there. I take my shirt off, take their shirts off and start sucking on their boobs. Then I finger them both at the same time. However, even though the friend gives me a blowjob I can’t get hard. The friend isn’t really that cute which doesn’t help, I jerked off earlier which means I’m not at maximum horny and I’m sort of nervous. So after a while it basically goes to shit, I start ignoring the friend and just focus on my girl. I know that I’ll have no problem getting hard for her without the friend there. Without attention the friend leaves, I finger my girl and make her come three times and then we hook up. We hooked up again this morning, I told her I wanted to see her again and then I left. Walking out into the living room the friend was passed out on the couch with a tank-top and no pants. Her pussy staring us in the face like this scene from Bob’s Burgers haha.

I say to my girl “Do things like this always happen in your house?”


*Focus on the action, not the result. Obviously the night turned out really cool and I had a blast. But I want to mention something equally awesome. In the time between getting off the subway and meeting my wingman at the bar, I opened three girls on the street. I never do this and so I’m super fucking proud of myself. I feel just as good about having pushed past some comfort zones and done some cool new shit as I do about the sex. If you go out and care too much about the result you will get punished over, and over and fucking over. And it fucking sucks but it teaches you to focus on what you can control, like approaching a lot and running your best game.

*I have almost zero regrets that the threesome didn’t happen. Mostly it would have been cool for my ego and to tell some wings about it. However, in terms of how it would have actually changed my life, there’s virtually no effect. Also, I learned a lesson. In the future I would be bolder and push harder to get the girls to make out with each other. They sucked on each others boobs but that’s it. When I do have my first threesome I want everyone to be really into it.

*I’m exhausted. I got 4 hours of sleep on Friday night and a hazy hour at most last night. But it’s great, what a weekend! No-go bathroom pull on Friday, no-go threesome but great twosome on Saturday, who else but guys in game get to experience awesome shit like this!

A New Wingman and Pulling to the West Village

Last night was the first time I went out in a week. I went out with the intention of pulling and that’s exactly what happened. I didn’t feel like my game was any different, nor should it be after only a week. The biggest change I noticed is that my vocal chords wore out faster. After an hour I was having trouble speaking at full volume. That was interesting, I guess you have to use them or lose them. Anyways, let’s look at the night.

Get to Meatpacking, get into my favorite club, open some sets. It’s going great with a Swedish girl and her friend. Halfway through my favorite cocktail waitress comes up, puts her arm around me, starts telling the girls about me and using my name. Social proof times 100x. I think pulling this waitress would be the easiest thing in the world. Also, I think she would be an ideal pivot because she knows exactly what I’m at that club to do, she likes me, we could probably have a threesome. Anyways, that’s speculation but the door is open.. I grab Swedish girl’s number and bounce.

Open some girls from Austria (The NYC curse, lot’s of girls but half of them are leaving in three days). This set is going well when a pickup guy who I like shows up and introduces me to his friend. We all form a big group, it’s awesome. My night is off to an amazing start and I feel like a thousand bucks. This is shaping up to be glorious. Then I get a text, my wingman (who is visiting from Chicago) got denied by the club. Two options. I can wish him best of luck and continue with my glorious night. Or I can leave this all and go hang out with him. I decide to hang out with him. I like meeting cool guys, I like expanding my social network and I have an awesome night 90% of the time at this club, there will always be time in the future to enjoy it.

Meet up with my wingman, we start opening sets on the street. We’re trying to walk to a bar down the block but we always get halfway there, then open some girls walking the opposite direction and go with them. After the third time this happens and we’re still not at the bar, I start shouting:

Fuck this, enough! We will reach the end of this god damn fucking sidewalk! I don’t give a fuck!”

My wingman: “Blinder glasses on!”

Get there and open a lot. Nothing stood out as exceptional, except my one action. I was running out of steam and feeling tired. But as soon as I started feeling like that I said No! I’m awesome, and I’m having fun. I kept repeating these things on a loop, over and over. Do that long enough and it becomes a reality. We leave that bar and go to another. Open some more sets. Talk to a girl from Oregon. My eye contact is solid but she won’t look at me in the eyes. It’s the dangerrrrr zoneeee because if she does it long enough she knows things will happen.

We leave that set, make another round, talk to some Asian girls. Then we see two girls and my wingman opens them. We all talk for a while then I lead my girl to go get an apple. Then I tell her that I want to see if my friend is outside on the sidewalk and I lead her there. She won’t come outside the door of the bar though. I’m aware that she’s not going to leave her friend and I have to work with this. I want to bounce them somewhere else but I see that their beers are half full and they won’t leave. It pays to be aware of these things.

Eventually the bar kicks us out (they close really early) and we end up on the sidewalk. My wingman is tired, he bounces, leaving me with the two girls. They both say they’re tired. I say to my girl:

Yeah, I don’t want to stay out any longer either. I’ll just walk you home then I’ll leave.”

I walk her home (my girl has Grade A+ logistics. She lives alone, 5 minutes from the bar) and she lets me right in. We go to her room, I chill on the bed, show her a music video, then we start making out (hadn’t even kissed before this) and two minutes later she puts some condoms in my hand. That was that. She had an insanely loud bed that probably woke up the neighbors. We moved to the floor. Don’t think I’ve ever done that before, another thing to cross off the list.


*I started off the night with ridiculousness high energy. I was like a firecracker, and like a firecracker I soon burned out. This really wasn’t a big deal, my normal state of being is fine. But it can feel like a big deal because you get used to the ultra-uber-social state then going back to normal feels like a downgrade. I’m really not sure how to handle this. It’s not like I forced this state, it just came from banging out my approaches. When I feel this way should I try to even it out and downplay it? Will I be able to hold it longer and longer the more I go out? I suspect yes, but until that starts happening I’m not sure what the optimal approach is to handling this. I don’t want to come to depend on feeling like that in order to pull. In a way it would be just like a guy who depends on alcohol to approach.

*I pulled last night so I obviously did some things right, but I still feel like I was too fidgety. I feel like I was moving my feet around, moving my head all around, playing with my hands, shrugging my shoulders, all this shit. Very twitchy and beta. Think about the alpha-lion. He just sits there like a fucking boss and owns the little beta wannabees with a glance. That’s what I’m aiming for, the deep grounded energy. I don’t want to let that escape through all sorts of annoying behaviors.

*The greatest moments of growth last night came from when I maintained the vibe of “I’m having fun, I’m awesome” instead of letting the night overtake me. And also, when I suggested that I walk my girl home. I was genuinely nervous to do this. I have pulled multiple times but it’s still new ground as opposed to other things (like opening, which I’ve done thousands of times). Thankfully I know that growth comes from doing things that scare you, and so I did what I was nervous to do and I got laid.

*There was little chemistry between me and the girl last night. I’ve become much more aware of this. Attraction is not necessarily chemistry. You may fuck a girl who you have no chemistry with, but it’s not nearly as much fun as hooking up with one who you genuinely connect to. So far I’ve pulled two girls who I had genuine chemistry with. To bad they live in New Zealand and LA, otherwise there was real potential to get to know them better.

*I’m developing the belief that every night I go out I pull. It doesn’t matter worth a fuck how long it’s been since I pulled last, tonight is the night! This is a tough belief to have without experience, but once you start sleeping with more girls the belief grows stronger. I’ve pulled 3 girls in the last 20 days, which is really sick. I see no reason for this train to slow down.

*In my daily life I’m beginning to focus more on all the good and how awesome I am, versus beating myself up for the bad. For example, it’s very easy for me to get mad at myself for not opening a girl in the shop, or not staying out long enough, etc. Usually I just hammer on this “bad” shit till I feel crummy. I do it because I always want to achieve more, but I just don’t think it’s effective. I think it’s better to focus on all the good things I’m doing, forget about the bad, and then because I feel good more of the time I’ll be more likely to do those things like the subway set or stay out longer.

Showing a French Girl my Brooklyn Bedroom

I pulled last night and for that I’m glad. The end of May will mark my one year anniversary since I started going out regularly. 12 months, 12 pulls that seems fitting and I’m glad to have achieved it. Now that I still have three weeks left in the month it seems pretty damn likely that I’ll be pulling again. Hell, I plan on pulling this weekend. Make this shit happen, there’s no reason it shouldn’t. Anyways, let’s look at the evening. I’m going to break down the first part and in the following section I’ll break down just the pull, so scroll down some if you just want to read that.

The First Half of the Night

I was planning on going out in Williamsburg, but when my wingman texted me at 11:30 I dropped that plan and caught the first train to Meatpacking. The club was denying people left and right but I got right in. Upstairs I opened a girl who was cute but there was no connection between us. Out of inexperience I used to try to force these interactions which usually resulted in the girl “blowing me out” because she realized better than me that we had no connection. Now I understand that connection issue too and I’m quick to leave.

Next set is a French girl who I end up staying with for about half an hour, and it looked like this. Opened her while she was dancing, talk, talk, talk. Move her to a new part of the club. She gets makeout eyes but when I lean in for it she’s not down. Says she has to find friends. Friend comes and friend is very, very cute and practically begging for it. So obvious she likes me and wants it. Move group outside for cigarette. Take two girls and rudely interrupt my wingman who is in the corner making out with some girl. Not sure why I did that, stupid. Lead girls back downstairs, dance some more, get my girl’s number, bounce. In retrospect I am not pleased with how I handled this set. So many things I would change. For example..

  • When I saw the makeout eyes I only tried once for the kiss then I gave up on it. I should have tried for the kiss multiple times. I could save myself a lot of time because if she doesn’t want to kiss I’m going to guess she doesn’t want to hook up (certainly some nuances here such as she’s not ready yet or I can pull without getting the makeout).
  • When the stupidly-cute friend came in I should have started working with her. There is certainly some risk here but since my girl wasn’t giving me tons of great vibes I think I could have easily switched to the friend who was flat out staring at me. Even if I lost the set because of the switch I would have been happy because I did it in pursuit of an extremely attractive female specimen.
  • I got my girl’s number but I don’t plan to text her. In fact I regret getting the number because it was a coward’s way out. What I actually should have done is gone for the pull. Even though I thought (in the moment) there was a low chance I would get it, I fucking want that reference experience. And besides, wtf do I know. Maybe half the time when I think the girl is not down for the pull she actually is. I still have much to learn.

Overall I wish that I had been more dominant, tried harder for the kiss and tried for the pull. I learned some lessons though and I’ll do better next time. Open a few girls who quickly blow me off, they’re obviously insane to not recognize my sheer awesomeness.

Meet up with my wingman’s buddy and we open two girls on the roof. I take the *less than ideal* one and he takes the cute one. My girl is from Switzerland and she’s frankly overwhelmed by me. I’m in an uber-fucking-social vibe and breaking rapport and then reeling her back in and she just can’t handle it. I think I fried her brain haha. Eventually things wind down and I talk with my wingman’s buddy, grab his number then he bounces. I turn around and open two girls by telling them they’re not bringing enough soul to their dancing. They’re from San Francisco and I rip on them mercilessly for it, especially when they try to tell me it’s the best city ever.

These two women are fun and I see the two Swiss girls just standing there so I merge the fucking sets! It goes so well. Every time I do this (I’ve done it like 3 times haha) the girls love it, they shake hands, they say nice things, they ask questions. It’s fucking glorious. Seeing how easy and awesome this is fills me with inspiration. I want to walk into a bar, find a girl I’m totally comfortable with (Aka not that attractive) open and hook her, then say:

Oh man, they look interesting! Let’s go talk to them.”

Then I take her to open some cuter girls. And I just do this over and over. Pure fucking insanity, pure fucking fun. I love it, it makes the night amazing for me.

At this point it’s close to 2am. I’ve been out about two hours, I’ve done some cool shit, learned some lessons, but a major sticking point for me is that I don’t stay out long enough. I’m bad about this. Since I still have energy I decide to stick it out a while longer. I grab some water from the bar then I go sit on the edge of a sofa and look at the NYC skyline.

My Bed Warmer

Sitting on the edge of the sofa I see her walk up alone and look out the window. I yell something to her about how glorious NYC is and we start talking. She’s being physical with me and it’s going well. I see the chance for a makeout and I go in for it but she turns her head every time I go for it. But I’m cool with it, doesn’t really matter. Just like I did last night I bring up the idea of this awesome cookie place a few minutes away and describe how they’re so good and they serve them warm. She says:

That sounds good, I’m starving.”

I say: “Cool, we should get some.”

Then before she has a chance to rationally think this over I grab her hand and start leading her towards the exit of the club. I can tell she’s a bit uneasy with this but I cover that up by talking and talking. Doesn’t matter what I say, so long as words pour out of my mouth. I grab my backpack from coat check and we start walking towards the cookie place. Halfway there she stops me, says:

Wait! This is bad. I don’t know you and now we’re leaving the club together. You’re a stranger!”

Damage control. I immediately start telling her about myself. I tell her where I work, where I went to university, what my favorite color is, how long I’ve been in NYC, where I’ve traveled, etc. This is the right thing to do and she lets me continue to lead her. Then she says:

I can’t go to your place! We don’t even know each other.”

I remind her that we’re going to the cookie place and that I don’t sleep there. Which brings up an interesting point. If I had tried for the direct pull straight to my place it might not have worked. I think going to the cookie place built up some trust because we really did go there, we got a cookie, and she saw that I wasn’t totally full of bullshit. Just mostly full of it, but that’s fine 😀 But I think the cookie place (or any stop before my bedroom) was the right call in this situation because I pulled her out of the club after only 10 minutes or so and we hadn’t built up comfort or trust. Whereas the times when I’ve pulled straight to the bedroom I’ve talked to the girl more (45 min to 1 hr) and so there’s more comfort and a stronger bond.

At the cookie place I call an Uber and I don’t even make up witty things to say, it’s just implied that we’re going back to my place. She keeps bringing it up and it’s obvious she’s down. During the car ride she comes unglued a bit and I realize that while this girl is attractive she’s a mess. I would never date her for all the schekels in the world, but for a night of sex it’s cool.

Get to my place, she still feels uncomfortable. I don’t push for sex. We lie on my bed and talk while I rub her calf. She has some emotional drama with her drunk sister and screams in French at her on the phone. It’s nutty. After the phone call I start to push more for sex but as soon as I reach under her leggings she freezes up. Whatever, I say I have to use the bathroom, she does too. She goes first, then I go, and when I come back she’s under my blanket. She tells me to give her a massage. I do this and notice she has no pants on anymore, just her thong. That’s all, game over. She had an incredible body just like I love. Super fucking thin, medium sized boobs, skinny neck and legs, I fucked her twice and it was great. Then I called her an Uber, she went back to Manhattan and that was the night.


*Last night I noticed that when I opened the first French girl, I was so fucking comfortable with it. The first five minutes of the interaction I felt like a king. I think this happens because I’ve opened so many times that I’ve seen most of what will happen and I know that I can deal with it. As the interaction progresses I become more and more *uncomfortable*. That’s not really the right word, I’m still confident and awesome, but it’s more like you’re an inexperienced sailor, you’ve lost sight of shore and while you *know* what to do, you don’t have that massive fucking experience where you know that you can handle every single obstacle no matter what. More experience needed..

*I really, really like the idea of treating every girl the same. I same the same things and act the same way towards the hot girl as I do the less than ideal one. It’s a powerful idea and one that I talked a lot more about it in this post.

*Pulling man, always in the back of the mind is the pull. I don’t want to fuck with phone numbers and day twos except in rare cases. 95% of the time my single aim is to pull, that’s it. Bathroom, my bedroom, her place. That’s why I’m disappointed with how I handled the first French girl. Never tried for the pull, got the number instead. Fuck that!

*My nights are getting consistently better. I have a better understanding of what I need to do in order to have a solid night out and I execute on that. Do things that scare me, make it epic, have fun, and do it for the reference experience not the result.

*I think there are some subtle success barriers that try to influence me. It’s like they say you’re doing too good, fuck this up! And I push past them for all I’m worth but it’s honestly scary sometimes. By pushing past them I’m becoming an entirely new person and while that’s what I want, it’s not necessarily easy.

Bathroom Adventures in Manhattan

Twenty-three days deep in my 30 day challenge and it finally happened, time to replace the condom in my wallet. Last night I approached 30+ sets and had an insane time. Tonight was 180 degrees opposite. Instead of doing a bazillion sets I only did five, but I stuck in each one for a very long time.

First set of the night started off really good but I messed it up somehow. I don’t have any idea what exactly what I did wrong. I tried leading three times but no go. She seemed really into me for a while but eventually she left me to go talk to her friend. I moved on and opened a good-looking German girl. She was with four friends and I think she actually was shy. As opposed to when me and my wingman call every girl who rejects us shy haha.

Next I open a way cuter than normal Asian girl and I stay with her for forty-five minutes. I lean in for the makeout multiple times but it never happens. She’s not kissing me, logistics are horrible, but I stick in. Two reasons. The first is that while approaching dozens of girls last night was a blast, I don’t want to do it two nights in a row. I’d rather stay and get to know a girl. Second, I’m getting reference experience. Can I stay in for a long time and make something happen? If I stay in for an hour will she finally be ready to makeout? And so forth, lessons to be learned. Eventually though I have enough and I ask her for her number, but she says no! I’m very surprised. If I get to know a girl that well it’s rare for her to say no, but here we are. I leave the set feeling confused.

Five minutes later I open a very tall girl and we immediately click. It was really cool to just hang out with my arm around her and talk. I had no agenda, I was just existing. All I knew was that I didn’t want to go on an opening rampage again so I was totally content to just chill with her. I lean in for the kiss multiple times before she finally accepts it, but even then we don’t make out. She says that she doesn’t like PDA. Ok, everyone is different. She’s really fun and I tell her:

I can tell you’re a cool person because you’re laughing at all my jokes”

She laughs harder. I stay with her for about an hour but by that time I’ve had enough. Her logistics are impossible and if she won’t even makeout in public I doubt bathroom sex will be her cup of tea. I get her number, say I’ll be right back, and then I never return haha.

By now my wingman has left. It’s about 2:30, I’ve been out three hours, spent 94% of that time talking to girls and I’ve only opened four sets. I could leave but fuck it, I still feel good. I go to the outside area and see a girl standing by herself. I walk up, say:

It’s a fantastic view here isn’t it.”

We start talking and it’s just that, talking. I have zero fucking agenda or dependence on any kind of outcome. I figure at some point she’ll leave and I’ll leave and that will be the night. But it doesn’t happen, we have a lot to talk about. Then she invites me to go to a more exclusive area of the club and I follow. We sit down and keep talking. And then something happens. We’re chatting, I’ve got my arm around her, we’re close to kissing, and then my brain clicks. I’ve got this. She’s more invested than me. I am owning this, I am the prize, she wants this more than me. And just like that my attitude shifts and I feel great. I feel towards her the way you would feel towards your girlfriend. Sex is assured, it’s not a big deal, it’s just going to happen. You don’t have to lead anymore, show any more value, be anything you’re not. Just keep existing, don’t say anything too fucking stupid and you’ve got this.

We’re sitting with her friends and when they leave she decides to stay with me. We talk until 3:30 at which point I say:

I need to get out of here, it’s getting late.”

She replies: “Me too.”

Finally, after nearly an hour, we start making out. She’s very into it, mouth-rape I call it haha. She’s staying in a hotel in Midtown and I say I’ll see her there. It doesn’t matter what I say, it’s happening. I get into the Uber with her, get to the hotel, tell her I have to pee. She says we can’t go to her room because her friend is there but she asks the hotel clerk if there is a bathroom in the lobby. We go there and hookup. A bathroom adventure at 4 in the morning. Then I add her on Facebook, kiss her goodbye and we go our separate ways.


*It’s informative to compare the statistics between my two nights out this weekend. Friday (30-40 approaches, kissed 1 girl, nothing even close to a pull). Saturday (5 approaches, kissed 2 girls, pulled). What the fuck is going on here? They say massive action is what gets you results but clearly there is something more than that. I’ve thought about this a lot and the best thing I can say is this: when I’m doing insane amounts of approaches and “putting in the work”, I’m fucking trying. A lot.. And what happens when you try? You get outcome dependence (well, for now at least). This doesn’t make me a horrible person, it’s natural to wish for a result when you’re working your ass off. But that’s just not the way it works. As soon as you want / need to see a reward you’re fucked. You’ve got outcome dependence which is essentially the goldenrule of what you can’t have when you do this. So it’s not that taking massive action is wrong, but if it leads to you feeling like you need a reward or that women owe you something, you’re fucked. No matter how good your state, opener, or linguistical bullshitting ability is.

Compare that to last night when I didn’t give a fuck. I just wanted to talk to a few girls and not open a bazillion sets again. The girl I ended up pulling, I spent the first half an hour not “trying” to do a damn thing. I was just talking to her, enjoying the conversation. Man, it was basically getting to know her with absolutely zero intention of having sex, and as a result of that sex happened. I still don’t fully understand this, but none-the-less I’m a little bit obsessed thinking about it and how I can extrapolate this lesson to increase my future success.

*It’s very possible that creating attraction is not my problem in the club. I’m a good looking dude who is very confident and sometimes even funny. And yet as I’ve been told over and over, attraction isn’t enough. A girl won’t sleep with you if there isn’t comfort (in general. I’m fully aware there are plenty of girls who will fuck you in the bathroom after 5 minutes). That’s why I get the feeling that I’ve been fucking up by trying to shortcut this comfort building stage. The point where we actually get to know each other and enjoy each others company. What I’ve been mostly doing is trying to skip this and get straight to the sex. Maybe because I don’t want to put the time in to actually having the 45 minute conversation. But this is obviously insane! I just went out for fifty fucking days in a row without pulling, do you know how many times over I used up 45 minutes to no serious result? Damn dude, just invest the time to get to know the girl.

*Outcome independence is crucial but it’s not something that I can just switch on. It’s more like a general lifestyle, and building it (at least for me) takes time. I had it last night and I did very well. I’ve lacked it other times and gotten crushed. In general though I never have outcome independence far from my mind, and I’m always working towards a point where I care less and enjoy the process more. In terms of getting laid and also just in terms of learning pickup. Go out, have fun, push the comfort zone, embrace the unknown and let the results come as they will.

Started in Meatpacking, Ended in Williamsburg

Tonight everything went according to plan. The plan, as laid out in yesterday’s (insanely long) field report was to go to go out and:

“Kick some ass and pull”

The night started in roundabout fashion. My wingman got denied by the club at 11:13. When I saw him I instantly knew why. He’s wearing frumpy, shitty, Wal-Mart looking jeans that don’t fit well and a pair of Air Jordans. I had anticipated that he might try to dress like this and had warned him earlier to dress well. I wasn’t really pissed that he didn’t listen as I accept full responsibility for everything. However, I was thinking that until he gets his shit together and brings his A game, there’s no reason to be his parent and continue going out with him. I’ve proven again and again that I can kick ass solo.

So we go to a local speakeasy style bar. The front four-fifths is all fucking dudes. It’s like we’re in the locker room of a YMCA. In the back we find some chicks sitting at a table. Open them and talk for a minute. I make a joke about strangling people to death with my headphones but it’s a bit too much. We leave before they tell us to leave.

Wingman opens the next set. Turns out they’re from Australia. My girl is cute so it takes me about ten minutes to realize that she has a personality that’s blander than the sponge I use to wash my dishes. Stay in set because my wingman’s girl is mad cool and he seems to like talking to her. If I was solo I would have ditched as soon as I found out my girl sucks, but I stayed in. Built up some good vibes and it was easy to move them to a different venue. In line things worked out perfectly. Two girls up front, me behind them, my wingman at the very back so by the time the door guy who looks like Skrillex say yes to the group, they’re obliged to let him in even though he’s dressed like a greeter at Target.

Upstairs I make a heroic effort and manage to stay with these Australian girls for ten minutes before I leave to “go to the bathroom” aka “open three sets in five minutes”. None of the sets go all that awesome. No biggie, the club has plenty to offer. I say what’s up to my pickup buddies. At this point it would be impossible to go to this club on a Friday or Saturday and not see people I know. The cocktail waitress gives me a hug. We’ve gone from smiling at each other to chatting to hugging.

Find my wingman. He tells me that he made out with his girl and I high five him. It’s his first makeout! She was pretty cute and had a fabulous personality (by my standards). He walks off, I see a girl leaning against the wall on her phone. She’s tall, she’s skinny, she has nice boobs, she’s attractive, she gets opened. We immediately click. She’s happy and nice, grounded and confident. She’s also well traveled and has an interesting life. I’m all of those things so we mesh well. She’s also prettier than most girls I’m used to talking to and I actively keep myself acting cool. Conscious competence.

She gets a shot of Jameson, I compliment her on her choice of liquor and then lead her to this back window with an awesome view of Manhattan. I only exaggerate by the tiniest margin when I say that I’ve lead more girls to this exact spot in this exact club than I’ve led to every other place in Manhattan and Brooklyn combined. It takes a while, it takes me going for it three times, but I eventually get the kiss. Now we’re making out and vibing well. I find her very attractive. I’ve never pulled a girl this cute before. My brain is throwing all sorts of shit at me. Mostly it’s saying a girl this cute won’t be pulled by you, mister man. I decide to see how far I can take it though. Always, always, always better to learn from failure than to let a set sizzle and die. I seed the idea of pizza, say I know an awesome spot. Surprisingly, after I bring it up a second time, she agrees.

Downstairs we get our coats. She hesitates for a second at the taxi but when I say it’s ten minutes away she’s down. Again, I’m vindicated by my choice to pay $1,400 for rent. I haven’t counted but close to half a dozen pulls have happened in the last few months because of my good logistics.

Get to the pizza joint in Williamsburg. I mentioned in a previous report how I potentially fucked up a pull when I didn’t know how to handle the girl’s objection to getting the pizza to go and taking it back to my place. This time I’m on top of it. As our pizza is warming in the oven I say:

I really need to pee. Let’s just get this to go and we can eat it at my house and I can use the bathroom.”

She’s not an idiot, and realizing the magnitude of what I’m currently pulling off says:

Oh wow. I see what you’ve done here..”

I pretend to have no idea what she’s talking about. We get the pizza to go and start walking. Back at my place we throw the pizza on the kitchen table and start making out. She’s cold. I suggest that I have a sweater in my bedroom that will fit her. Fin, very rewarding sex for both of us.


*One thing I did fucking amazing tonight was eye contact. This is so key! She couldn’t figure out why she was so attracted to me. There were certainly things like the fact that I’m motherfucking awesome and the greatest human ever. But it was also definitely my awesome eye contact.

*Pickup is so damn rewarding. It’s not just the sex, it’s getting to meet an awesome girl like this one and really relate to her without being scared or stuck in your head. It’s a fantastic feeling that I’m rapidly becoming addicted to.

*I rarely, rarely get LMR that I can’t overcome. I wonder why that is? Maybe in this one little area of my life I’m a natural with girls. That’s basically the idea of a natural right? Being good at something without really knowing why.

A Successful Night Two

I mentioned the girl from last Friday who I pulled from the bar in Williamsburg but she wouldn’t have sex because she was on her period. I obviously got her number and set up a date. I’ve never had a girl so enthusiastic to see me again. It was obviously a we’re going to fuck situation too and I think she was really happy about that. So that’s what happened. We planned to go to a funky club in Bushwick last night but we never made it. We got Chipotle, ate it in my kitchen, then I wanted to show her something on my laptop in my bedroom. That was that, she was great in bed.

So I got laid but I essentially learned nothing. Success rarely teaches the lessons, failure does. I’ve got another date tonight. Taking the girl I met on Tuesday to the club in Meatpacking. Solid choice because I love it there and they have the best bathrooms to fuck in of any club that I’ve ever been to. Ideally I’d prefer to pull back to my house and have sex there, but if it’s bathrooms or nothing I’ll choose the bathrooms. We’ll see what happens.

Blonde Girl’s King-Sized Bed in Chelsea

Even though I enjoyed success last night there are still numerous lessons to learn. It was an interesting night. My wingman was supposed to meet up with me at 11 and we would try to get in to this club. Instead, at 10:57, he called me to say he’s still in Brooklyn, won’t be in Meatpacking for 40 minutes. This is disappointing but I take it in stride. It’s normal for him, I should have expected it. I continue reading some Stoic philosophy for another 15 minutes then walk over to the bar. It’s dead, dead, dead. Not a single set. At another bar there’s one set. I see it but don’t go in. The two girls are deep in conversation, not looking around, the way girls do when they want someone to engage them. Bitch excuse? I don’t know. Whatever, don’t care. Go to my favorite club.

Inside the coat check girl remembers my initials. Upstairs I go to the roof, bump into a blonde girl and immediately open her. This is what good game looks like. I’m not searching for an opener, trying to be alpha, whatever other bullshit. It’s just smooth and nice. She’s from California, she works for SNL, we’re getting along great. I’m enjoying talking to her more than I’ve enjoyed talking to any girl in a while. We have chemistry. Then my wingmen shows up. It’s him, the best wingman in terms of game that I’ve ever gone out with. That’s important to keep in mind as this field report unfolds. He joins the set for a minute, takes this girl’s number without asking for it, he just holds his phone out. Then he tries to get me to leave. This is where the night starts to get weird.

Look man” he says “I quit game but I only came out tonight because you said you were free. Now you’re leaving me here alone. Forget that girl, there are more. Bros before hoes man.”

I reply “This is the point of pickup right? Go out, find people, be social. I’m really enjoying talking to this girl. I like her, she’s fun.”

This goes on and on. We’re standing in the stairwell bickering like a married couple. Eventually I agree to leave the set and wing him, but I feel uneasy about it. I take the girl downstairs, get her number, then leave to wing for him. I end up talking to some drunk girl who smells like beer. I do not enjoy her very much. Then I look at my phone and see some texts from my girl. She wants to see me. I want to see her too. I leave my wingman to do his thing. I find girl. We talk. Then she goes to the bathroom and I lose her (see lesson below). Five minutes later my wingman finds her, then he finds me, tells me: “She’s down for a threesome!”

The short and sweet is that ten minutes later all three of us leave together. We go to her Chelsea apartment. My wingman pretends to smoke weed, pretends to drink a beer. I don’t bother with that bullshit, I just say “I don’t drink. I don’t smoke”. Eventually we all end up in her bedroom, my wingman does some card game, trying to get everyone to strip. She’s not down. At this point the vibe has become clear. She is not down for a threesome. She is, however, down for a twosome involving me and her. This is where things get weird. Again. While she’s on the balcony smoking a cigarette, me and my wingman talk.

Look, she’s not down for a threesome. It’s not happening.”

He replies “I know. I knew that when we got into the taxi. I just figured I would sleep here and talk to her roommate in the morning. That seems like a really good situation.”

No it doesn’t man. It doesn’t seem like a good situation at all. Look, if I was you, in your situation, I would just leave. That’s it, there’s nothing else. She wants to hook up but she won’t do it if she’s worried about you coming and going or whatever.”

He gives me a look like I’ve betrayed him. That’s perhaps how he feels about it. Can’t say for sure, I’m not him. However, in my world I haven’t. The threesome didn’t pan out, there’s no good possible outcome for him here. If I was in his spot I really would just leave. We’re in Chelsea, it’s not like it’s the Bronx. By now I feel about 0% bad about asking him to leave. Nor do I feel bad when he really does leave. The door closes behind him and five minutes later me and blonde girl are fucking in her king-size bed.


*The toughest part of the night was when my wingman first came in and wanted me to leave the set and wing with him. So many conflicting emotions here. I was really having fun, he was nearly an hour late so I had made my own night happen, I felt like he was guilt tripping me. I live by the idea of taking 100% responsibility for your life and I got the feeling like he was extorting me. My gut instinct, my strongest desire was to tell him to fuck off and go back to the girl. However, I didn’t do that. I chose to go with him. In hindsight (even though things worked out) this was the incorrect move. I’m not saying I want to fuck over my wingmen, far from it. But given all the aspects of this situation, I should have just stayed with the girl.

*I really, really, really don’t like certain pickup “tricks” or bullshit. For example, last night my wingman was trying to use card tricks to get the girl to take her clothes off. Fuck that. Better is just make out with the girl and then take her clothes off like you normally would. Other example, my wingman pretending to drink and smoke. Fuck that. I understand that it may make the girl feel more comfortable if someone else is getting fucked up too, but still. You will never catch me pretending to do that shit. Other example, my wingman spewing endless streams of bullshit. It works great for dealing with a chick’s objections when he’s pulling, he’s incredible at it. But actually getting a straight answer out of him or figuring out what the situation is, that’s damn near impossible half the time. By the end of the night I just wanted him to leave. I was so sick of the bullshit and “the plays”. This trick, that trick. My brain was tired. I think the night could have worked out a lot better if he was more straight up.

*In terms of technical improvement I fucked up a bit at the club. After blonde girl texted me I found her on the roof. Then I led her downstairs. She asked where the bathroom was. I was ready to walk her to it but she said “No, I can find it myself. I’m good”. So I let her go. Bad idea. She ended up back on the roof talking to two dudes. I don’t think she meant to ditch me, it’s just that girls sometimes get swept up in things. Guys lead girls or she sees something shiny and forgets about me. Whatever. Next time I won’t let her go. “No, I gotta pee too. Let’s go.” Keep her in sight.

*Something has clicked a bit and I’m attracting girls more now. I don’t know exactly what it is but my nights seem to be going a lot better. I pulled three weeks ago, I would have had a bathroom pull last week if it weren’t for the fucking bathroom attendant, and I pulled tonight. I don’t even feel like I’ve made any massive improvements in my game, but I maybe I just crossed a certain threshold at some point.

*I need to seriously look at getting into a good club on Wednesdays. I have ideas about how to do it, now it’s time to implement. I may need to spend $100 or so to develop a connection with the door guy but long run that’s 100% worth it.

*Probably a pretty good chance I never go out and wing with him again. That sucks a little bit because he’s really good and I always learn something, but I’m really not that upset because last night was just sort of weird. There was just so much bullshit flying around that I felt like my head was going to explode. I’m convinced that you can have top 1% game and pull stunners without having to spew lies and half lies all the time. That’s what I’m aiming for at any rate.

This is my Living Room, That’s my Kitchen Table, and This is my Bedroom

After eight months of going out I get a steady stream of email for events. Guest lists, free entry to clubs, parties deep in Bushwick. I usually ignore this crap and do my own thing, but when I saw a guestlist for the new Verboten I decided to do it. Sent the link to him and my new wingman. We met up at 11:57, giving us exactly 3 minutes to get in free. We made it, barely. Inside I threw my coat on the back of a sofa and went looking for girls. See one standing by herself and I open. She’s Asian, pretty short. There’s something attractive about her though. Maybe it’s her smile, maybe it’s the way she’s being nice to me and laughing at what I say.

Golden rule, lead. After five minutes I pull her up to the “VIP section”. We talk. Then she asks if I want to go smoke outside. I follow her, we talk more. At this point I’m sure I can go for the kiss, I choose not too. It’s not really fear, it’s more like waiting for a better moment. She comes back in and I introduce her to my new wingman and him.

He pulls me aside and says: “Pull her to the bar.”

I’ve been leading, neither of us are drinking. I know I need to lead more though.”

How invested is she? Do you think you can pull her?”

Yeah, I think so. I think she’s pretty invested. In this situation would you try to pull to another venue or would you just pull her home?”

The only reason I’d pull to another venue would be to fuck in the bathroom. Otherwise I’d just pull home.”

What excuse would you use to pull her?”

None. I’d just say “two seconds, two seconds” and pull her outside.”

Three minutes later I grabbed my coat and pulled her outside. “Two seconds, I just want to see what’s down here.” I said when we she asked where we were going. We walked down the block, hung a right, and I started leading her towards my house. The whole time I was holding her hand and doing 80% of the talking. It’s a situation where I needed to be talking, she wasn’t going to. It didn’t matter what the fuck I talked about as long as words were coming out of my mouth. She never questioned our direction.

Ten minutes later we’re in front of my apartment. “I’m not going in there” she says to me. As I unlock my door I say “Two seconds, I just really want to get warm right now. Come on, it’s an Airbnb, it’s cool. I’ll show you.” We get inside. “So this is my living room. That’s my kitchen table. And this is my bedroom..” Done. We hook up, watch some Netflix, then I walk her to the train station.


*The hardest part part that my brain reacted the strongest too was the initial pull out of the club. We didn’t have stamps and I knew that we wouldn’t be able to get back in. My brain is screaming “What if you get outside the club, she freaks out and is pissed she can’t get back in? What if you get her outside then she leaves you and now you can’t get back into the club with your wingmen? What if…” It was hardcore, my brain was screaming at me. None of it came to pass though. Instead of all that bullshit happening I ended up getting laid. It’s a continual reminder to ignore fear and just do what you have to do.

*Even though I did make it happen I could have done it all smoother. I could have lead more and gone for the pull sooner. Every second in the nightclub is dangerous. Friends may interfere, another guy may try to steal my girl, she may decide it’s too late and she has to go home. Whatever. I have to get her out of there ASAP.

*I have to take more responsibility. It’s 50/50 that I wouldn’t have gone for the pull last night if he hadn’t pushed me to do it. That’s no good, I have to have my own initiative. I need to believe that shit like this does happen and girls want to go home with me. Even though I’ve pulled before it’s still an uncertain thing to me. I need to change that.

*This is from Friday but it’s important. Twice I was in a set that was going good but froze up on taking action because the friend was there. Both times the girl seemed to be down, very down even, but I chickened out because of the friend. Bullshit. Fail. Dick in hand, jerking off alone. I need to come up with some practical ways to isolate and make something happen. I’ve got a couple of people that I should ask for advice.

*I’m the man. I take action and the girl reacts to me. This is the natural way of things.

October 10th, 2016

I had great ONS sex last night. I also tried having bathroom sex but failed. I’ll get to that but here’s how it starts. Meet up with my wingman and we go to Brassmonkey. Walk in and open instantly Three girls, two guys. I suppose a 5 person mixed set would have scared me stiff a few months ago, but the thing is, when you just open without thinking your brain doesn’t have time to get scared.

So we talk for a while and I’m being outgoing, confident, and I’m dead sober too! For me it’s really awesome knowing that I can still be awesome even without beer. The whole set is going really well, they’re very cool people. At some point I eject with the excuse of finding my wingman. I find him, then I go back and tell everyone we should go to Le Bain. Since Le Bain is awesome and I totally believe in it and it’s just around the corner, it’s an easy sell. We all get there, get in because all three girls are attractive, and then we’re up to the 18th floor.

Here’s where I make a mistake. The girl I’m into is blonde, tall, attractive, fun to talk to, and tired. She keeps talking about how she wants to back to her hotel. Instead of sticking to her like Velcro, going back to her hotel and having hot crazy sex, I leave the group as soon as we get inside. Pure retardation. Ultimately I think it comes from me thinking I didn’t deserve this girl or she was too attractive for me. Which is shit because I’m fucking amazing. Regardless, I never see her again.

I go upstairs, force my wingman to approach because he was being a little bitch. Narek, are you reading this? Man up homie! Which he did eventually but the girls were both unattractive, boring to talk to, and zero percent chance for a pull. I eject after five minutes. I go downstairs and dance for a while before deciding it’s time to approach. First good set I’m going in, I promise myself. I’ve walked twelve steps when I stop to look around and a girl walks up to me and says “Hello. How are you?”

This happens once in a blue moon and it used to totally freak me out. I always thought girls who opened me were prostitutes. But then I saw Todd’s video about female “PUAs” which basically comes down to just getting a girl to approach a guy. So you gotta figure there’s some girls with the tenacity to do so, especially after some gin and tonics. I say “Hey, how are you?” Then I pull her to the couch to talk. Then to the dance floor and we start making out. Then upstairs and back down. Leading, leading, leading. Then finally to a secluded spot where we make out hard and it gets very serious. Then I say “Let’s go to the bathroom”.

And we do. And I’m nervous as shit because I really, really, really don’t want to get banned from this club. But it works out, and I pull her into a stall and instantly she takes off her clothes and I do the same. But I’m literally so nervous I can’t maintain a boner, even after a great blowjob. Five minutes we’re forced to give up and I figure she must hate me. But assumptions are for fools. We keep talking, I keep leading, and then finally she takes me to her friends and says to them (without asking me) we’re going back to his place.

And we do. And in my own bedroom my dick works fine and we have great sex. Then a shitty night of sleep followed by morning sex. Then I walked her to the subway and that was it. Worth every penny of the $27 taxi ride. I guess if there is one big lesson to learn it’s that if a girl approaches you, just go with it. It doesn’t happen often, but if it does she probably likes you and the set will probably run itself.


-I have some sort of weird insecurity about tall girls and feeling like I’m not good enough for them. Gotta get over that.
-Some girls will do bathroom sex, it really does happen.
-To really get the vibe up, pull to a secluded spot in the club where few people can see what’s happening.
-If you can train your brain to approach instantly you can get rid of so many of the feelings of anxiety.
-Good ONS sex is not to be taken for granted.
-My game has gotten noticeably better after about four and a half months of going out nightly.

September 18th, 2016

I want to preface everything I’m about to say with some real honesty. These girls were not that attractive. If they walked past you on the sidewalk you wouldn’t turn around to look back. They literally stretch the idea of a 7 to it’s very breaking point. Full disclosure achieved, here we go.

I fucked a British girl last night, on her small bed, while making out with her friend lying right next to us. Had the friend been just a little bit more attractive I could have made it a threesome, but she just wasn’t good enough to get it. So it was a twosome with me and a girl from London. From beginning to end it was a straightforward pull and went something like this.

I go to XOYO club (which is super cool and definitely worth checking out). I walk in and go to coat check to stow my backpack. In front of me are two girls (who have no idea they’ll be seeing me very naked later on). I ask how much coat check is and we talk about how expensive everything is in London. Then they leave and I go off and meet some Norwegians. We talk for a few minutes and I see the same girls coming up. I grab them, tell them to meet my Norwegian friends, and they all start talking. I was totally fine with the Norwegian dudes taking these girls, I would have felt like I did some good in the world. But they bailed and left me the girls. I grabbed the cuter one and started leading.

Upstairs and dance. Too crowded, back downstairs. She wants me to kiss her but I’m holding off. I know she’s not going anywhere and so when we do kiss ten minutes later it’s nice. I’m dead sober and am the life of the party. That felt better than getting laid even. Being able to go out and have lots of energy and really nice state without alcohol. It’s funny, this has been unlocked in the last few weeks and I think drinking may have done it. It’s like by drinking beer and lording the German clubs and having so, so much fun, I learned the blueprint of how to do it. And now I can do it sober more often.

After two hours of dancing and making out we go to a new club which is also really cool. London has some sweet spots! The friend keeps asking me if I’m going back to their hotel room with them. I’m like yeah, sure, which is eventually what happens. And after some uncomfortableness we all end up on the bed with the lights out and I use both my condoms and the cuter British girl gets great sex and the friend gets her massive boobies played and made out with while I’m fucking the other girl and no sex.

So that was my night. I wouldn’t do it again. The girl I hooked up with was seriously pushing the border of what I consider doable. Not just her body but that she was always on her phone and kind of aloof and stupid. But that’s ok because it all helps me to have higher standards and screen girls more and be serious about it. A girl can tell when you’re screening because you heard that’s what you’re supposed to do, or when you’re screening because you’re seriously considering rejecting her.

Today is my last day in London and I don’t have anything planned. If nothing else I’ll do a bit of daygame in the park or go find tickets to some other EDM event. Going out is fun and the experiences are nuts.


-Carrying two condoms in the wallet instead of one is clutch beyond clutch. Also, I have to buy more condoms.
-It was a wonderful blast to be the life of the party dead sober.
-I can work and be logical then get into the club vibe. I like that.
-What happens in London, stays in London.
-Beig LOUD is awesome! When I yell in the club girls look and walk close to me and all that. It’s almost freaky.
-Merging that set yesterday was fun, I’d like to do that more.

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