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September 9th, 2016

Last night me and my wingman both pulled. Here are some interesting facts about that:

-He’s done 3 approaches in his life, which means he now has the best approach to pull record of anyone ever
-First time I’ve ever pulled from a street set
-First time both me and my wingman have pulled
-First time I pulled the first set of the night

It goes like this. I met up with Michael and discovered that he has an awesome flat right in the club district. It’s huge, and it’s got a second bedroom which comes in useful later. We talk a bit, grab a beer from the fridge and head out. Five minutes later we’re walking on the bridge and I hear two girls speaking English. I turn around and say “Let me guess, you’re British?” Turns out one is Brazilian and one is from New Zealand but they’re amused. I immediately start talking to the blond girl from New Zealand, and Michael takes the spicy Brazilian who’s very attractive!

They want to go to the tourist club and I tell them to come with us to the cool club. They do, and we dance. After a while Michael is making out with his girl but I haven’t kissed mine yet. I feel like she’s sort of reserved and I don’t want to blow it by pushing it too hard (a lesson I’ve learned the hard way many, many times). We do dance a lot and have a good time. Lots of push pull, which I’m not consciously thinking about, I’m just doing. Then it’s time for the after party at Club Michael. We get some beers along the way and take the short walk to his place.

Standing outside I rather randomly decide it’s time, I grab my girl and pull her in and we start making out. Once everyone is upstairs the “afterparty” last about one song before Michael pulls his girl to the bedroom, I do the same, and I use both condoms that I keep in my wallet. It was the best one night stand sex I’ve had yet, she was great. We snuggle and talk about how cool Berlin is. Then Michael calls her a taxi and I go back to the club and dance till sunrise. What a night! Looking forward to more “after parties” at Club Michael.


-This is a big reason why I go out, it’s really fun when this happens! Besides just the sex it’s lots of good emotions and it’s all very positive.
-Good one night stand sex is great, because it doesn’t always work out that way.
-Guys who get really into self development, and then start doing approaches tend to do awesome.
-Berlin is the shit!

August 18th, 2016

Last night I got drunk, went to my favorite club in NYC and fucked a girl in the bathroom. For about 34 seconds before security started pounding on the door. Before that I got kicked out of Cielo because I approached a set, refused to leave, and the guy summoned the bouncer. Then I almost got beat up at Biergarten because, again, I approached a set and refused to acknowledge the guy who kept threatening me and trying to get me to leave. Twats everywhere.

Fun night though. I pushed some social dynamics to the breaking point, then I got to hook up with a girl in the bathroom of a penthouse club on top of Manhattan. That’s my first night back after five nights back at home. I also met some girls who know my friend, and by the end of the night one of them was in to me and we said goodbye with a kiss on the lips. I imagine at some point I’ll look back on all this and see it as nothing. Just something that happens daily. Right now though it feels cool. Game, go out and crush it!


-Bathroom pull, done. Time to do it again.
-Having social proof by being introduced to someone is awesome. Really awesome. It’s like a cheat in the system.
-Great way to wind down my New York challenge.

July 5th, 2016

I celebrated America’s birthday by having lots of sex. I usually write broad overviews of my night, but since I got laid last night I’ll go into some detail. Maybe someone reading this will gain something of value. Second bar pull of my life, something like 35 or 40 days straight going out. Here we go. If you just want to read about the set where sexy time ensues, skip the first three paragraphs.

I have a beer at the dive bar, waiting for my wingman to get to the city. He arrives and we go to Biergarten. Walk in, three set sitting at the table, I open them without thinking. Once you crush, murder, destroy, and otherwise pulverize approach anxiety, opening sets gets so much easier. So I get to talking to this girl from Westchester. She has a very strong personality and is very logical. She reminds me quite a bit of my ex-girlfriend, who I loved.

Rebecca is super logical. She’s asking me why I came up to talk to her, she’s giving me feedback on how the set is going, she offers to wing me on a set of girls next to us, and then she tells me all about what kind of sex she’s into. Frankly I’m overwhelmed. I’m sick, sort of tired, it’s my first set, and this girl is running laps around me. But we’re having fun and she clearly likes me. After half an hour she states that should I ask for her number, she would go on a date with me. So I get her number, I ask her if I can kiss her, and before she answers I do it. She leaves, taking her two French friends with her.

I talk to my wing man for a minute, then I see two cute girls walk in. I’m like “Open them!” He says “Well let them at least sit down first.” So we give them fifteen seconds to sit down, then he opens them. They turn out to be ok, nothing special. Even though my wing man opened them I took over the set. Then the cuter one drops the boyfriend line, mid-sentence, the way chicks do, and we decide to bounce. To the Brassmonkey!

Brassmonkey, blond girl sitting at the bar right in front. I walk in and make eye contact with her. Hold the contact. She looks away, but I’m already walking straight up to her. Zero hesitation. I don’t remember what I open with but I’m very physical right from the beginning. I can tell she likes me. Within a minute I kiss her on the cheek, then the other cheek, then we start making out. She’s really bad at kissing! That sometimes (often?) means a girl is bad at sex. Too early to think about that though. We vibe and vibe. After ten minutes I’m thinking, I have to move her! Tough spot though. She’s sitting at the bar, so I can’t take her to get a drink. It’s raining so the rooftop is closed. It’s dead and nobody is dancing. So I do something really simple. I just have her stand up and start half dancing, half what-evering, with me right there. It might not be totally moving her but it’s better than nothing.

The set is going really well and I immediately start thinking logistics. Luck is with me, it’s the easiest situation. It’s getting dark outside, there is a huge fireworks display happening in Manhattan, it’s two blocks from her house, which is only 10 minutes by taxi from the bar. I suggest we go check out the fireworks. My wing man doesn’t want to go. He’s talking to the girl’s friend the whole time but I don’t know whether he actually likes her of if he’s just being a good wing man. I pressure him, he assents. We all pile out of the bar, hop into a taxi and take the ride over.

The rest just sort of works out naturally. Me and my new girl make out a lot while fireworks go off. I’m not an especially sappy dude, but making out with fireworks exploding in the background was pretty cool. Finally they end and I’m like “I want to see your apartment.” I don’t even bother with an excuse. If a girl likes you she’s going to hook up with you. As long as you do a few things right, you don’t have to overthink it and try to say a lot of fancy bullshit. I just gently pressure her into showing me her apartment. Which she does, and it’s awesome. She pours us some water, I take a leak, then we go to her bedroom and we fuck four or five times before I leave the next morning. Best of all, it turns out that her being bad at kissing didn’t translate into bad sex. It was great!

Some thoughts. That instant approach is KILLER. Hesitation is bullshit. If a girl likes you, your job isn’t so much to try to do 54 amazing things, it’s more to just not do anything stupid. Girls know the deal, they’ll actively work to make the pull happen. Going out every night is magic pill if there ever was one. So is having a wing man. I’m doing 3x more approaches than when I was going out alone.


-Approach instantly. Just go in, waiting doesn’t make it easier.
-Making out underneath fireworks is pretty cool.
-Two days ago, 8 sets with nothing. Yesterday, 2 sets, make outs in both, and I got laid. The world is a funny place.
-I’ll bet I can get laid again before July is over.
-What can I do to get ever better at this?
-I’m so happy I’m not living 100 years ago, when everyone had way less random sex.

June 11th, 2016

Last night I experienced my first bar pull. That’s funny because my goal was to have a bar pull within like three months or something? Then it just happened last night like nothing. It went like this.

I made plans to meet up with a guy and go to Cielo. I got to meatpacking early looked around a spot or two, saw nothing, so I went to Cielo. Plans to meet up with the guy fall through. This keeps happening. Get into Cielo and start dancing. Earlier in the Bier Garten I had approached a three set of girls who turned out to be awfully boring. I stayed in for a while though and I’m really happy with how I ran it. My one approach out of the way, I could now dance the whole night.

Which I do. For nearly two hours.

Then I take my first break and go out to the smoking area. I’m sitting there, thinking about how much I love New York, when a girl omes over and sits next to me. This is a no brainer, I immediately open. And I start getting physical. She’s drunk and totally into it. We’re making out fifty seconds later. We talk for a while, then I pull her to the dance floor. After just a few minutes she starts talking about how tired she is and how she wants to go home. I suggest we go back and “dance some more” at her place.

We find her friend then go to the subway. Forty-five mintues later we’re at her place. She eats some street food she just bought, I drink a freshly mixed vodka and orange juice. Then we move to the couch and I’m very happy that I always carry a condom in my wallet.


The only thing exceptional about this is just how unexceptional it all was. I hardly did anything, save for be cool and not make any stupid fuckups. And of course she was drunk which made it a lot easier. But alcohol aside, we did actually have a connection. I found her interesting to talk to and funny. We even hooked up again in the morning before I left. Good tims in New York City.

So that’s that. I met a girl at a club, went home with her, and got laid. I feel good about myself and my choosing to go out every night. I feel good about life. The thirty day challenge continues, I’m not even halfway through yet! Hopefully more antics ensue.


-Approaching girls with the mindset of “lets find out if she is cool” is the way to go.
-I have to set a new goal for myself, since I broke the first one so quickly.
-I like getting laid.
-In some situations, just being cool, and not doing anything retarded, is enough to make it happen.

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