To learn game is to learn a skill. Just as you learn how to play chess or ski down a mountain, it takes practice, concentration, and a dash of critical thought. Depending on how much you go out (practice) it can potentially take years to reach a truly frosty level, where you crush it with models and hang with millionaires. That’s why it’s important to master the basics, like pushing your comfort zone and disciplining yourself to go out often. If you don’t get a handle on these skills, you’ll never have a chance to learn the advanced principles.

That’s why only about half of these books relate directly to the game. The other half have to do with learning, building a skill, and achieving success in every endeavor. Everything is applicable to game, just as game is applicable to everything. Ready to pimp it?

  1. The Way of the Superior Man

ManIn his book, The Way of the Superior Man, David Deida offers a model for how men should act. This is useful because so many men lack a powerful role model. We look at men in movies or music, but these are often poor influences at best. We might see someone who seems to be admirable, but more often than not, it’s a facade and real success is eluding  them. Men lionized in popular culture often display many characteristics that are not actually truly masculine or powerful. Deida offers a crash course in what it means to be masculine, and relate to a woman in a healthy and natural, not to mention attractive, way.


  1. The Multi-Orgasmic Man

MultiDo you struggle with premature ejaculation? Or if you’ve got that covered, how would you like to have fantastic sex with only a few simple changes? This book is the blueprint for being great in bed. One of the core focuses is in the movement of energy throughout your body, and how that can help you to last longer and enjoy better sex. It’s a must read, as the consistent application of the principles inside can change your life.


  1. The Art of Learning

Art of learningJosh Waitzkin, the man, the legend. Before the age of 30 Josh had become a world champion chess player, and a world champion martial artist. In other words, in less than 30 years he did more than what most people will accomplish in a lifetime. From that experience came many lessons, all of which Josh has distilled into his book, The Art of Learning. It’s essentially a textbook on how to learn a skill. This is invaluable when learning game, as there are numerous lessons you’ll need to internalize before you reach a state where you consistently lord the club.


  1. The Magic of Thinking Big

BigPop quiz. Is it better to set a goal of out-gaming everyone alive today, or set the goal of becoming good and hooking up with an 8 once or twice a month? I suspect the title gave it away. Set big goals! Set goals so big that they’re scary and you don’t know how you’ll accomplish them. In addition to goal setting, The Magic of Thinking Big is a primer on positive thinking and lifetime accomplishment. It’s a book worth reading again and again, even as you’re out in the club, figuring out how you’re going to steal a girl from the local pimp.


  1. Models

ModelsModels is one of the few books on this list that’s dedicated exclusively to picking up women. It’s written by Mark Manson, who has some good points to make. Like many other people, Mark started at the bottom and got really good at pickup by going out a lot and approaching. His experiences give a good example of how you can get better at this through consistent practice. In my opinion Models is fairly simplistic, but there’s still invaluable advice inside, especially if you’re in the beginning stages of going out.


  1. The Slight Edge

The slight edgeJeff Olson, the author of The Slight Edge, may not even know the pickup community exists. That doesn’t matter. The lessons inside apply to success in life, just as much as they apply to success in women. In a sentence, The Slight Edge urges you to take a skill, practice it every single day, and don’t ever give up. Throughout the book are some interesting stories which help to drive home the points and increase your awareness of how these lessons can be applied. It’s an inspiring read that will not only help you to get better at game, but better at life.


  1. No More Mr. Nice Guy

NiceThe problem with guys being “nice” to girls, is that guys are often coming from a needy mindset and they hope to “get something” from the girl. This is a shit attitude and I’m sure lots of nice guys reading this can attest to just how ineffective this approach to interacting with women is. Not all girls like assholes, but very few girls like a soft, pandering, wimpy guy. These are not the type of men who get blowjobs in the bathroom. Do you want a blowjob in the bathroom? I think they’re great, and reading this book can move you one step closer to the point where they’re a regular part of your life.


  1. The Way of the Peaceful Warrior

Nice guyIf you take the time to read this book slowly, and think about the lessons, it may blow your mind. Told through the parable of a young gymnast being instructed in life by an older warrior, this book is incredible. There are so many valuable lessons about what it takes to become a warrior, a silent king among men, that Millman should be charging $300 for this book. It would be worth it. There is very, very little in this book that can’t be applied directly to game, and becoming the ultimate version of yourself.


  1. Mastery

MasteryMastery outlines the long process of becoming awesome at a skill. In a sentence, expect lots of plateaus, broken up occasionally by fast upswings in your ability. Go out and approach fifteen nights in a row, and at the end of it you seem to have made no progress, and you may even feel like you’re worse than when you started! Then the next night everything comes together, you crush it, and you question why you ever felt funny about your learning curve. This short read is well worth your time.


  1. Sperm Wars

SpermSperm Wars is a classic book in the pickup community, and you may have already read it. If not, it’s worth checking out. It presents some biological explanations for seemingly illogical behavior in both men and women. It also offers explanations for interesting situations like a man’s inability to impregnate his wife after two years, but he has sex with his secretary one time and she’s knocked up. Lots of good information in here, and a good deal of it is at least indirectly applicable to game.