One thing that doing pickup for the last ten months has shown me is that we all have a set of beliefs which we run on, and many times we didn’t consciously choose these beliefs. They may be set by some chance encounter ten years ago, the way our parents raised us, even movies or music. Sometimes these beliefs are OK, but most of the time they could stand to be improved. That’s why I came up with this simple exercise. Over the course of three weeks I wrote down 50 “shitty beliefs” that are holding me back. I kept the Word Document open and I would record them one or two at a time, as I experienced them in life. For example:

6 – I’m lazy and lack a work ethic.
12 – I’m somehow different. I’m the exception that can’t get to a top 1% of pickup. 
20 – Guys in a mixed set group are automatically going to not like me.
41 – Cute girls are scarce.
47 – I have something to lose by approaching.

And so on, I listed 50 in all. Then I printed them out and addressed them one by one. For example:

16 – I don’t have the drive or motivation to kick ass. This is simply not true. I don’t have drive to do things I don’t care about, but when I care about something I have tremendous drive. I kept myself motivated to learn Russian, even though it took ninety minutes of a study every day for thirteen months. I learned web design even though I sucked shit at it the first couple of months. It’s coming up on a year in game and I’ve gone out, on average, 5 nights a week without fail. I might lack motivation in certain areas but all that means is that I don’t really care about accomplishing that, it doesn’t mean that I’m universally cursed to be unmotivated.

And so forth, I went through and addressed every single point. This was powerful because once you look at a lot of your own beliefs you see that more often than not they’re simply untrue. Upon realizing that you can begin to change them so that they reflect reality and empower you to kick more ass.