This is going to be the random post with orphaned topics that don’t belong anywhere else. Don’t judge them just because they’re bastards though, I think there’s some gold hidden in the muck.

Club Equipment

If you do nightgame with any kind of frequency then grab some earplugs! I have two varieties. For the skull-fuck-loud clubs I wear these cheeky numbers which work brilliant and they’re disposable so you don’t have to worry losing them. For the bar or lounge I wear these. They’re a bit pricey but they work well and they’re discreet. After speaking to thousands of women only 2 have ever noticed my ear protection.


I used to go to the NYC health clinics and bring a shovel to ladle free condoms into my backpack. I’m more classy now and I choose to pay for my baby protection. However, an amateur mistake is buying condoms at a drug store like CVS. When you step up to the counter they give you free lube because they fuck you so hard with the price. Instead of leaving with a sore bum, go to eBay. I just picked up 18 Trojan Magnums for $11 and free shipping.

Also, for the love of god always carry condoms with you. You never, ever fucking know what’s going to happen. Girls love sex, they crave it just as much as guys (maybe even more) and you should always be prepared to get your dick wet.

Talking Dirty with Girls For the Fuck of It

Few nights ago I was drinking with my sister’s friend and we started talking about sex. She told me that sometimes it sucks being a girl because she’ll see a guy and really want him to approach but she doesn’t have any control over it. Or, as she said,

Of course I could go talk to him, but it just doesn’t work like that does it?”

Nope” I replied. “No matter what feminism or the 21st century says, it really is the guy’s place to take action.”

We also talked about guys only wanting sex once then bouncing, or guys being selfish lovers. Then she threw out that she dated a girl for half a year but even then her girlfriend wasn’t great at eating her out which was surprising and disappointing. It was a fucking awesome conversation and it happened because it was so obvious I wasn’t judging and it was all just fun. If you can show a girl that you’re a cool, no-judgement guy she will open up and you’ll learn things that will change how you view women.

No Motive Conversation

In the last 48 hours I talked to a girl at a coffee shop, a girl on the train, a girl in the bagel shop, a girl at the truck stop and a girl at the bus stop. I also walked up to a girl on the sidewalk in an affluent neighborhood and said,

“Do you know how much of the rain forest is cut down each day and how much a single dollar can help?”

Self-amusement at its finest. All these “approaches” were so fucking easy because I had no damn agenda! I was bored, talking to women is way more fun than not talking to women, so there you go. While I had no agenda for these girls, in the future I’ll start going in harder and I will start getting laid from daygame.