I’m friends with some PUAs on Facebook and recently there was a post about a guy who has slept with 680 women. That’s impressive and the guy has obviously worked his ass off to get that far, but seriously? I don’t take that as the ultimate sign that he’s worthy of my admiration. I would have way more respect for a post like this,

Hey I’m whatevermynameis, I’ve slept with something like 140 or 150 girls, I don’t really know how many because I stopped counting. Besides game I love to surf. Living in Hawaii is fucking expensive though so I took a year off game to build an online business and now I live on the beach and surf all day. I hookup with plenty of girls but if I find a really fucking cool one I’ll date her and use my extra time to read some books and work on my business.

Which would you choose?

Now that’s the fucking dude I want to meet! Mr. 680 could obviously help me a lot with my game but he’s not someone who I would model my life after. He reminds me of the difference between a bodybuilder who develops a strong healthy frame versus one who goes off the fucking deep end. If you look at this photo, which body would you rather have? For me that question is super fucking easy, I’d way rather look like Mario Tomic (guy on the right) than Mr. Steroids. Hell, Brad Pitt in Fight Club looks really fucking cool and he’s hardly jacked at all, he just ate rice and ran on a treadmill every day until he had a six pack.


I’m looking forward to the day when I cannot say conclusively how many girls I’ve slept with. Right now I’m on the cusp of forgetting and it feels really fucking good. A few more crazy experiences and the line will get even hazier. Brad Branson (Wade Alters now), who I have nothing but respect for, said that he quit counting around 25 women. I’m in that same ballpark. When you stop counting and just roll with it you’re showing that you enjoy the entire experience for what it is, and you would be loving life even if you fucked a supermodel and you couldn’t tell about it.

Anyways, these are just my thoughts on it. I think that no matter how good I get at pickup I will never, ever sleep with 680 women. If nothing else it’s a tremendous investment of time. I would rather have a balanced life where I study German, read books, travel and hang out with my friends and family. Shooting in the dark but I’ll probably sleep with something like 200 to 300 women in my life and that seems like a good number. Of course, by the time I even get close to that, I will have stopped counting long ago.

PS – My friend Calum Tingham also wrote a good article that talks about some of the same things from the point of view of someone who has slept with many more women than me.