I’m onto something really fucking awesome right now. The idea of game without chasing, trying, or any other bullshit. I’m obviously not the first person to get here, tons of guys have talked about it in their unique way and left clues about what it’s like and how to reach it. Logically I understood it but I never really knew it or lived it. That’s changing.

I’m really only in the beginning stages of this, but it’s working out something like this. I’m going up to the girl and I’m just being me, being cool and assuming that at some point the interaction will lead to sex. Even if there is zero visible indications, even if she’s throwing massive shit in my face, it doesn’t matter. Because of this strong belief I’m free to drop all of the pickup bullshit that I’ve been so obsessed with for the last year. I don’t have to physically molest her, or go for the makeout within 6 minutes, or lead at all times. Those things will naturally happen when the moment is right, but I don’t have to proactively force them so much. Same thing with my tonality and eye contact, I can trust that they’ll be on.

Here’s another fascinating side effect. There’s a lot of talk in the community about screening the girl and judging her personality (not just her looks). However, for most guys (me for a long, long time) is that you can’t really do it when you’re chasing the girl and expending effort to win her over. When you’re doing this it’s like your driving 100mph down the interstate and still trying to appreciate the landscape, it just doesn’t work. However, let’s flip this around. Now with the idea of “non-chasing” game, screening happens naturally. I might spend 40, 50, 60, 90, whatever minutes with this girl and there might be no makeouts, no blowjobs in the bathroom, no fingering her, etc. I’m just talking to her that entire time and so she damn well better be interesting. And if she’s not interesting I’m going to leave and find someone else. But this is no longer a pickup trick or tactic, it’s simply that I don’t want to spend 90 minutes talking to a girl who is totally boring. There are lots of chicks out there, I can find another one who is more intriguing.

Man, I’m really just starting to figure this stuff out. It’s so fucking exciting though! One of the biggest changes I’ve noticed is that I’m super fucking excited to go out and practice this. Basically since I’ve started pickup (May 2016) I’ve had to force myself to go out most of the time. I always enjoy it once I get to the club, but come 10:30 I was usually shoving myself in the fucking ribs to get my ass out there. But coming from this new frame of no expectation, no chasing, just going up and being myself, it’s glorious!