Hey gents, I’ve got some wisdom to share. First we have the perspective of Distant Light, who is the person I aspire to be. I may have posted this before, not sure, either way it’s valuable. The second post is from a cool guy who I messaged on the RSD forum. I read some of his posts, knew he was legit and decided to reach out. He will go unnamed, however, he’s been going out for 4 years and has reached a high level. Enjoy!

Question: what did you do to get good at pickup?

Distant Light

– Lack of fear & ego
– Good Intentions, this naturally came due to experiences others were having as a result of my presence
– Affinity for adventure, risk-taking, thrills, spontaneity…I loved being on the fringe of the unknown as that is where people should be exploring.
– Realist…I make the experiences & proof in the pudding do the talking, so rather than a scientist more of a data collector who then pieces together whatever was accumulated
– Challenge Myself…Only thing I care about is personal growth, everything else is a platform…When we die that is all we take with us, not materials
– NPMR Experiences have made me more aware of the illusions of life, where nothing is taken as seriously as the average. (Exception being monogamous relationship, I have gone mental because of it)
– I lived like I did because of the memorable experiences I had…Nothing compares to that time frame. Prague last year is the closest thing to it minus fact didn’t go on a fuckfest like I would’ve done…However, that’s just complimentary to overall memorable experiences.
– Non-Judgmental…I understand everyone is on their own path and have their own affinities…I love internal peace, adventure, pushing the edge and exploring


Yeah, apart from getting out the house (and patting yourself on the back for it, HUGE thing that seems insignificant) I’d put my success down to these things:

Positive reframing
Trying my best in each set that I really wanted
and then learning as much as I can from each set… (what did I learn here etc..)
In the tough times, Believing you’re about to blast through the plateau
imagining the next chick you meet is gonna be the next amazing chick in your life…keeps you at you’re best (on your toes) at all times
Working out
Holistic growth
Keeping it real with the girls, not being gimicky, or being a “player” just cos you think that’s what is cool,….

Thanks for messaging 🙂