I thought I’d share this text convo (from the girl I met last Saturday) because I thought the texting was pretty decent, about as good as I’m capable of anyways. I’ve learned a few things from a guy who put out a texting program and it’s very good advice. A few things you’ll notice I touch upon here:

*When you get a shit test, pass it and don’t do anything else. Don’t try to make plans or be funny. Serve the ball back into her court and see what happens.

*Start off general (plans for Friday) then get more specific and narrow it down. Think about it like this, if you were asking your buddy to go to drinks, would you say:

A – “Hey man, do you want to get drinks at XYZ bar at 10pm on Friday?”
B – “Hey man, you want to get some drinks Friday night?”

The obvious choice is B, so do the same with the girl. Anyways, let’s have a look at the convo then I’ll talk a bit more about it afterwards.

No Date

So I choose to not go on a date with her. Ultimately she wasn’t cute enough to motivate me to go out to Manhattan on a 50/50 chance of pulling her. I pushed for Williamsburg where the ball is in my court and things are much more likely to go in my favor, but no dice. No biggie though, I know that I can always go to the bar later and meet loads more girls.

That being said, I handled this whole thing poorly. The texting was good, everything else was bad. I wanted to pull this girl the night I met her, no fucking around with dates or plans. When I saw this wasn’t going to happen I should have placed her in my reserve. A girl I would invite out to a party but not one that I would go on a date with.

In other words, I should be thinking ahead regarding the date. In the moment I should be considering whether I’d really be willing to give up my Friday evening to risk getting laid with this girl. If yes, fine. Go for it. If no (as is the case here) then just put her in the backups and frame that accordingly. Lesson learned.