I plan on doing a lot more daygame and going on more dates this summer. My current roommate is awesome at daygame and there’s been a lot of talk about it in our apartment in Kiev. These are some of the thoughts, and some of the things I’ll be working on in the coming months.

Daygame Texting

  • Text her about an hour after you get the number, so that you’ve started the conversation. Alternatively, when exchanging numbers, take her phone and text yourself something funny.
  • There’s a debate running in our apartment about how to initiate the conversation with a girl, and callback humor seems to be the consensus. That is, texting her about something that you talked about during the interaction. However, my roommate made the good point that it should be something that you both talked about and enjoyed, versus referring to something that she told you (I like to go snowboarding). This got me thinking that you could easily create a shared experience with the girl in the interaction (hey, look at how funny that guy is dressed / omg look at that guy with the monkey, do you think we could adopt it? / We’re right by a church, let’s elope and get married!) and then refer back to that on your first text to her.

Getting Sexual Verbally

  • I’m speculating (I rarely go on dates, I have little experience) that a good way to bridge the gap from non-sexual to sexual in a date is to do it verbally. I think that you could easily start doing this by saying things like how many kids should we have together or you’re so skinny, our offspring will be beautiful orĀ if we get married, what will you bring to the tableĀ or are you a good kisser? My roommate takes it even further by asking things like how many guys have you slept with and have you ever kissed a woman?

Practicing for Later

  • I’m going to SEA for the winter and to get laid there my game is going to have to be very good. That’s why I’m viewing everything I’m doing now as a practice for that. It’s not that I don’t enjoy the present moment of pickup, it’s more that I don’t take the outcome so seriously because I know it’s all just preparation for this winter, when I’ll really need to step up.

Getting Laid in a Foreign Country

  • Even though I didn’t get laid in Kiev, I talked to 50 to 100 women and gained a significant amount of experience. In terms of how I would approach game in a foreign country where I don’t plan on going out at night, I would do this. The first 7 to 14 days I would do massive daygame. I mean like 2 to 3 hours every day. Get as many numbers as possible, go on as many dates as possible. Sleep with a couple of girls, hopefully keep them around as fuck buddies. After that happens I’m feeling good, I have some abundance, and I no longer have to do massive daygame. I can do it here and there for half an hour or an hour, while actively working to improve the quality of girls that I’m sleeping with. What’s most essential though is that massive amount of hustling right in the beginning, to get a huge number of leads and get everything started off on the right foot.