I read a lot. If you count audio-books I take in anywhere from 40 to 60 books a year. Many of these have an indirect impact on game as knowledge tends to make your life a whole lot fucking better. However, these are three books that have had a direct and noticeable impact on my game, and how I view male and female relationships. Lets have a look.

1. Relentless: From Good to Great to Unstoppable

Marketing bullshit aside, learning game = effort & time. A common adage is that if you go out 5 nights a week, it will still probably take 3 to 5 years to reach a point where you’re having threesomes, dating models and in general attaining the level of results that most guys dream about.

Most guys never get this good..

Relentless can help. While the other two books I’ll mention primarily relate to inner game and relationships, Relentless is all outer game. Go out and fucking crush it! Don’t think, take action! 99% of the time the best person on the court is the guy who practiced the hardest and sacrificed the most to get there. Although the book is told through the medium of basketball it applies to game just as well. Grover is the consummate motivator who pushes you to bring your best, fuck excuses, fuck complaining.

2. The Evolution of Desire: Strategies of Human Mating

When you read The Evolution of Desire you won’t necessarily find advice that will help you at the club. However, what you will find is a comprehensive overview of human mating strategies, why they’ve evolved the way they have, and how they impact our lives. For me, one of the most interesting aspects of this book was its take on divorce. Instead of lamenting high divorce rates (50% in many societies) the book flips it around and proclaims how remarkable it is that such a high number of marriages actually last for a lifetime! Imagine that despite the massive changes that people go through and all the temptations, a man and a woman are able to stay together for an entire lifetime. Incredible.

Now I’m sure that for most guys who read my stuff marriage is the last fucking thing on your mind. You’re probably more concerned with how to fuck that 8 in the bathroom you horndog! Haha but this book is actually really interesting and it can help your game in terms of giving you insight into the female psyche. If you’re a guy who has been known to say:

Girls are a mystery, I have no fucking idea why she did that”

This book probably has a few answers. There are also numerous (dozens?) of examples of mating strategies in other animals which makes the book interesting, and gives you a chance to see the variety of ways that reproduction has evolved.

3. The Rational Male

If The Evolution of Desire is about macro relationship trends, The Rational Male is much more granular. It looks at attraction in the narrowest sense possible: how it affects the girl that you’re talking to right now. It’s not always pretty. You may learn things that you wish you didn’t know and you’ll never look at girls the same way again. In the short term The Rational Male is a mindfuck. However, in the long term it will save you so much grief and misunderstanding. Knowledge is always preferable, even if it doesn’t come with a bow and keys to a Lamborghini.

Since I’ve already written a long post dedicated exclusively to The Rational Male (check it out here) I won’t spend much time digging down into the gritty details. Nor should I, because this is a book that you need to buy and read right now. No matter what your life situation is, if you plan on interacting with girls at any point in the next sixty years, this book is a must read.