The best guys at the gym go there with a plan. I’m building game not muscle, but I still believe that deliberate practice will get me better faster, which is why I’ve made a three week plan. Last week my focus was staying in set and refusing to leave. Ignoring softcore blowoffs like “It was nice meeting you” or “I’ve got to go find my friends”. I give myself a C+. Could have taken it a lot farther, but on the other hand I definitely did practice it to some extent every night.

At this moment in I don’t see persistence as a chance to turn losing sets into winning ones either. Rather, I see it as a useful exercise to get me to stay in set where there is potential. I can look back and see all of these sets which could have gone my way but then I bounced because I was a fucking pussy bitch. Those are the sets I have to have persistence with.

At any rate, new challenge for this week. I’m going to lead every single girl that I talk to. Walk up, open, talk for 1 minute max, then grab her hand and lead. Moving within 1 minute of the open removes a lot of the uncertainty because I know that I basically have to open and then immediately lead. I expect good results from this. I’m positive that I could be leading more and this should help me to really get it down. Here is my updated challenge:

Week 1 (November 28 to December 4)

Persist like a motherfucker

Exhaust the depth of the interaction.

By leaving I never endure the pain and frustration of the interaction.

You cannot close if you do not have perpetual persistence.

At the end of the day, staying in set is the only thing that matters.

Remain blind to blowoffs and rejections. Ignore them and keep gaming her.

I want to show follow through with each individual interaction that I do.

The only way to succeed is to stay in set. I need set maturity.

She has to blow me out 5 times before I leave.

If you don’t create situational depth you just end up getting good at the first 5 to 10 minutes of the interaction.

Essentially, there is nothing that she can do to get me to leave the interaction. That’s the frame that I’m going with.


Week 2 (December 5 to December 11)

Try to pull every single set no matter what

You would be surprised how much your results would go up if you just said “come, let’s go” to every girl and you led her.

It’s actually scary how easily girls will tag along with a guy that they’ve only been talking to for 30 seconds.

Follow these 8 steps:

1. Don’t be permission seeking

2. Candy giver frame like you’re doing her a good deed by inviting her into your group

3. Maintain eye contact so she feels safe with the guy who has just taken her

4. Steady, non-jerky pressure

5. Don’t bring her back to where she just came from

6. Amp up wherever you’re going

7. Grab the friends if you have to

8. Start yammering away, don’t mention you just grabbed her.


Week 3 (December 12 to December 18)

Merge sets