I’ve realized that I haven’t taken the time to clearly define my goals in pickup. I’ve loosely defined them in my own head but I haven’t put them down on paper. So let’s change that. Essentially, my goal is:

To Be the Next Distant Light

If you don’t know who DL is, I don’t either. I have no idea what his name is. However, I am intimately familiar with what he did. For half a dozen years Distant Light tore up NYC. He partied at the hottest clubs, hooked up with models, developed a massive social circle, and became a familiar face in the NYC nightlife scene. Also, and most importantly for those of use who don’t know him personally, he left a massive paper trail of field reports. I read these regularly and posted about 150 pages worth here. These reports are my inspiration for what’s possible, and they’ve led me to form the following as my goals..

1. Form a large social circle. I expect this social circle will consist of a limited number of game guys. Mostly though I think it will be promoters, naturals, club owners, rich dudes, industry guys, and beautiful women. I won’t be picky, I’ll collect as many people as I can. Further, I will offer value to all of them. I won’t leach, I will give and give as much as possible. Everyone will benefit and we’ll all enrich each others lives.

2. Have regular access to the best venues. I want to be able to get into the happening party every single night of the week. If I’m going out I don’t want to have to go to 13 Step or Brass Monkey. Fuck that. I’ll pay my dues now but in the future I want to be able to always party in the high end spots.

3. Have the option to pull every single night. This has as much to do with logistics as it does with game. It means living close to the club area and it also means being connected at the clubs. If I’m always hanging out at a promoter’s table or I know the club owner, pulling becomes an afterthought. Logistics trumps game which is why I will continually focus on developing great logistics so that pulls fall into my lap.

4. I’m looking for a finance guy to bankroll an apartment for me in Meatpacking. Whether it’s my own place or I live with him, I 100% expect that in the future some guy pulling down $400,000 a year will be paying for my rent. Why? Because I’ll give him access to the best venues and the hottest girls. I’ll throw so many girls at him and/or teach him game in exchange for my apartment. I’ve spoken to finance guys who have gone for this arrangement before. I’m 100% committed to this and am always on the lookout for a way to make it happen.

5. Consistently hooking up with 9s and 10s. Again, this doesn’t just come down to game. It comes down to being socially connected, having regular access to the hottest venues, and having a large social circle. All of these things will play a role in getting laid with the hottest women. Of course game is important to. I’m willing to go out and push my boundaries again and again until I can be my same awesome self with a 10, just the way I am with a 7.

That’s basically it. In one sentence, this is what my life looks like: I’m living in an apartment in Meatpacking that I’m not paying for, going out five to seven nights a week and partying at the hottest venues with the most beautiful women, pulling 8s  several times a week and pulling 9s and 10s several times a month because I’m having so much fun and enjoying the shit out of my own amazing life without needing any validation from any girl, no matter how hot. Bam.. This is a large fucking goal and it’s one to get excited about! This the type of goal that keeps me excited about game even after I have shitty nights where I get fucking destroyed.


I’m 24 right now, on this warmish February day in 2017. I will have this ideal lifestyle in place by the time I’m 26, on the first day of July in 2018. That gives me about sixteen months. Given an average of twenty-two days out a month, that’s 352 nights of game. According to my field reports, I’ve now gone out 203 nights so far. Given my progress so far I feel that this is doable. Sixteen months to make it happen. Of course it will come in stages. It’s not like at month fifteen I’ll meet 10 promoters and starting hooking up with 10s overnight. I’m confident that sixteen months is good though. Let’s make it happen!