I’ve been watching some videos by Wade Alters and he brought up an interesting point. You need to clarify what your intent is when you walk up to a girl. It might seem obvious that your intent is to hook up with the girl, but I’d argue that (at least for myself) a majority of the time my intent is actually not to fuck her. Reasons I may be going up to that girl are:

  • Get into a social mood
  • Boost my ego in front of a wingman
  • Keep my state going
  • Take her home for sexy time
  • Etc..

What I can work on is clarifying my intent. I’m a man, Im walking up to you because I wish to take you home. Sex, copulation, fucking, sleeping together, getting laid, or as the Russians say: ебаться!

Achieving this clear intent means getting rid of the less than amazing reasons for approaching and moving towards the point where I have one goal in mind.. I don’t really have more to say about this, I don’t even know if there is more to say. It’s just a thought on my mind and I’d like to see how I can get better at it.