Once in a while a book comes along that changes paradigms. In pickup the classic book has always been Sperm Wars. It talks about why women cheat, when a woman is more fertile, the benefits of fucking the alpha and getting the beta-provider to raise the child, and so on. Pretty interesting shit if you’ve only ever been exposed to the mainstream narrative.

However, by this point most people have probably read Sperm Wars and internalized the lessons. That’s good, because there is a new(ish) book out there which blows everything else out of the water. On a scale of 1 to 25, where 1 is finding out it’s not going to rain after all and 25 is going full Ernest Hemingway with your favorite shotgun, I give Sperm Wars a 7. This new book is closer to an 18. Your family isn’t going to have a closed-casket funeral, but you will never look at women the same again.

I present; The Rational Male.

If you read this blog, if you go out and pickup girls, if you want to raise a family, or if you have a dick, this book is a must read. It will peal back layers and layers of bullshit that society shoves down your throat. It will allow you to see what’s really happening with the women in your life. To be frank, I found this book borderline unpleasant to read. It shattered so much of what I thought I knew that at times I had to put it down for a day or two. But I always came back to it and eventually worked my way through it. I won’t give detailed accounts of what you’ll find inside, but I would like to summarize three points that I found particularly informative.

1. SMV (Sexual Market Value)

There have been times in my life (usually when I’m not getting laid) when it can feel frustrating to be a guy. You mean I have to work out, develop good posture, become confident, get a good job, make some money, and do thousands of approaches in order to have the best chance of hooking up with attractive women? Whereas a hot woman just puts on makeup, walks out the door, and can find someone to go home with every night? At times I feel like that’s a shitty deal.

However, The Rational Male opened up my mind to a new idea. Young women (20 to 30) are the peak of their sexual market value. During these years (on average) they will have more sexual opportunities than at any other time in their life. Once they start to get into their thirties, they opportunities begin to dry up and they’re forced to confront an ugly reality. Guys have the opposite experience. The average 21 year old guy has very low sexual market value. He probably doesn’t have money, strong social connections, or above-average confidence. However, as he ages that changes. By 30 he’s more likely to have money, social connections, and an attractive, grounded confidence. Unfortunately though, many men never realize their full potential and they end up husks of what they could have been. Read the book to find out why.

2. Hypergamy

Had to look this word up (The action of marrying a person of a superior caste or class) when I first read the book. Now, it’s been so deeply imprinted onto my brain that I doubt Alzheimer’s could wipe it out.

Hypergamy is the feminine imperative. A woman is wired to pursue the best that she can get, and is especially interested in finding a man who is of higher social status than her. In marriage this may mean that a woman will give up 15 years of commitment and shared life if she can upgrade to a newer guy who will give her a better lifestyle. This must seem insane to the average man. 15 years, kids, a house, hundreds of memories, family ties, friends. The woman drops all that because some guy who is more well connected and slightly richer wants to take up with her. Again, read the book to learn more.

3. Men Accepting Their Bitch Role

The final thought has to do with men accepting their subservient roles. Men joke about their wife “letting them” watch the game or go out with friends. Are these men, or did they chop off their balls after the wedding ceremony and put them into their wife’s purse? I actually have little to say on this because it would mostly just be a rant against the spineless wimps that a certain number of men have become. But the book does a good job of looking at the problem. So check out The Rational Male, read it, learn from it. Knowledge is power, don’t build your future life on a foundation of ignorance.