Reading an article by Paul Graham (Cofounder of Y Combinator) and this line stuck out to me.

One of the most important principles in Silicon Valley is that “you make what you measure.” It means that if you pick some number to focus on, it will tend to improve.

I immediately thought about how this could be applied to pickup: measure the things that I can control, that I know will lead directly to better results. As opposed to measuring results. For example, I actively measure:

  • How well I did approaching everything
  • How long I stayed out
  • How many sets I reapproached
  • How many times I went for the makeout / pull
  • Etc..

I think it makes more sense to focus on these areas, because by measuring them you will improve them. And improving them leads directly to getting laid more and with more consistency.

Measuring Results

The problem with measuring only results is that game is a fickle mistress and there will be nights you do everything right and still don’t get laid. And nights you do very little but pull. For example, this night I went hard for almost four hours, approached 30 or 40 sets, and left everything at the club. I didn’t get laid. My wingman told me that a few weeks ago he went out, did a few sets, and was walking home when a girl came up to him, said hi, said she was tipsy and her friends were bitches. He slept with her.

So while it’s important to focus on hooking up with the girl, I think that most of the effort should be put into measuring those actions that produce the best chances of success. Improve these and you will get laid.