A few hours ago I got an email from a guy who said:

Hi Leon, I’m just starting out in pickup in NYC and your posts have helped very much. I started out today like you and forced myself to approach one set. Do you have any tips on approaching two sets alone? Would you recommend doing it at a noisy club or in a more chill bar?

It’s an interesting question and I thought that I’d post it here in case other people have wondered the same thing. Essentially it comes down to this:

It doesn’t matter…

If you plan to get very good at this (I hope that’s your plan..?) then you’re going to have to become comfortable approaching a girl in every conceivable situation. Whether that’s a deafening club, a quite bar, an upscale lounge, or a well-lit Biergarten. You don’t want to develop situational confidence where you feel comfortable talking to a girl in one environment but another another. So instead of asking where you should approach, just go out and hit on girls wherever you can!